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Ryu quickly rolls out of the ring as Dupree is snatching his Lightheavyweight Championship from the time keeper who shouldn’t have had his filthy paws on it in the first place.

As soon as Dupree turns around, Ryu is standing right in his face, with a petulant smile on his face. A smile Tibby knows all too well. How do you react to such trashery?

Dupree responds in kind with his signature half smile and raises the Light Heavyweight Championship high above his head. This goes on for longer than needed, it’s not a 12 minute beatdown segment, but KNEESUS they can stop at any point now. Maybe they’re waiting for us to go to a commercial break.

Finally the smuck in the production truck switches the camera to ringside where Poling and Scaggs are staring and smirking at each other in the same fashion.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Man its still going.

(Checks Watch)....Yep!







The Camera pans to the announce team!


They went for it!

Kassidy: Dennis,

Kass snaps his fingers at a zoned out Dennis,

Kass: you have to focus on one of us beating Mugen tonight; get the Harlot out of your mind. I'm sure she'll be fine, Mugen on the other hand, I have some payback in mind.

Dennis: She’s far from a harlot, Kass. She’s the air that I breathed. My sun. My moon. My-

Kass: She’s fat!

Dennis: What?

Kass: I mean, not really. Just wanted to interrupt you. Anyway, back to the match.

Dennis: You kick Mugen. Then I knee Mugen. Then I pin him. Yes?

Kass: YEA but I mean I want to pin Mugen. He had me under mind control via make up. You should knee him into Ryu's stake and then I pin him.

There is a lull in the conversation which presents a perfect opportunity for none other than Dennis Black and Kassidy Hayes’ opponent, The Lord of the Lariat, The Suplex Savior, The Messiah of the Multiverse, Mugen, to show up to the conversation between the two friends.

With a huge smile on his face he puts his hands on both Dennis and Kass’s shoulders like an old pal.

Mugen: Guys! Hey! I just wanted to come by and wish both of you guys good luck out there tonight.

Dennis: Luck? I don’t need luck! This match shouldn't even be taking place, this is BULL**** this is OUTRAGEOUS this is an OLD MAN trying to punish greatness!!!!

Mugen: Now, now, we don’t need this hostility. Come on, we are all friends.

Kassidy: Friends?

Mugen: Oh come on, can we put our past behind us?

Kassidy shrugs and looks away.

Mugen: Well anyways……….I know the match is for the OCW Championship…..

As Mugen says Championship, he starts pointing at the belt that is laid next to Dennis. Dennis glares at him and puts his hand on the title belt.

Dennis: You mean, my OCW Championship.

Kassidy: That’s right, you mean our OCW Championship.

Kassidy rapidly points his index between Dennis and himself.

Mugen: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa there guys. Like I said, no need for the hostility, we are all in the same family. TTT, TOLMC for life, isn’t that right?

Dennis and Kassidy look at each other and shrug.

Mugen: Come on guys, put it in there.

Mugen reaches out and puts his hand in between Dennis and Kass motioning for them to do the same.

Mugen: Come on, come on. This is what your father would want Kassidy. This is what’s best for business Dennis.

Dennis and Kass very reluctantly put their hands next to Mugen’s.

Mugen: Alright, on 3, Good Match. 1 - 2 - 3. GOOD MATCH!

Dennis and Kass look at each other again and mumble a delayed “Good Match”.

The scene fades out as Mugen walks away with a huge smile on his face and as Dennis and Kass continue to talk.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I smell Tom Foolery!

You worry too much!