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We’re outside the Hammerstein Ballroom and sitting on a bench is Sentai Hare. Her “eyes” are fixated on her Future Investment briefcase.

Sentai Hare: I should cash in tonight. Bertha and Sophia are having Last Woman Standing match so it’s the perfect opportunity. I mean that’s what I told myself earlier. Am I turning to the path of darkness?

She hands the briefcase over to the person she’s talking to. Her green suited sidekick, Bunny D.

Sentai Hare: I’m supposed to stand for justice, but does this briefcase truly have control over my life?

Bunny D: I don’t kn-

Sentai Hare: Idontwanttoturnintoanevilhare.

Bunny D: Look. I might know a guy. He’s good at this type of thing. He’s a really great person!

Sentai Hare: Who!?

Bunny D places one leg onto the bench and places his hands on his hips looking off to the side.

Sentai Hare:

Bunny D: All I gotta do is open this briefcase.

Sentai Hare: Wait!

As Bunny D opens the briefcase a giant boxing glove springs out of it and knocks him flying offscreen.

Sentai Hare: YOU FOOL! You activated my Rabbit Punch Boxing Glove Trap! This was a necessary security precaution to make sure the briefcase wouldn’t fall into the clutches of evil.

Sentai Hare: This took many many minutes to do and the Alien Investors from the future who created this capsule will surely be displeased.

She kneels down to pick up the briefcase, but as she gets up she is greeted by a mysterious grey colored humanoid figure. The humanoid figure has an enlarged head with oddly shaped and unnatural pupil less black eyes. No ears, no nose, but small orifices that’d normally represent them.

Sentai Hare: EEEEEEEK!

The Alien latches onto Sentai Hare’s pink mask and speaks to her without moving their mouth.

”The Alien”: (Hello rabbit earthling. It’s time you’ve learned about the Satsui No Haredou. Follow me.)

The Alien releases their grip and places the briefcase on the ground. It automatically opens up, but this time a shining light illuminates from the sky. Without waiting Sentai Hare hops into action and into the briefcase as the scene freeze frames.

To be continue?

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What in the world?

Man I need to lay off the LSD!


Christian Shepherd has his gym bag over his shoulder and briskly walks down a corridor nears the arena exit. As he makes his way he notices Stacy Clarke preparing for an interview segment. Shepherd has a moment where time stands still for the rookie. To take this moment to get his frustrations off his chest or to stay quiet and just wait for another chance to come his way.

Shepherd drops his bag and pulls the hood off of his dreaded head. He walks over to Stacy and snatches the mic from the veteran interviewer.

Shepherd: Turn this thing on. Are we live now?

The camera shakes up and down signaling that they are.

Shepherd: Hello OCW, fans and wrestlers back here. I you don’t know me the name is Christian “The Good” Shepherd. I’ve been here since a few weeks before Wrestlution in Japan. How many of you knew that?

Shepherd: Not man because Turmoil has always been the redheaded step brother to Riot. I’ve gotten a couple wins here and there and was even two wins away from fighting Dennis Black at Summercide. On the last Turmoil of the season I took the champ about as close to losing as anyone outside of Drago or Bill Ding.

Shepherd: But as the hype train for this year has begun, just when I thought maybe I’d finally get my chance to shine. I see people who haven’t done anything get more shine than me. I’m not going to lie it’s felt like a damn slap in the face. I should have been on this show off of my performance against the Champ alone. But I see someone that I beat before season’s end in a number 1 contender’s match.

Shepherd: My eyes are open now. If I want my shot I have to take it myself. I can’t sit back and wait for it because it’s never going to come. So all you new guys that have walked through the doors. You remember that too. No one is going to hand you a brass ring you have to take the thing. “The Good” Shepherd is going bring everything home.

Shepherd reaches the mic out to Stacy who just glares at him. When he sees she’s not going to take it he drops the mic and mouths “I had too, sorry” to her as the camera cuts back to ringside.

The Camera pans to the announce team!




The Main Event


OCWFED: Womens Champion



The Camera pans to the announce team!



We come back from a minute thirty long commercial break that doesn't have a skip in five seconds button to see Ginger bloody nosed and black eyed standing backstage with a some Puerto Rican stage hand.

The pair were having a heated conversation about Mondongo when Ragnarath went walking by.

Ginger: Hey Wagnawath good pewfowmance out there, pity the match went in favour of Wex.

Ragnarath looked at Ginger his eyebrow raising as he looked at the bruised riddled man

Ginger: Vat do you have pwanned next?

Ragnarath: Yeah I am dissapointed I couldn't get the job done tonight but it's a learning experience and take nothing away from wrex he was the better man tonight and I am sure will give the champ a run for his money.

Ginger: I see, now how vil-

Ginger was brushed aside as Corey Ford stepped into frame looking not that imposing at all.

Corey: You got some moves dude, how about you and I team up for a few matches sometime in the future?

Ragnarath looked to the man now infront of him and let out a soft smirk

Ragnarath: Never thought of myself as a tag team wrestler but hey I never say no to an oppitunity and this sounds like one so Cory assuming you arnt just going to attack me once I turn my back lets see how we go in the coming weeks.

Ragnarath extended his hand once the handshake was over he left towards the lockerrooms.

Corey: Well see ya, how's it going Stephen I didn't see you there.

Ford walked off before Ginger could reply.

Ginger: Vell back to you guys at wingside..

As the scene begins to fade we see Ginger shake his head as yet another interview was ruined...

The camera fades backstage and you see Caleb James O’Donnell walking down the long corridor holding the back of his neck. As CJ walks closer to the camera you notice it is an ice pack on the back of his neck.

O'Donnell sees Bray coming, followed shortly by Ace, coming out of a door and sneaks up on him. CJ taps Bray on the right shoulder and Bray swings around, appearing more menacing than usual judging by his reaction towards the tapping.

CJ O’Donnell: Wait a minute, Bray! We already had our match.

Bray puts his hands down but his fist is still clenched.

Bray: What do you want, a pat on the back?

CJ O’Donnell: I just wanted to say congrats on winning tonight. You showed exactly why you are force to be reckoned with here in OCW. I know you feel that you should of had a bigger match but it was an honor to face you tonight.

CJ turns to walk away as Bray stares a hole through his head, eventually conceding to his curiosity.

Bray: Hey!

CJ stops in his path and faces Bray.

Bray: C.J. O’Dunkie, right?

CJ O’Donnell: O’Donnell.

Bray: Whatever. Look, get over here.

CJ makes his way over to Bray, his guard still up in case of trickery. But instead of a punch, Bray begins to take off his gloves.

Bray: Maybe I should’ve had a bigger match, maybe I shouldn’t have. But I’ll say this:... so should you.

CJ: Wait… what?

Bray: Did I stutter? Remember earlier when I said I didn’t know squat about you?

CJ: Yes, and-

Bray: I was bullsh***ing… I think. I’ve seen what you can do. And you’re crazy as all hell if you think this one lousy match is going to be your shine time.

Bray gives his gloves to Ace.

Bray: Keep your phone close, because you and I are going at it again.

CJ: Seriously!?

Bray: Damn straight. We’re not gonna sit around and have them book us for the anniversary show then not use us to our MAX! Let’s take sh** into our own hands! Now remember what I said, keep your phone close and your ears open, because you’re goin to Turmoil!

CJ, in the midst of his excitement, extends his hand to Bray. Bray stares at it for a few seconds before scowling.

Bray: One step at a time, O’Dingle.

Disappointed but relieved, O’Donnell lowers his hand and watches as Bray leaves the area, leaving him to his thoughts.

CJ: I don’t think the rumors are true about him. Bray seems like a standup guy just people don’t know how to take the fella.

CJ watches Bray disappear into the backstage area with a look of confusion as the camera fades to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Mutual respect!

This might be a very interesting season after all.