Live from the Barclays Center


The show opens with a view of Madison Cox standing in the center of the Turmoil ring. She holds her stomach In disgust as she stares straight ahead. Chants of ‘You deserve it!’ echoed throughout the arena in regards to her chance encounter with Lord Shark only a few nights ago during Riot. Madison ran a hand through her hair and allowed the chanting to continue. She'd get her silence one way or another.

 I said it last week when you mouth breathers tried to hijack my air time and I'll say it again, I can do this all night.

That received several boos from the front row. Eventually, those jeers died down.

With a recent retirement, Mr. Sensation was presented with a chance to put his best foot forward and lead OCW in the right direction. He had an opportunity to put faith in the future. He had an opportunity to reward a work horse. Did he do the right thing? Of course not…

Madison motions to the X - Tron footage of her being ‘assaulted’ by Mr. Sensation. 

 Sensation! You have no idea what you’ve started, old man! You dare to put your hands on ME!? I begged Dennis not to send a Black Bullet to your thick skull. I literally had to handcuff myself all night to prevent him from finding you! 

Madison stares off into space, longingly, at the memory of her Champion and handcuffs. 

A -anyway! I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. 

Madison: Dennis Black and I are the fairest people you will ever meet. We believe in opportunity! So tonight, our frustration will be someone’s opportunity.

Madison: The Royal Family has placed a bounty on the head of Bray. Anyone...and I mean ANYONE can cash in on it. Take Bray out. Injure him to the point where he has to leave the arena in a wheelchair or an ambulance...and you will have earned yourself a Television Title shot.

Madison looks to the camera. 

Take away Bray’s opportunity...and earn yourself one. Make this a September to Remember!


The camera pans to the announce team.

Always great to see the holy one.

Looks like we have some more stuff going on backstage.

The scene starts off with Little L sitting in the carpark of the Barclays center. He held a can of Faygo to his lips and took a gulp.

???: Hello Lucas, what was with that little spat last week?

The mouthful of Rockin Rye Faygo showered the pavement as Little L looked at the new comer in astonishment.

LL: V-V-Vincent ah I'm sorry about Summercide, I heard Lucas Crowe returned.

Vincent: He thinks he's better than you, you know that right?

LL: What, uh who does?

Vincent: Corey does, he blames you for not intervening during his match with Basil.

LL: I.

Vincent: Then last week when you were told Austin Lee was going to need an opponent, I bet he took first chance at it.

Little L pondered back to last week, Vincent clicked and L snapped out of it.

LL: He did, said he should get going and he'd be back in a bit.

Vincent smiled a crooked smile.

Vincent: And yet he degraded you following the surprise match with Sheperd. You, the backbone of this little team.

LL: I am the soul of this team, who cares if I went to a shitty indy event while Corey put on a show.

He got up from where he was sitting and went to the back of his car.

LL: I'll show that Juggahoe whose the real backbone around here. Hey where did you go.

Little L had barely been gone ten seconds and Vincent was no where to be seen. 

The scene fades out to the announce team as Little L walked to the arena a puzzled look on his face...

We are still waiting to get to the action in the ring.

Looks like the wait continues!

The scene started out inside the locker room occupied by the Clowns of the Orphanage, however it was only Corey who sat alone in the room. 

A knock at the door prompted Corey to get up and answer. A stage hand stood there all puffed and looking nervous.

Corey: What is it?

SH: Ah management need you to vacate this locker room for a routine bug bombing. 
Don't worry you have a locker room just down the hall near the interview area.

Corey looked puzzled, not quite sure what to make of this new location.

SH: It's all legit, signed by the new general manager as part of the keeping our locker rooms clean movement.

Corey: If you say so, lead the way.

The pair entered the corridor and walked towards the new room, the stage hand stopped and pointed down the corridor.

SH: First door on the right is your locker room.

With that the stage hand scurried away to his next brain numbing task... Oh what's this..

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What does this mean for our opening contest.

I guess we find out now.


It's a Match!
Shepherd vs Corey Ford

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Well then.

That was solid.

A locker room door swings open and an angry Greek slams it behind him. As he goes through the hallway, out the corner of his eye, he notices a few people eyeing him down. None of them dare say anything to him, however. He makes it to the catering table, where another wrestler, possibly a new signee, cuts him off at the hamburgers. Bray looks up from the food and observes the individual, whose pink and black trunks almost took the attention away from the serious look he had on his face. After a moment of silence, Bray scowls and raises his eyebrow. 

Bray: Who the f*** are you?

Random: No, I’m asking the questions here! Are you Bray!?

Bray scoffs at the man and looks to his left and right before folding his arms in amusement.

Bray: Just might be me. The f*** do you care?

Random: Names Curt Winters. Remember it!

Bray: Curt… Winters? [chuckling to himself] And why is that?

Curt: You haven’t heard? Queen Madison put a bounty on your head when the show started.

Bray’s expression intensifies and he begins to smile.

Bray: No bullsh**? Damn, she’s reaching new lows to get me, eh?

Curt: Doesn’t matter to me. What matters is-

Bray: Holy sh** I’m a wanted man. That’s awesome! Isn’t it!?

Curt: It’s not gonna be funny when I’m the one that claims the bounty myself!

Bray: Yea yea yea, look. I’m hungry right now and I’m trying to stay sane and not BrEaK someone or something that I have no business, so why don’t you-

Curt: Why don’t I what!? Leave!? I’m not scared of you Bray!

Bray: Who’s Bray? Because until I get something to eat, Bray isn’t here anymore! You’re stuck with me!

Curt: … [sighs] And who would that be?

Bray: Before I answer that, a question for you, indy goon: what do you call a bounty hunter that sucks ass at his job?

Curt: ...Why would I answer that?

Bray: Because it pertains to you, say,... right now.

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As Curt struggles to gain his surroundings after the beating he received from Bray, Bray picks up a nearby hot dog, still in the wrapper, and takes it with him as he steps over the defeated Curt and disappears into the backstage area.