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Madison hobbles through the concrete jungle that is NYC, muttering and swearing as she struggles to maintain her stride with one broken heel. Exasperated, she gives up and takes off her boots, now walking practically barefoot except for her ripped panytyhose. She tries flagging down some passing cars but they all ignore her. One speeding car drives through a puddle and sprays Madison with dirty New York street water. Madison flips them off.

I hate you too, Urbanite!! I hate this place. I HATE IT!! So much brick, so many conflicting smells, so many languages I don't understand. Stores playing that Baklava music, I don't know what they're saying!!! I miss my GPS. And my bathrobe. My vanilla chai. Running water. Concierge service…

Surprisingly, as Madison stands on the corner in the middle of Urban utopia, a car actually pulls over and acknowledges her existence.

A miracle!

She hurries over to the car, which rolls down its window as she approaches.

Hi hun, I need a ride this minute. Can you help a pretty lady out?

Man: Think I can.

Madison: Super.

Madison gets into the car and closes the door.

Ugh you don't know how long I've been out here tonight! Happy that you came along.

Man: You're not a cop, are you?

Madison scoffs and makes a face.

No way, do I look like a cop?? Let's go I don't have all night. I got business to take care of.

Man: So how much?

Madison: Oh! You're so generous. $50 will do!

Man: You got a place to go?

Madison: Yes, 311 West 34th St.

Man: Alright. Let's roll.

Just before they can pull off, two police officers approach the car and tap on the window with their flashlights. The driver flashes Madison his badge.

Ma'am, step out of the car please.

Madison: Huh? What? I've got somewhere to be!

Officer: Sure, sure, don't we all.

Madison exits the car.

Hands behind your back please.

Madison: WHAAA? What is the meaning of this??

Officer: You're under arrest for prostitution. You're friend there is an undercover police officer.

Madison: PROSTITUTION?? Why the hell would you think that? Ew!!

Officer: Ma'am, scantily clad women such as yourself standing on city street corners, getting in strange mens’ cars, accepting money for lewd acts? We heard you cut the deal. Let's go.

Madison: No! I- he offered me money!! I left my wallet at the Hammerstein!! Sensation-

Officer: Doin’ business outside the ol’ Hammerstein, eh? Who's Sensation, your pimp?

Madison: Wha- ugh- no!! What the hell! REEEEE I HATE YOU SENSATION!!!!!

The Camera pans to the announce team!




The Main Event

Triple Threat

Online Championship Wrestling: World Championship



The Camera pans to the announce team!

Mother of

God.....oh no!!!

Great Job Everyone!