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Tobin and KD stand with Jim Black refreshed after their match on the primeshow. KD still looks like he’s reading to stomp someone out while Tobin looks a lot calmer and reading to speak.

How you two feel after your performance tonight? What should we call you? Angry B…

Tobin cuts Jim off.

Tobin: Does this look like a man who’s angry?

Tobin shows his pearly whites.

Tobin: We aren’t angry anything. We are American Badass Mothas! And we just did the damn thing.

Tobin: Just like we’ve been doing for our entire careers. The Gatekeeper and Mr. Blood Sweat Respect.

Tobin: Two of the most decorated members of this roster. We’ve done it all except holding the tag belts. My brother Sean and I got rid of the A-Team.

Tobin: So we are the new brothas in charge of the block. Got anything to say bro.

Tobin looks over at KD.

KD: It is my garden… and our year.

Tobin: See you soon Jim.

Tobin smiles as he and KD leave and Jim sends it back to the announcers.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

American Badass Motha...



The Xtron Flickers On!


The Camera pans to the announce team!


It's about to get REAL!


(Sing-songy) Raindrops keep falling on my head,
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red,
Crying's not for me,
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining,
Because I'm free,
Nothing's worrying meeee
Nothing's worrying meeee
Nothing's...worrying… meee-meee-meeee-


Heeeey… heeeey….*poke* HEY!!

Madison's eyes slowly open as a scraggly drunk peering over her pokes her in the side with his scavenging stick.

Hey lady! This is MY bed! Find yer own!!

Madison raised her head up a bit to look around, still very groggy. She plops it back down and holds her neck.

Uurgghhh my head.

She goes to sit up, but as she goes to prop herself up she smooshes her hand onto a trash bag filled with dirty diapers. The bag squelches from the pressure.

Please no… this is a nightmare… I'm still sleeping!!!

Hobo: No lady! This is about as real as real gets. You're in a trash bin. MY trash bin!! Now get out!! And gimme my banana peel!!

The hobo plucks the rotten banana peel from Madison’s messy coif and stuffs it in his coat pocket. Madison musters up her strength to get the hell out, struggling every bit of the way. She climbs to the outside, but as she goes over and attempts to lower herself to her feet, she misjudges and falls to the ground.

Urrrrgggh…. *sniff*sniff* UGH WHAT IS THAT SMELL.

Madison is officially awake as she tries to figure out her surroundings. She appears to be in an shady alleyway, somewhere tucked in the midst of NYC.

It smells like a moldy foot out here!! Where am I….

She helps herself to her feet and tries to brush herself off, but it doesn't do much good. Her expensive dress that she was wearing for the Anniversary show was now tattered, her hair grungy and smelly, and a heel broken on one of her boots.

Christ on a cracker!!!! I just got this mani/pedi done yesterday!!

Another hobo can be seen sitting against the brick wall in the alleyway, staring at Madison during her mini freak out.

And what are YOU LOOKING AT!!

Madison pats her sides to look for her phone or wallet and of course she has neither. She left her purse back at the arena prior to Sensation taking out the trash.

Rrrrrrgh. Dammit! I need to get back there! Who the hell does that old man think he is treating me this way?! I'm gonna make Dennis make him pay…

Madison points to the hobo.

You there, use your EBT card to order me an Uber!!!

Hobo 2: (unintelligible)$&€£%#*¥¥!>!#

Madison: Oh f*ck off then!!

The Camera pans to the announce team!


How can you be so heartless to one so pure? You are an evil, evil man!




The Camera pans to the announce team!

Good hustle!

So close!

The scene opens in what seems to be an airport of some sort, somewhere in South Korea. We see a little Korean guy walking down the airport, looking as though he’s ready for a flight. He walks toward a terminal and shows the guy his ticket and passport to leave the country. The man was american as he attempted to speak to the Korean guy.

Airport Desk Guy:
America huh?

The Korean nodded his head as he understood very little english, and couldn’t speak most of the language just very little words.

Airport Desk Guy:
For what, Mr. Yoo?

Yoo: Uh. (He pointed to himself) I wrestler.

The guy’s eyes got wide as he eyed Yoo head to toe.

Airport Desk Guy:
Like OCW? I swear if you see Nate Ortiz, Mugen, or even Drago Cesar please tell them I said hi. They’re like the coolest wrestlers in the world.

Yoo: I try best.

Yoo nodded before he pulled his back up on his shoulder and gave the man a small smile.

Airport Desk Guy:
Ah, you have a flight to catch. I hope to see you on TV soon. Good luck.

Yoo nodded his head at the man at the desk before he walked into the Terminal of the plane and the scene fades to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Welcome to America, HOOT!