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New York City

The Camera pans to ramp as an old nostalgic tune hits and the duo of Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and begins to chant "WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!


I thought it was 14 Years???

Time really does fly!!

It does and we got a great show for you tonight!

We got 8 block buster matches with the old and new of OCWFED!

Tonight is gonna be historic


The camera pans to the ramp!


Dennis and Madison stand in the center of the ring as fans throw several black and white streamers into the ring. Even if it was meant to be a term of endearment, Madison had those fans escorted from the arena. The power couple refused to speak until referees cleared the ring of each and every streamer…

Be honored. The Royal Family has decided to grace you with our presence when we very well could be watching the show from home in our bed that likely costs more than your homes.

The duo, per the norm, was showered with jeers.

But what kind of hosts would we be if we didn't show up at the start of the show? This is the moment you've all been waiting for during the offseason.

Madison: Dennis and I spent the offseason working tirelessly. I swear that this man worked his fingers to the bone. My back aches from getting no rest. We do all that we do...for all of you.

Madison: All so that we can prepare this company for the dawn of a new era. An era that we will shape in our image. A new era that is desperately needed. For far too long this company has relied on nostalgia without having a plan for the future.

Madison: Look where that has gotten us, Mr. Sensation. Two active Hall of Famers on the roster and a young locker room full of people who have no identity other than “we want our ring attire to make us look homeless’ or ‘Oh hey, I want pyrotechnis that costs a lot but makes no sense.”

Madison: Do you know ‘why’ our locker room is in such rough shape? Because we’ve only focused on a few people for over a decade. OCW is allergic to building new stars.

Madison: That is why we have spared no expense to ensure that Sensation doesn't get anywhere near the building tonight. Security literally has this place surrounded. An appearance by Mr. Sensation usually leads to chaos...and that just isn't going to happen on ‘our’ night.

The scene briefly switches to show just how many armed guards are standing outside the arena in anticipation for the arrival of JCS.

Luckily for all of you, the cream rose to the top amidst all of those mistakes made by the powers that be.

Madison: It most certainly did.

Dennis briefly glances at Madison.

Now that we have some much needed youth on the Board of OCW, Consider this a reset, ladies and gentlemen. This will no longer be a place where resting on one's laurels will be acceptable. No more will it be acceptable to take eight months off and return to main event a pay per view.

Dennis: No more will we be stuck with locker room leaders that only associate with five...six people? You now have a locker room leader that will ‘lead’ by example. You no longer need to be old and washed up to be a Champion. Simply look at us…

Dennis and Madison turn to face the X-Tron. A picture of Dennis standing over Nate Ortiz with both the OCW and Turmoil Championships in the closing moments of September to Remember appears on screen. The crowd boos.

The second picture is of Madison laying on a pile of money with nothing on, other than Dennis’s three Championships being used to cover the parts of her that will keep the show’s rating from going to ‘M’. The couple panics and demands that the X-Tron be shut down.


Dennis: ….Anyway, from here on out, we will ‘earn’ each and every opportunity or accomplishment. To the new crop of rookies that we have… I expect you to be wolves. I expect you not to become the soft gift getting sheep that our rookies of season twelve turned into.

Dennis placed his arm around Madison as she placed a hand on his chest.

Don't wait patiently for your spot. Earn it.

Dennis: Don't ask for an opportunity. Take it.

Dennis: If I did things the OCW way… a man of my weight and height wouldn't have the ravishing Madison Cox at my side. I wouldn't have THREE Championships. Instead...I would be having matches with Arnaud while fans are still looking for their seats.

Dennis: I've only been here less than two years...and I've done more for this company than our next of Hall of Fame inductee. A inductee. Our standards are truly low. Worry not, OCW. In time, we will fix that as well.

Madison Cox: I've have periods that have left more of an impact on the company than the next rumored Hall of Famer.

Madison pats Dennis on the chest and steps away from him while raising her mic.

As we speak, most of those Legend contracts that we have been literally wasting money on are being tossed in the shredder.

Madison pulls out a piece of paper that was tucked between ‘Mount Madison’ in her dress.

R.D. Money, Majin, Casey Paine, Versus, Gee oh… uh..

Madison blinks at Dennis.

How do you pronounce this?

Dennis: Gee oh mon?

Madison: Is that from Jamaica or something? Terrible. Anyway, Gregory Kael shakes. Guy ‘looks like just any other guy’ Fausto. I mean really...the style back then. Christ. Were those people even getting paid? Was there not a stylist around?

Dennis: That's the chinlock guy, right?

Madison: I don't even know what a chinlock is, darling. Moving on.

Madison: Blade? Isn't that a black guy from a movie?

Dennis: I dressed up as him for Halloween. Stabbed you with wood repeatedly?

Madison blushed.

Good times. Okay, that guy can stay. Cool name.

Madison: Vic Vimes. Alliteration, I like it. But we are done sending you money.

Madison: UGH Jacob Tance and Aries. Can't swipe left fast enough. Vega?

Dennis: Street fighter. Dressed up as him for Halloween.

Madison: Is that when you had me dress up as the slanted eyed woman with thick thighs and stabbed me repeatedly?

Dennis nodded.

Good times!

Madison: Last but not least… Sideshow the Klown? You people couldn't even spell ‘clown’ correctly?! We are done sending you checks every week. Thank you for getting us to season thirteen, but we will take it from here. We have a standard of excellence now.

Madison rips up the paper and tosses it over her shoulder.

That money will be spent on important things, like Dennis and I.


The Camera pans to the announce team!


WHAT NO NO NO!!! what does this mean for the main event?


Previously Recorded
The scene opens in the Sanctuary locker room, a while after Pyra's hard fought match against Flo on the pre-show, the shower can be heard running from a separate room off camera, whilst the camera focuses on an animated Lucas Crowe talking to Crossbones as Winters can be seen in the background relaxing on a chair.

Crossbones: Is that it now? can I go?

Crowe: What? No you can't go, escorting Pyra was about a show of strength, a hive minded show of strength, you still have a match tonight remember, against Bobby Minio.

Crossbones: A match? What are ye talkin' about? I'm still not sure what be goin' on here, and ye want me to fight.

Crowe: I told you last week, your name is Crossbones, the last remaining pirate king remember? These are your words, not mine, you were found, ship wrecked, almost dead, and as you once did for me when I was lost, I opened my arms to you, WE opened our arms to you and took you in, there's strength in numbers, and you'll soon be back to full strength.

Bones scratches his head and runs his fingers through his goatee.

Crossbones: Bobby Minio? That name be familiar....ooooh..Little fish..I remember ye!

Crowe: There ya go, now get ready to go beat his ass and raise the flag of crossbones high once again.

Crossbones: Crossbones ye say? That doesn't sound right, the screams in the night shout a different name.

Crowe: What the hell are you talking about?

Crossbones: 3 go in, 1 comes out....Where the Kraken fell, listen for the bell....

Crowe: ...

Crossbones: PREPARE TE BE BOARDED!!!!!!!

He jumps to his feet and starts pacing around the room, startling Crowe and Winters.

Crossbones: THEY'VE FOUND US!!

He jumps over to Crowe and grabs him by the neck of his jacket, Winters steps forward to defend Crowe, who raises his hand, ushering him to stay where he is.


He collapses to the floor, seemingly unconscious.

Winters: What in the hell was that all about?

Crowe: I'm not entirely sure, I'm still trying to figure out if he has damage from over exposure to the sun, concussion, or if he's actually insane.

Pyra walks into shot.

Pyra: Well, he thinks he's a pirate, so your guess is as good as mine.

Winters: He doesn't seem to recognise his name tho.

Crowe: He definitely has some kind of head trauma. We better wake him up, his match is soon.

Pyra: Is he in any condition to fight?

Crowe: He'll be ready.

Crowe kneels down and is just about to shake him, but his eyes bolt open and he grabs Crowe by the scruff of his neck once again, but this time there's fear in his eyes, his head pouring with sweat, and his jaw quivering.

Crossbones: They be coming fer me!

Pyra: What? Who is?

Bones crawls away under a table and sits there, his head between his knees, rocking back and forth.

Crossbones: 3 went in, 1 came out, 3 went in, 1 came out....I go alone..always alone.

The scene fades as Crowe,Pyra and Winters are all looking at each other, completely perplexed by the ramblings of a seemingly insane man infront of them.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Why is someone with head trauma cleared to compete? #justiceforcrossbones




The Camera pans to the announce team!

Woah woah!

Get got all of it!

As the ring announcer begins to make the introductions for the next match, the arena darkens, and he is interrupted by Samhain's "Night Chill" blaring through the arena. Very few people cheer. Most people look confused.

Charles Scaggs: What is this? Who's music is this?

Big Al Poling: Your guess is as good as mine Skaggs. Unless....

Thick red fog rolls down the entrance ramp as a man in dark black robes appears. He has intricate white, red, and black facepaint, with an upside down cross on his forehead. He makes his way for the ring.

Big Al Poling: Oh my God! That's Stigmata!

Charles Scaggs: Who?

Big Al Poling (looking disgusted): Why dont you watch an indy show once in a while? Ever heard of Youtube? Shut up and watch.

Charles Scaggs: Rude!

Big Al Poling (ignoring Scaggs): I'll bet he's going to destroy that poor ring announcer. For no good reason. Should be awesome...

Stigmata enters the ring and walks up to the ring announcer. He glares at him for a few seconds before holding his hand out expectantly. The announcer hands him the microphone and scurries out of the ring.

Big Al Poling: Damnit! Got away....

Stigmata lowers his hood and grins at the audience, who don't know what to make of this newcomer.

Stigmata: Is everyone having fun? Celebrating your heroes and their past accomplishments?

The OCW failthful cheer loudly. "O-C-W, O-C-W, O-C-W!" Stigmata politely waits for them to finish.

Stigmata: This a party!

More OCW chants from the audience.

Stigmata: Well, it might be rude to crash a party, but this is one I've been trying to crash for 3 years. OCW has never been ready for me or my message. OCW has done everything it can to keep me away. But like the tide will wear away the mountain, so is the voice of truth versus those who would silence it. Change is rapidly approaching. It is stalking you like a hungry wolf. While you rest on your laurels and celebrate days gone by, it is hunting you.

The audience realize Stigmata is belittling their heroes accomplishments, and begin to boo him.

Stimata: The eternal verities will thunder and drown out all that is false. I will find more of the Chosen. We will organize, and we will use OCW as a platform for the Voice. Enoy things tonight as they are, for they will never be again.

He drops the microphone as the fans continue to boo him. Samhain's "Night Chill" once again rings through the arena, and he leaves the ring.

Charles Scaggs: I didn't understand a word of that.....

Big Al Poling (disappointedly): I really thought that ring announcer was done for.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Well that wasn't very pleasent!

Damn announcer why is he so quick!