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The scene starts off backstage following the Seb vs Austin match, Ginger was awaiting the two competitors to come through. Seb was the first to walk through the curtain.

Ginger: Seb why did you attack Austin after your loss to him?

Seb: Because I can.

Ginger: That's not really an answer.

Seb shot Ginger a look and he continued.

Ginger: So ah how for the viewers what did you do on your break?

Seb: What I did on my break? It's none of these f**kers concern what I did with my time away from here. Look we're done here unless you want to watch me hit Austin again as he comes through the curtains.

Ginger shook his head and waved Seb on and turned his back on the wily Brit.

Seb: Rude little prick. No one waves me away.

Before Ginger could peek through the curtains to see where Austin was, Seb grabbed him in a reverse headlock and spun to his right planting Ginger face first into the polished concrete.

Seb got to his feet and spat at Ginger's unconcious form.

Seb: Next time sign me off properly instead of waving me on like some annoying little f**k trophy.

Seb walked off leaving Ginger to spasm on the floor, as the camera pans to the next segment Ginger could faintly be heard mumbling into the concrete: I-i-I've bun ur hest Gerber berk ta u Warney and Tim...

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That's a little extra don't you think?

Do your job, and nothing will happen to you! It's a good strategy!


Previously Recorded

It's been a long time since we seen H2O’s spacious loft in the Jackson Heights area of Queens. The camera pans around a smoky area of the home where you see B2O shooting pool while smoking some nice cuban cigars.

As the two continue on with their usual competitive games you can see portraits of H2O’s battles from Season 12.

As Baker gets ready to take a shot he notices behind H2O is a collage of memorable moments of them two battling at Lution. He hesitates, takes a huge pull of his cuban and stares over at H2O.

Is there something wrong?

Baker: No. I'm going to beat you with this last shot in just one second.

H2O bangs the pool stick against his forehead as if he was annoyed.

But I couldn't help but to notice. On that picture behind you, before that match I had a tattoo done on me that was just plain awesome!

H2O looks back and forth between the picture and Baker with a confused look on his face.

You mean to tell me with all these pictures of us flying around the ring and me kicking you square in the mouth….you're looking at that fake tattoo?!?!

Baker: Harvey, I know you wish you had a tat as nice as this. Heeeey, you should get one!

H2O: Are you serious Baker? Why would I want a face tattoo?

Baker: Because we’re teammates, right? I’m not wearing a bandage over my eyebrow for no reason. Who do you think I am?

H2O shook his head in disapproval at the thought that Baker actually got a tattoo that he had a Lution.

Okay. A few things. One. Yes we’re teammates. Two. You have to be lying to me right now. Three. Is that a trick question? You’re a dingleberry. And four. Why in the hell would I want a face tattoo?

Baker: Why not man? You only are young and dumb once. Gotta have fun in life.

H2O: Why not?! The ladies love this gorgeous baby face. I make Steph Curry look like Anthony Davis.

Baker chokes on his cigar. As he takes his shot, he misses the 8 Ball. This sets up a perfect shot for H2O.

Now that's a flagrant foul.

H2O has a straight shot sinking the 8 Ball in the corner. As he gets ready to sink the 8 Ball...

Correction, Kassidy’s Hayes tats are flagrant dude.

Baker: Oof!

Baker looks at H2O with a smile as he takes the shot and sinks the 8 Ball.


H2O: What!? Wait! No!

Baker: Yes!

H2O: NO!

Baker: YES!

The two of them argue back and forth for a minute. You know, the typical way these two end at any game they play.

Wait a minute! I got an idea. If I win against Ryu then I don't get a new tattoo.

Baker: I see where you're going. But if you lose then you'll get a tattoo! Brilliant!

Baker throws his pool stick down on the table.

So ok then, I hope you lose tomorrow night, homie!

Baker takes another huge drag of the Cuban like it was some kind of paraphernalia.

Geez. Thanks partner! Some friend you are...and dude….

H2O chuckles as he looks on towards Baker. He's making horrible duck lip face expressions while exhaling smoke trying to make “O’s”


H2O: Take your time with that thing man!

Baker: Yeah…(inhales)...That's what she said…(exhales)

Scene fades.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

But wait...what does...




* Recorded Earlier *

An unknown man wearing glasses, a dark business suit, and carrying a briefcase is viewed approaching a visitation cubical. An inmate is seen in the reflection of the man’s glasses approaching the other side as they both sit down and pick up their side’s telephone.

I happen to have some good news for you today, sir. Instead of your January release date, how about the seventh?

The man pauses for a reply but the inmate remains unspoken.

If you're willing to get back into the ring on RIOT against Anthony Baker on Tuesday, I may be able to get you more than just that...what do you think?

The inmate continues to remain in silence, shifting in his seat in the reflection of the man’s glasses.

Sleep on it. Call me tomorrow if you come up with an answer for me.

The man gets up from his seat, as the inmate is seen in the man’s glasses, still seated and glaring back at the man before he turns his back exiting the lobby doors.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I wonder.


The next segment opens onto the backstage area of the Hammerstein. The OCW and 13 Year Anniversary logos checkerboard the background of the interview area. Footsteps announce the arrival of the next wrestler to take a moment in front of the camera, The One Man Revolution Bobby Minio. He walks front and center, turning and looking at the logos on the backdrop before turning his attention directly at the camera.

Bobby Minio: There’s a lot of focus on this.

He turns, planting an outstretched finger onto the 13 Year graphic on the backdrop.

Bobby Minio: A big crosshair on that 13 year mark… and it’s great, really. 13 years in this business, for any one or any company, that’s an accomplishment, worth celebrating. Happy anniversary.

His finger drags down the backdrop and falls against his side.

Bobby Minio: … but I’m thinking about something else. I’m thinking forward. Always forward. When you sit there reviewing, mulling over the past, over your history, you can get stuck. Captured by the memories. So we look forward, because there’s nothing behind us but captivity.

Minio points both fingers into the lens of the camera.

Bobby Minio: In the OCW, you’re only as good as current events. You can’t throw a tantrum in this place without it hitting some vet, let alone a ball, or a rock. We’re a dime a dozen. So we look forward, we move forward and we look at this, not as a 13 year anniversary, but as a celebration for year 14.

Bobby Minio: I’m here to write MY path through this 14th year, and anyone who would think to try to impede that, better stand aside or get bowled over. Big facts, and tonight, I kick this 14th year off the right way, the best way, the only way I’d know how, but introducing my old buddy Crossbones to The Deadly Rhythm.

He steps forward, slowly and dramatically pantomiming the motion of his patented cutter.

Bobby Minio: I’m looking forward, and I’m looking forward to that, tonight. Hey ‘Bones? I hope you’re ready to get this work.

Minio steps toward the camera, banging his knuckles together into the lens before dropping an invisible mic just below the frame. He then turns, looking away from the camera and walks out of frame as the segment transition into the next.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Big words from Bobby!

All the potential in the world!





The Camera pans to the announce team!

He came up short in that exchange!

Ya think!


????: Mirror Mirror on the wall whose BETTER than them all?

Tiberius Octavian Dupree, OCW Hall of Famer and Lightheavyweight Champion stands before us in all his gorgeous splendor. He looks at the camera as if standing in front of his handcrafted vanity made from the bleeding fingers of the mediocre.

As he puffs, props and primps his iconic hair he converses with himself as if the camera isn’t even there, as if you, the person watching doesn’t exist at all. Depending on which time space continuum he’s in, that may be an actual fact.

You kneed not say, BETTERNESS is BETTER than them all!

He looks at himself blankly for a few seconds.

Dupree: Some old guy said you look like a mermaid…

(That old guy being Paul Pugh.)

Dupree: Mermaids are beautiful, mystical creatures. Therefore, you’re beautiful, 7 years of beautiful.

Dupree: That’s more than half of OCW’s glorious life. You are the father of it’s Ambition, you’ve conquered its mountain top, you’ve owned its Summer, you’ve graced its halls of Fame….

Dupree: YOU are OCW. You are a beautiful specimen of beautiful sir, more beautiful than any one galaxy deserves.

As if magic the OCW Lightheavyweight Championship appears on his shoulder. Yes, this is live you can pre-record [kneedacted] if you disagree.

Dupree: Definitely more than Ryu and Harvey deserve, and you….

He looks lovingly at his OCW Lightheavyweight Championship, an extension of his beautiful Betterness.

YOU are THEE most prestigious possession in all the lands, YOU do not have cowards leaving your side, you are not Internationally obese, you are not attached to a cinnamon with inferior knees, YOU are the crown and glory of Kneesus Christ.

Dupree: You are in a class of your own, Trash and the Puddle-wan don’t have the right to compete for your love. Especially that disgusting one eyed time usurper, I ended his filthy timeline on the grandest stage of them all!

Dupree: And that leaky faucet in a pool of mediocrity had his chance, multiple drops, multiple times. So in order to insure your beautiful name is not disgraced….

He strokes the face of his championship with care.

Dupree: I will be there tonight to dispel any disgustingness as they compete for your glory. Don’t fret now, we are beautiful…

Dupree: Always and Forever.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh for Petes sake!

He isn't wrong though!