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We cut backstage where OCW World Heavyweight Champion Paul Pugh is standing by with Stacy Clark. He's draped in a beautiful pink snakeskin vest with feather trim, and is wearing zebra print shades. His biceps glisten almost as much as the biggest prize in professional wrestling does - but not quite. Pugh shines the belt up real nice as Stacy begins to speak

Stacy: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time Paul Pugh... now Paul you've had a week to think on who your potential opponent might be at September 2 Remember... are you any closer to the answer?

Pugh takes a massive breath in, Macho Man style, and lets the tension build in the crowd before he speaks

Pugh: Stacy... I have no idea who I'm facing at September 2 Remember. See Guy Fausto isn't a stupid man... he'll keep this up his sleeve as long as he can... but that isn't the issue here Stacy... the issue here is... how do you prepare for the unknown? The answer Stacy... the answer is easy. You don't.

Stacy: You don't?

Pugh: Exactly... If you prepare for the unknown, you're preparing yourself for failure. See, this past year I've wrestled the cream of the crop... the very best... and I've beaten them all. That's not just me bragging... that's fact. So I'm going to channel that experience... that know how into my preparation. That way...no matter who Guy throws at me... I'll be ready. He throws a tough MOFO at me? I've fought Parker and Dimsmore... Technical expertise? Hell, I've spent the last year wrestling Tiberius Dupree... Suplex machines? Tobin and Mugen... You name them, I've fought them. There's nothing I'm not ready for...

Stacy: ...So what do you make of the comments from certain former Champions who claim that you're not Championship material... most recently Vincent Valmont?

Pugh: Who?

Stacy: Vincen...

Pugh: Sorry I was making a concussion joke. Stacy... I'm the World Champion because I'm the best. Anyone has issue with that, they know exactly where I am. Now... that Sid Harrison you've been running around with... is it serious?

Stacy: Ew... No its not...

Pugh: Good... lets go get some chicken...

Pugh offers his arm to Stacy who shrugs her shoulders, and immediately links him. They head off into the distance as Pugh screams "WOOO" at the top of his voice.




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Well get used to him Al... he's our World Champion. Now though, its time for our Main Event of the evening. NA Champion Jacob Trance goes one on one with Tiberius Dupree...


Jacob Trance (c) vs Tiberius Dupree