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The Hardcore champion Sid Harrison is backstage getting ready for his match. Sid Harrison is on a treadmill with his Hardcore Championship beside him.

Sid Harrison: “I could do this all day.”

Voice: “Hey Sid.”

Sid Harrison turns around, just as he does he falls over and bangs his head on the treadmill and falls to the floor. It takes Sid a minute to remember where he is. He looks up to see Stacy Clark is standing over him.

Stacy Clark: “Hey, are you ok?”

Sid Harrison: “Err. Not thanks to you.”

Stacy Clark: “I am so sorry.”

Sid Harrison: “Forget about it.”

Sid Harrison gets up from off the floor as he goes over to grab his towel.

Sid Harrison: “So let me guess? You are here to ask me, if me and the Thirst can work together tonight?”

Stacy Clark: “Actually.”

Sid Harrison interrupts Stacy.

Sid Harrison: “No, the Thirst is a loser. How can I work with a loser? I know I am good but damn Stacy, I can’t do all the work myself tonight and not against a team like Kindread. This is unfair.”

Stacy Clark tries to tell Sid something but he won’t let her talk.

Sid Harrison: 
“I mean someone like Dimsmore or that Patolomai guy would have been fine as a tag partner or even K.Dangelo, but the THIRST? “

Stacy Clark: “Sid, Kindred were not able to make it tonight, that’s why I am here.”

Sid Harrison: “What a shame, wait. Does this mean I get to beat up the Thirst instead?”

Stacy Clark: “Nope, instead management want to see you compete against Tobin Frost.”

Sid Harrison: “Finally, I was getting sick of having to face all these low card jobbers.”

Sid Harrison grabs his Hardcore Championship, just before Sid leave, he turns around to look at Stacy.

Sid Harrison:
 “Make sure you watch my match tonight.”

Sid Harrison leaves the room.



Live from Phoenix, Arizona


Good Evening Ladies and Germs...It's friday night and we are live from PHOENIX ARIZON-I-A.

Its A dummy. ArizonA. I swear, I get dumber every time I have to sit out here with you and your pea head. Lets watch some wrestling. I hate you Scaggs. Hate you. Every single part of you.





Pre-recorded from earlier today.

The OMG Megabus: Samoan Suite Edition pulls into a large parking lot. Behind the Megabus is Roofus Ruckusington The THOID driving a green 2013 FIAT 500, he pulls in a few moments after everyone starts to exit the bus. Roofus who's still terrified of Dimsmore refuses to ride on the MegaBus while the Menace is awake. 

First Tiberius Dupree exits, followed by Dimsmore and Lacey Love. Matsuda's Japanese announcement team roll off the bus next. The MegaBus then shifts from side to side as the last 2 members of OMG make their way out. 

OMG's newest member the 400 pound Samoan Man Eater and Ambition's first world champion, Patolomai rumbles off the bus carrying Matsuda piggy back style. OUR Villain is chanting D-D-R over and over pumping his fist in the air.

Roofus keeps his distance from the group as Tibby monitors his tracking anklet from his mobile device. The camera pans around to show the group's destination, Dave & Buster's. The only one who doesn't seem to be excited about the venture is Dimsmore, who always looks unhappy. 

Even Tibby has a slight grin at the opportunity to showcase his betterness in arcade gaming. Tibby, Dimsmore and Lacey walk slowly as the rest of the crew sprint for the entrance. 

Dupree: Are you sure he won't eat my face off?

Obviously still uneasy about the acquisition of Pato to OMG, Tibby shows a concerning look.

Dimsmore: I don't think so. Prison can really change a man. He isn't the same from our LOTUS or Ambition days. 

Chewing her gum a million miles a minute.

Lacey: Pato's sweet, he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Dupree: We are talking about the same Pato right?

Dimsmore shrugs his shoulders as the three enter into Dave & Buster's. Pato's offical Welcoming Party has just begun, as OMG breaks into teams of two. Dimsmore and Lacey head towards the classic SkeeBall game. 

Tibby and Roofus go right for the new Harpoon Lagoon game, which you win tickets by throwing harpoons at fish that fly by, bonuses are awarded for hitting the jelly fish.

Jirai and Junichiro, Matsuda's announcement team skip over to the new Temple Run game. If it's not obvious where Matsuda and Pato have gone by his early chants of DDR. 

The two head straight for Dance Dance Revolution game. There's already a small crowd around the machine, so the two patiently await their turn.

As the camera pans around Dave & Buster's showing the members of OMG enjoying the festivities. We see OCW's Future Investment Dimsmore threatening a civilian who Lacey claimed violated her in some way. The young man quickly flees for his life as Lacey seems to get off on Dimsmore's over protection.

He then cashes in a boat load of tickets for a large stuffed teddy bear which he hands to OMG's #1 Freak. She awkwardly licks the side of his face while slightly rubbing her breast against his arm.

We pan to Tibby and Roofus, Tibby some how manages to cheat a victory away from Roofus by sending a shock to his anklet on his final throw. Jirai and Junichiro both failed horribly at Temple Run and have decided to watch their Leader and Pato on DDR. Dims and Lacey soon make their way towards the machine as well. After Tibby dries Roofus's tears they too begin to spectate.

Pato and Matsuda are going step for step. One would think with Pato being 400 pounds he'd crush the machine with just one step, but he's nearly as agile as a ballerina. His remarkable footwork is in complete contrast to his large giggly frame. Matsuda is using his quickness to his advantage as he takes the lead. But with a fury of finesse Pato does a spin move followed by a triple dubstep.

The small crowd goes nuts, Lacey then starts a "Go Pato Go" chant. Jirai and Junichiro retaliate with a "Go Leader Go" chant of their own. Both chants go back and forth as Pato and Suda battle it out like there's no tommorow. As the top score goes back and forth for a few minutes we see Pato start to slightly pull away score wise. 

Our Benevolent Villain, a notorious screen watcher, noticed as his compatriot began to spread the gap between them, and he becomes noticeably upset. Furrowing his brows, Dear Leader begins to stomp harder, pretending that his steps were not being properly recorded.

Matsuda: YOU SEE THIS?!

Matsuda jumps up and down further ruining his score.

Matsuda: This is a conspiracy! The American prison system doesn't want to see a YELLOW MAN succeed on American TV!

Just before the song ends, Matsuda pulls the plug on the machine and blows on it before plugging it back in, as if it were an NES cartridge. Pato appears confused.

Matsuda: I'll give you this one, because I am OVER being upset about an arcade game. Not to mention we Japanese haven't played DDR since 2003...

Sweaty and out of breath Pato shows off by dancing in celebration. The defeated Villain just smiles, and raises Pato's hand to show good sportsmanship.

After watching Pato and Matsuda go over on DDR, the group occupy a large table in front of a large HDTV playing a old MLS game. As they await their meals and drinks, we see Tibby confiscating all the tickets won by Roofus. 

Dupree: You earned those tickets by disrespecting my betterness, therefore their mine...gimme!

OMG's Man Eater has something to say about his treatment of Roofus.

Patolomai: But Tiberius... Even the smallest of creatures carries the sun in it's eyes. 

Dupree: This is coming from the guy who eats people's faces? Seriously?...

Patolomai: It is easier to change a man's religion than to change his diet Tiberius, but I am a better person when I have less on my plate.

Our Villain chimes in.

Matsuda: Pato's face eating days are behind him since he converted to Buddhism in prison. What were you in for again anyways?

Patolomai: Protesting the inhumane treatment of the rare Galapagos turtle in the African congo.

Matsuda: See? He's not EATERNESS anymore… he's--

Patolomai: Peacefulness?

Dupree: You do look quite peaceful...anyway Roofus needs special treatment, so being nice to him isn't my top priority. Stopping him from compromising my betterness is...

The conversation is cut short when their drinks arrive. The waiter hands each of them their drinks, Tibby of course demands for his lemonade to be shaken not stirred. Before the waiter can return with the drink a ring bell goes off from the nearby boxing game being started. 

Nearly instantaneously Pato goes into a feral rage, flips the table sending the drinks everywhere. The kind and gentle giant is replaced with the crazed cannibal we all remember from LOTUS.

Tibby and Roofus immediately flee the scene, while Matsuda instigates the situation by chanting "Go Pato Go". Dimsmore covers Lacey in his arms as chairs start flying passed the couple. Jirai and Junichiro hide under a nearby table, also in each others arms. 

Before anyone gets hurt, the ring bell goes off again signaling the end of the first round. Within seconds Pato seems to have returned to being the docile Samoan he was a few minutes prior. He calmly picks up a fallen chair, takes a seat calls for another drink as if nothing ever happened as we fade to commercial.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Pato has mellowed some in his absence...

He's a 400lb wrecking ball Scaggs, don't let his lightness on his feet fool you. He'll eat your face.

That's may be, but lets move on


K.Dangelo stands in the back on his cell

K.Dangelo : 
Yeah man I good and I'm ready .

Mumbling on other end of the cell phone

K.Dangelo : 
Yes I know I've never beat him . I'm telling you his focus isn't on the N.A title .This guy has won the KoOcW and got some other things going on with the pound puppies .

Cell phone mumbling

K.Dangelo : 
Of course our stable would be better with a champion .I know Code is dangerous but with this other stuff going on he could lose his focus .
I'm not being overconfident but at the end of the night ,he will know he's been in a fight .

Cell phone mumbling

K.Dangelo : 
Yes I understand and it will be taken care of Mr.Brookstone .




Westerfield vs KnoXxX



The scene opens up backstage near the catering area where we find The Amazing Ari Brookstone and his client K'Dangelo backstage in the midst of discussing business. 

Ari: And speaking of Mugen, when was the last time you saw our ravishing friend?

KD: I haven't seen him, nobody has since he walked out of Riot last week. Whats wrong with that fool?

Ari: Mr KD my dear, he's just an extremely passionate individual. Cut him some slack.

Suddenly some OCW officials and medical staff are seen running towards a nearby hallway. They motion for KD and Ari to come over and help out as well. The cameras follow the situation and we find an individual slumped face first against the wall with blood splattered everywhere. As the medical staff turn the individual over to stabilize the individual's neck they find a piece of paper taped to the front of his shirt. They take the note off to reveal that the individual is also wearing a shirt that says "EGO". Ari takes the note away and begins to read it out.

Ari: "Make no mistake, this man's shirt was no coincidence. Unfortunately, ego is dead to me and I have bigger fish to fry. Losing may have been the best thing to happen to me, and the worst thing to happen to the rest of this company. I hope you like this little scavenger hunt. You will find your next answer where a car, is not acting like a car."

KD: Is this Mugen's work? What the hell does his clue mean? 

Ari: It has to be. I know where his next clue is. We must get there before something else happens.

KD & Ari run off to find the next clue as the medical officials continue to tend to the injured individual.