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After months of rigorous training, Bray and Ace finally arrive at the 13th anniversary show. They are met with much applause from the fans in the parking lot, especially the ones that came out for Ace, delighted to see her on her feet. As the two make their way to the locker room, a worker, most likely a newbie, taps them on the shoulder, jittery as well as a tad annoying.

Worker: Welcome back sir! And ma-

Bray: The f*** are you supposed to be?

Ace: Pleasure to meet you! You new?

Worker: You know it!

Bray: “Pleasure” to meet you but I got sh** to do.

Worker: Oh wait wait wait! I dunno if you were informed of this, but you’re on the card!

Bray: No bullsh**?

Worker: No, um, bullcrap sir!

Bray: Well, don’t just stand there sh*tting yourself; who am I facing?

Worker: Oh! Well the card is right outside the locker room door. Wanna check it out?

Bray: No sh**...

The three make their way to the locker room and Bray takes a look at the match card, reading each match aloud.

Bray: Hmm, a rookie elimination match. Good, get the riff raff out the way.

Ace: Lotus against Pyra!? You friggin kidding me? I’m ready to fight sumbitches! Especially f***in Madison, that smug cu-

Bray: GG Bad Company… nother rookie fight… oooh Seb! Hope he gets the W.

Ace: If only you were still a light heavyweight.

Bray: Bah, f*** that title. Leave it to the jumpers… the f***? *I get to fight… another rookie!?

Worker: Not just “ANY” rookie. This is CJ O’Donnell! Word is he made such an impression in tryouts and in dark matches that he was granted an upper-card slot on the show.

Bray: But who the f*** is he!? I haven’t heard f***ity f*** about him. And he’s being granted an upper-card slot...Against me?

Worker: Why not?

Bray: What am I, the f***in rookie tester? First it was Sham, then he who shall not be named, then Basil, and now an Irish guy… think he’s Irish. Anyway, f*** that.

Worker: Don’t shoot the messenger, sir! Please…

Bray: Get the f*** outta here.

The worker obliges and leaves Bray to his thoughts.

Bray: So, they wanna put me in another throwaway match on the anniversary show again, eh?

Ace: Not only that, but they didn’t even book me! Spent all that damn time training. FOR WHAT?!

Bray: Damn straight. But nah, f*** that. I’m makin the best of this crap…

Ace: What do you mean?

Bray: Kelsie, fetch my gear.

Ace: ...Bitch you you talkin to, ya maid?

Bray:*[forcing a smile] Pretty please?

She pats her brother on the back, escorting him to the locker room.

Ace: Better.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Hmmph better put his money where is mouth is!

Or give that money to Wrex!





The Camera pans to the announce team!

What A Manuver!!

He got all of it!

The scene opens on 34th street, just across from the Hammerstein ballroom as someone a hooded figure can be seen, ducking behind a news-stand with a brick in their hand.

Jim Black Buddy what the hell are you doing? Wait, Wrex?

Wrex Quiet!

He pulls Jim down behind the opposing news box. next to him, trying to visual tell Jim to keep quiet.

Jim Black Seriously, what did you do?

Wrex See that guy in the taxi? He's been going up and down this street for the past twenty minutes. I can't even move from here without him seeing me.

Jim Black Still haven't answered the question.

Wrex There is a very plausible excuse for all this.

Jim Black Which is what exactly?

Wrex I didn't pay him.

Jim Black sighs And why would that be?

Wrex How am I supposed to pay him if my own employment doesn't pay me. Look I could use some help here.. And knowing that you always love asking questions. I'll make you a deal. I'll answer you're questions in exchange for you, I don't know.. Talking to him or somethin so I can actually get inside.

Jim Black Fine. First of all why the hell do you look like you look homeless?

Wrex Jim we all have our ways of coping with problems. And sometimes we forget things. Like haircuts and shaves. It's been low on my priorities list.

Jim Black And what would be the high points?

Wrex After I got beaten by.. Let's be honest the lowest on the totem pole I realized that clearly I lost my edge, so I had to go get that back. That's what I've been doing on my off time.

Jim Black And what were you doing to 'find your edge'?

Wrex First I figured I'd try taking some actual wrestling classes-

Jim Black Wait. Seriously?

Wrex -For a day. I was governed unteachable after I concussed two students and the head coach.. I'm not allowed in there anymore.

Jim Black Why am I not suprised.

Wrex So I figured I'd try my other options. Went back to the old stomping grounds to find what made me.. passable in the first place. Yeah so dealing with glass, tacks and barbed wire scarring was kind of more important.

Jim Black Well once you actually get inside you're going to be fighting Ragnarath for a International title match later down the line. How do you feel going into this?

Wrex almost looks like he's entering a trance when the name of the man who beat him at S2R is mentioned.

Wrex Rag- Ragnarath.. I- I'm going to beat him.. I going to k- kill him, I- I'm!.. I'm going to need to get inside now.. please.

Jim Black Are you, alright?

Wrex Im.. fine, Get going.

Wrex unzips the hoodie that he was wearing before shoving it into Jim's hands and pushing him out from behind the stand. The cabbie pulls over and looks at him holding the jacket, and seemingly puts two and two together.

Cabbie There you are you dumb motherf**ker you! Thought you could get away without payin huh?

Jim looks back to where Wrex was to see that all was still there was a brick. Wrex had already left.

Jim Black Goddammit.

Cabbie You gonna pay up or what?

The scene closes on Jim all but getting shaken down by some angry New York cabbie as Wrex enters the building to prepare for his rematch.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh he is getting paid! DON'T LIE WREX!

How can you call that man a liar? look at what he has to do to avoid being acosted by a cabbie!


Ragnarath walked through the doors entering the building his bag over his shoulder nodding to some of the other rookies before Stacy Clark walked up to him.

Stacy Clark: Hey Ragnarath can I get a few words from you about tonight?

Ragnioth nodded stepping closer to her.

Ragnioth: But before we get to your questions I would like to thank all the fans who supported me and congratulated me after my win at September2remember I showed on that night I was the better man but I need to thank Wrex he brought the very best out of me and I was able to show on any given night I can beat who ever may be opposing me.

Stacy Clark: Speaking of Wrex tonight you face him in a number one contenders match for the intercontinental championship does your win give you any kind advantage?

Ragnarath: No I don't belive so I mean you will have to ask Wrex if I am in his head I doubt wrex is s professional I doubt that loss means anything to him as far as I am concerned it's a clean slate.

Stacy Clark nodded smiling as she asked her next question.

Stacy Clark: Tell me what does getting this opportunity mean to you?

Ragnarath: Oh wow means alot I mean management does not give these opportunities out willy nilly it means they have seen something they like I have been here maybe three months and they feel I deserve this opportunity this is just the first step in cementing my legacy here in OCW tonight I will go out and give everything I have and should I win tonight then you are looking at the next champ.

Ragnarath smiled before winking at the camera and making his way to the lockerroom.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Ricky is ready to RUMBLE!!!

Don't count out Wrex, he might be broke but that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous!


Ryu Matsumoto is relaxing on a couch in the TTT Private Lounge backstage.

Dennis and Kass are standing off to the side, going over their strategy for the evening, demonstrating various kicks and knees to each other in the process. Dennis doing everything in his power not to let the evening sour more then it has.

Dennis takes a momentary break from his sparring to check for any texts from Madison who was out lost in New York, thanks to Mr. Sensation.

Ryu eventually turns his gaze to the intruding cameraman and waves.

RYU: Oh hello! I didn’t notice you there.

RYU: Have you come down to get the latest scoop from THE MOST DOMINANT group in OCW history?

Dennis and Kass notice the intruder into the TTT Lounge and approach while Ryu greets him.

CAMERAGUY: Yeah, you all have pretty big matches tonight and we wanted to get an idea of how you guys were feeling going into the show.

RYU: How am I feeling? I’m feeling pretty good, I get to compete for an opportunity at the…

Ryu pauses and smirks directly at the camera, possibly right at the Light Heavyweight Champion.

RYU: The SECOND most prestigious title in OCW. The Light Heavyweight Championship.

RYU: I know young Harvey may be a little flustered at having to compete for this opportunity, considering his track record against Light Heavyweight Champions.

RYU: But don’t worry buddy, I’ll save you the embarrassment of another blunder against the Champ.

RYU: But enough about me, I’m sure you’re here to talk to the MOST prestigious Champion in OCW and his NUMBER ONE Contender.

Dennis and Kassidy reach Ryu, Kassidy in the center of the two, extends his arms out and wraps each across the shoulders of Ryu and Dennis, with a smile on his face. Dennis blinks several times at Kass’ gesture.

Dennis: I’m looking forward to retai-


Kassidy: Tonight, either Dennis or myself will be walking away OCW Champion, which either way means, we’ll still be Co OCW Champion.

Dennis: … Yea. What he said.

RYU: Listen, listen, Dennis is clearly upset over the INJUSTICES perpetrated against him and Madison by Our Hero and by proxy management.

Ryu beings shooing the cameraman out of the room.

RYU: We need some privacy to ensure that tonight, just like every night ends in TTT Domination.


The door slams in the face of the cameraman as the scene fades out.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Human Garbage!

How dare you sir!