The camera pans to the announce team.

September 2 Remember is coming soon.

That main event has classic written all over it.

It looks like we are headed to the back again.

Theme of the show.

Bray continues through the backstage area, throwing the occasional fist bump and the occasional middle finger at fans and hecklers who paid for backstage tickets. As he makes his way into a locker room, a significantly bulkier yet shorter individual bumps by some of the fans here to see him and clears his throat behind Bray, alarming but not intimidating him. He whisks the fans away, not as a precaution for their safety but for a bit of extra space for the inevitable. He turns around and takes a look at the individual who had the gall. Another unknown wrestler, he presumed.

Bray: Neat. A valet. I’m not tipping.

He attempts to walk past the individual, but he blocks Bray with his shoulder. 

Bray: [sighs] Who are you? The cruiserweight-heavyweight division hybrid champion?

The big man says nothing.

Bray: Oh sh**, you one of them silent mothaf**ckas ain’t you? I tried the silent thing myself… with facepaint. Didn’t really catch on. Nor did the whole… “clown” thing.

The man remains silent. Bray takes a second to look at the man’s singlet, taking notice of the words “Mad Dog Mason” across his stomach.

Bray: Ah… another indy goon, I guess. Well then boy, how you wanna do this?


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The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh man...

As the beloved Royalty of Turmoil leaves from their dressing room a surprise was waiting for them. Posted at the corner of the wall was The Beauty and The Beast, Heather Angelo. The camera pans back to Dennis who was quickly buckling his belt while Madison was wiping the corners of her mouth with her thumb.

Heather unfolds her arms and spits her gum out towards the side. Madison smirks.

 Gross. You don't look like you're ready for a fight at all.

Both Dennis and Madison hesitate in their tracks for just a brief moment. Dennis face then turns into a more serious look as he approaches Heather.

Madison puts her arm out in front of Dennis and stops him from getting anywhere near her. She then pulls Dennis aside and steps forward herself to speak with the woman who once had her Kings heart.

As Madison approaches, she reaches into her pocket for a pen. A sharp one! She is now toe to toe with Heather for the first time.

 A fight? I didn't hear anything about a fight...but if you're looking for one…

Madison clicks the top of her pen several times before reaching back and pulling Dennis forward to shield her from Heather. She’s barely able to look over Dennis’s shoulder at Heather.

 That can be arranged! A handicapped match. 

Dennis sighs loudly.

 No, Madison! Stop! I'm not going to submit to any fetishes that may be going on in that sick man's mind. 

Dennis folds his arms.

 My business isn't to fight you, Madison. As a woman, I don't understand why you'd still be with a man that did such a heinous act to a woman. A pregnant woman at that.

Heather: But what I do like about you is the loyalty you have for him. Loyalty is hard to come by these days. That's why I'm telling you woman to woman that you have NOTHING to worry about when it comes to me and Dennis. I'm only here for business. What little we had is gone.

Madison and Dennis look at each for a moment before she returns her attention to Heather. 

 I was never pregnant, Heather. 

Madison: We were...never apart, actually. We had to part ways to tear down Revolution Inc. from the inside out. The stomp was...a small sacrifice. The whole thing with Dennis and Harvey was my idea. We had to sneak around and hide our love like two kids in highschool. Isn’t that right, schnookums?

Heather rolls her eyes at the sight of Madison and Dennis doing that awful eskimo kiss thing with their noses. 

 ...I've come to Turmoil to ask you face to face for a favor. I want to make my business OUR business. Do the name Betty Ford ring a bell?

Madison pulls away from Dennis and returns her attention to Heather. 

 Those broads...I hate them. They are THE WORST!

Heather's eyes widen with astonishment. The response she received from Madison was a bit unexpected.

Heather holds her stomach as her inner beast starts to growl for this unity to happen. She looks past Dennis and inches closer to Madison.

 Yessss. That's why I've come here tonight to..humbly ask you to be my partner tonight and finish off what I've started at Summercide. To end those broads with authority!

Heather: They have taken up too much air time with their shenanigans. But now Madison do you see these sideshow freaks is taking up YOUR air time on YOUR show?

Heather: That doesn't resonate inside you very well. Am I right? Oh and how's your old friend, Alexa Hayes, these days? Hmm?

Madison: You’ve got a point...

Heather: How about this, it's a handicap match between myself and Betty Ford. You make your decision after I come out. 

Heather: Either you show up tonight and we can pick these b(beep)ches apart like they were a science project.

Heather: Or you don’t show up to your throne; which is that god damn Turmoil ring out there and let three other women Main Event at YOUR show without YOU in it!

Heather then gathers herself as quickly as she lost it and calmly states...

 The choice is yours.


The camera pans to the announce team.

She got told.

But did she really hear that?


Betty Ford has grown quite fond of Turmoil. So fond that they thought the show was yesterday and showed up more drunk than a frat during pledge week. Once they realized they were a day early they passed out backstage after a night of masterful f**kery. 

Eerie fell out in row D, she woke up brushed her teeth with a fresh Marlboro and started drinking again. Anna Mosity passed out atop a Jackson Montgomery cardboard cut out and she also awoke with a bottle already in hand.

Yet they are no more drunk than usual as the sit at a small table playing the card game “War” passing a cigarette back and forth as is tradition. If you don’t know the rules to the game of War google it, learn sumtin’.

Eerie and Anna both have sixes you know what that means.

Eerie: I….D….CLARE….Madison’s snatch public transportation!

She slams the last card with authority, it’s now Anna’s turn to declare..

Anna: I….D…..CLARE….Heather a dickless tranny!

She also slams her last card with some force, both their cards are sixes again. The odds of all 4 sixes being thrown are pretty slim. The both get to declare once more.

Eerie: I….D….CLARE….Heather the world’s ugliest punching bag.

She pounds the table as she drops a solid “9”. Anna passes the Marlboro before slamming her cards.

Anna: I….D….CLARE….Madison’s mouth public transportation!

Another “9” hits the table, yet another “I declare”, but Eerie smashes the table then rises to her feet.

Eerie: I just used that bitch!

Anna: So, she has more than one hole!

Eerie: I should make another hole….right through your lopsided titty!

Anna: Try me hoe! We can go right now!

Anna flips the table over all the cards go everywhere. The degenerate duo immediately start rough housing. This goes on for maybe 30 seconds or so before Jim Black walks on camera.

Jim Black: Shouldn’t you guys be saving that for your match in just a few minutes?!

Betty Ford pause mid fight, the nearly finished Marlboro falling from Eerie’s lips.

Eerie: Ain’t today Wednesday?!

Jim just looks at the two and shakes his head and walks away. He’s not too inclined to interview them again after their last segment. Betty Ford both shrug and continue play fighting as the camera fades to ringside.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Tonight's Main Event is going to be hard hitting.

Can not wait!

Revealed is a piece of paper taped to a door it reads. “SENTAI HARE SUCKS! LOL ” The piece of paper is ripped off by a pink gloved hand. The camera zooms out to reveal Sentai Hare. She stomps on it really hard. Then some more. And a powerful leaping double foot stomp for good measure.

Sentai Hare: The guys spreading all this hate. You say it’s the organization?

The camera cuts to reveal Liger Mask sitting down on a bench.

Liger Mask: Es probable que la Organización esté detrás de esto.

The Pink Rabbit Ranger perks up in excitement.

Sentai Hare: You know where they are?

Liger Mask: No, pero pensemos en esto primero.

Sentai Hare: They might be in the South? There’s hurricanes though.

Liger Mask: Tal vez, pero esto no es una muy buena idea.

Sentai Hare: You’re right, it’s the perfect time to strike. We can take them down in the guise of the weather.

Liger Mask: No estoy diciendo eso en absoluto.

Sentai Hare: Let’s go I’ll call in the Hare Mobile. We'll rock them like a hurricane.

Liger Mask: Ay yi yi...

The scene ends and freeze frames to an advertisement of the Uber App.