A cheesy graphic of a family pops up on the screen showing a pregnant woman and former OCW competitor, Jacob Trance.

Blazoned across the graphic on the left hand side it reads “Keeping Track of the Trances” and below that it states “debuts next week.”


The camera pans to the announce team.

I thought we were done with him.

In OCW it's never good bye.

Turmoil returns with Tobin Frost and KD standing in the ring. Both men are dressed black on black in attire that looks like a mix between the Black Panther Party and a SWAT team.

Tobin: This is our declaration against the current set of so called Tag Team champions.

KD: Tell em!

Tobin: KD and I have two of OCW’s most decorated careers yet we are overlooked time and time again as midgets and part-timers get shot after shot at championships. So instead of waiting we are going to take what we deserve.

KD: All of it!

Tobin: Champs we are coming for you suckas. I’m going to recreate what I did to the A-Team with someone bigger and angrier than my brother. And when we are done with you, OCW we are coming for everything!

KD: It’s already ours…

KD and Tobin both raise their fist in the black power symbol as the camera to the crew.


You're right and next up we have two of the bright spots in OCW.

This should be a good one.


It's a Match!
Cort Marshall vs Bunny D

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The camera pans to the announce team.


He done...

The camera cuts to Cort Marshall backstage, an indestructible-era Motorola Phone to his ear.

 Yeah, yeah. I got it. Just don't give 'em any hints.

He looks up to see the cameraman, accompanied by Jim Black.

 Do you have anything to say after your loss to Bunny D, Sergeant?

He flips the phone shut and stands up from the bench, looking unusually smug for having just taken a pin.

 I dunno, Jim, do you?

Jim: You're not mad you lost? It looked like you had it won in there.

Cort: Mad? Of course not. I got exactly what I needed.

Cort laughs as Jim looks confused. 

 What exactly did you need?

Cort smiles.

 I needed to gather intel. I needed to ensure our little “operation” will be a success.

Jim: Hold on just a minute. What are you planning? What do you mean “our”?

Cort picks up the phone and shakes it at the camera.

 All I'm going to tell you is that I have a secret weapon of sorts. I have the definitive answer to anything Bunny D or Ligermask could throw at us. I have a plan A, B, C and all the way down to Z. I have a tag team partner that's gonna shock all of OCW.

Cort: Bunny... Liger... I challenge you to a tag match. Turmoil, Riot, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to ask you to put your belts on the line. After all, you haven't even seen who my partner is yet. You don't know what we're capable of. It would be unfair to force you into a title match against an unproven enigma. But you're gonna know who and what we are after the match. You're gonna wake up in a hospital bed with nothing else but the faces of your destruction staring back at you. You will know.

Cort: So if you've got the guts, you'll accept the challenge. If you don't... well. Everyone comes around with a little persuasion. See you next week.

Cort walks off laughing to himself as Jim turns back to the camera.

 What a threat from the Sergeant! Who would willingly agree to form a team with this man? And how does he have such confidence to take on the champs with only a single tag match under his belt thus far? Questions I'm afraid will be answered only when the Sergeant wants them to be... and that's looking to be next week. Don't touch that dial.