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It is early Thursday afternoon, and we're inside the large Mariott Hotel located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. As the elevator doors open on the 6th floor, an official OCW camera follows a bellhop to his destination.

We stop in front of Room 614, the bellhop politely but sternly knocks on the door. Within a few seconds the door opens and he's greeted by The Human T-Plex Machine, Tobin Frost. With the door wide open we can see into the tidy hotel room, the decent sized HDTV is playing old film of one of Tobin's matches from earlier this month. Tobin looks at the bellhop's name badge which reads Bartholomew.

Tobin: Can I help you, Bartholomew?

Bartholomew: Are you Mr. Tobin Frost?!

Tobin: Yes sir, what's this?

Bartholomew the bellhop hands Tobin a small folded up piece of paper.

Bartholomew: I was told to give you this note personally Mr. Frost.

Tobin immediately opens the note and reads it quickly, his eyebrows raise. He then questions the bellhop who waits eagerly for a tip.

Tobin: Who gave you this note, what did he look like?

Bartholomew: I didn't really get a good look at his face, he wore sunglasses and a hat. But I did notice he had shoulder length black hair.

Tobin: What were his exact words?

Bartholomew: "Give this to Tobin Frost in room 614, and hurry up, don't let anyone see you." He gave me a 100 spot, so I wasted no time getting here sir, and I don't think anybody saw me.

Tobin: Thank you Bartholomew.

Tobin re-reads the note and closes the door in Bartholomew's face, just to open it back up again, hands him a ten and rushes passed him towards the elevator as we fade.



An intriguing evening on Riot tonight

An awful episode. Lets improve it!

Lets throw it to the past...



The following segment takes place between 12:40 and 1:00 approximately.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: 13/09/13
Time: 12:43

It's warm, for most places it would be unseasonal but for Arizona this is the norm. OCW superstars have been filtering in from their hotels and places of temporary residence all day now. One in particular begins the wall up path towards the arenas pristine, glass, double doors.

Jacob Trance: "Are the handcuffs really necessary?"

One of the guards replies. An Asian gentleman who gives the control chain a yank, causing one of his sleeves to roll up just enough for the camera to catch the beginnings of a tattoo. 

Guard One: "It's part if the conditions of your bail sir, I'm enjoying this more than you, trust me."

Jacob paused, assuming he misheard before carrying onward, the guard in front holding the door open.

Guard Two: "There you are sir, as you already know you will be unable to go anywhere without at least one of us being there as well."

Jacob sighs, looking at the register which all roster members are supposed to sign on entry to the building and looks towards his two handlers.

Guard One: "In accordance with your negotiated conditions you'll be allowed to wrestle but you have to remain shackled at all other times. So, get used to signing your name behind your back."

The guard roughly shoves a pen into Jacobs hands and turns him around, as Jacob signs the register with a near incomprehensible squiggle he speaks.

Jacob Trance: "Great, you guys are true humanitarians."

Guard Two: "I see why you're so unliked around here, asshole and a drug dealer."

Jacob growls and narrows his eyes.

Jacob Trance: "I am not a drug dealer, the stuff was planted."

Guard One: "We will see... Right this way Mr Trance."

With a tug, Jacob is turned and led down the corridor past, funnily enough, Tiberius Dupree who lifts a coffee and salutes mockingly, a colossal, arrogant and frankly, all natural betternessly white smile smeared across his face.

Jacob Trance: "Wouldn't happen to know why he knew I was coming this way, would you?"

The guards chuckle.

Guard Two: "Maybe a little birdy told him."

Jacob Trance: "Dicks."

The guard smacks Jacob in the back of the head and says loudly.

Guard One: "We are here to protect and serve sir, that includes looking out for your safety incase OMG decide to cause you grievous bodily harm."

Jacob pauses yet again.

Jacob Trance: "What?"

The guard twists the control chain , silencing Jacobs questioning.

Guard One: "We are here to protect and serve, but who knows what will happen."

The scene fades with Jacob being led away to a separate locker room, presumedly to aid in police supervision.




Sid Harrison(c) vs Tobin Frost





We join KD & Ari in an elevator in the arena as Ari is convinced he knows where the next clue is. 

KD: Where the hell are we going?

Ari: Where else? A damned parking lot, thats where a car is not acting like a car.

The elevator door opens. KD & Ari walk out and start looking around for any clue. KD starts pointing to the left as he drags Ari along. We find another individual slumped against the back bumper of car. This person is found with a paper bag over their face and a note attached to the paper bag. Ari rips the note off the bag and starts reading note #2....

Ari: "Too late. I'm always one step ahead. There is no chance in saving these people. In my past life, I was really good at this. I'm just sorry that you had to find out this way. Why don't you find the room for the explosive members of our roster."

KD: Do you know what he means by him being really good at this in a past life?

Ari: I only know a little bit about his past before wrestling so I'm not sure. I know where his next clue is, let's go.

Ari & KD head towards the elevator as they walk past medical officials who are finally arriving at the scene.