The scene starts off with Ginger yet again backstage, this time with Corey Ford who was watching a replay of what happened to him earlier.

Ginger: Corey who do you think has been attacking you?

Corey wiped some sweat from his brow, smearing his face paint a little.

Corey: If I knew that I wouldn't be standing here. Next question.

Ginger: Did you know your leader was seen whispering conspirativley to your friend earlier tonight?

The screen Corey was staring at played out the scene from earlier of Vincent talking to Little L, the audio didn't catch what was said but the look on Little L's face said a lot.

Corey: Did you just get goosebumps?

The footage cut abruptly as Vincents face was frozen in a snarl on the screen.

Ginger: I do now... Um so it might have been Little L who has been attacking you tonight.

Corey: Nah it won't have been him, he's my bro... 

Ginger: Did you not just see what I saw?

Corey: Can we talk about my match now? I was hurt and almost pulled off a victory.

Ginger: Well you didn't win now did you, so the person I and the viewers suspect of attacking you is your only closest friend here. Please tell us what's going through your mind right now?

Corey looked into the camera tears of anger wetting his eyes as he fought back the urge to drop kick the intern.

Corey: Interview over. 

As Corey made to walk away Ginger stepped in front of him, and like the last time Ginger got in the way of a wrestler it didn't go well for him.. again.

Corey had taken a step back before superkicking the Intern's head into next week.

The scene fades out to the announce team as Corey stepped over the limp form of Ginger and exited the frame... 


The camera pans to the announce team.


I hate you sometimes...


It's a Match!
Austin Lee vs Ragnioth

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The camera pans to the announce team.


This isn't Street Fighter.

The scene starts off with Ginger standing backstage looking to interview the competitors of the last match. The curtain parts and walking through it was Ragnarath. 

Ginger: Ragnarath, can I have a moment of your time? 

The rookie stopped and looked at the intern, before gesturing for Ginger to continue. 

Ginger: Unfortunate loss tonight to Austin Lee, which is surprising as you seem to have the get up of a clown and Lee being scared of them.

Ragnarath: Is there a question there? Ginger: Sorry I've forgotten that you aren't among the usual "stars" I interview. 

Ok First question, what are your plans following tonight's loss?

Ragnarath: the plan? to shrug it off and look forward to the next match let me tell you a little story my father once went two months without a win he eventually won and he took that win and won another and another he went undefeated for a year and a half after that two-month stint, you may be wondering what my point is? that all I need is one win to change my fortune and every loss I get brings ever closer to my first win.

Ginger nodded and raised an eyebrow before asking a follow up.

Ginger: Oh, I see, that's very insightful. How will you celebrate that sweet victory when you finally get it? 

Ragnarath: Unless my first win is me winning a title, there will be no celebrating it will be just a first step in what I plan to do here in the OCW so what will do I do after my first win? Probably hit the gym and continue to better myself.

Wrex: You know for someone who claims to be a “dragon,” you sure as hell aren’t showing us any fire.

Wrex makes an appearance from a dark corner of the room holding a phone playing the show on the network he keeps forgetting to cancel.

Wrex: Do you think someone is just gonna go easy on you and hand you this win to start your good fortunes, hell no.

Ragnarath turned to Wrex as he pushed ginger away narrowing his eyes at Wrex.

Ragnarath: I am sorry did I ask for someone to give me the win? No, I am damn sure going to earn it and as far as me being the dragon you find out soon enough why everyone calls me the dragon.

Wrex: I hope I do. Because if the guy I just watched is the one who shows up at S2R I am going to be extremely disappointed. Don’t make me wait in vain Dragon.

Ragnarath: Oh, don’t worry Wrex at S2R you will get the very best and you are going to see what exactly what I am made of.
Wrex: Good. I've always wanted to hunt a real live dragon, I suppose you'll do.

Ragnarath: Just be careful not to get burned, this dragon breathes fire.

Wrex: It's about time you did.