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Having previously arrived at the arena in handcuffs, we join Jacob Trance and his entourage of guards massaging his wrists.

Jacob Trance: "Those things hurt..."

He mutters, both guards looking pretty pleased with this acute observation. A knock on the door causes the men to rise, eyeballing their captor.

Guard One: "Expecting anyone?"

It was more of a statement than a question, as if they were counting on Jacob arranging some sort of drug deal despite the logical impossibilities behind the entire thing. The knock came again, three short and sharp raps.

Jacob Trance: "Are you going to answer it or not?"

Three knocks.

???: "Mistah!"

Three knocks.

Roofus: "Mistah!"

Jacob face palms. He knows exactly who's outside. The guard opens the door, just as one, Roofus esquire, attempts to knock and in the absence of a door uses the mans face. He recoils in horror, clutching at the shock anklet, half expecting it to go off. An eye opens, when nothing happens and he cracks a smile.

Roofus: "Roofus is sorry mistah guard sir, he thought you were door."

The guard rubs his nose and looks to his Asian comrade, receiving the all clear. Jacob looks between the cracks of his fingers before lowering them slowly, offering a smile. The young man had been through hell lately, and so had this pour soul.

Jacob Trance: "Hey there Roofus."

Roofus: "Hi Jacoby! Roofus is glad had found Jacoby, bad things happening outside. People are being hurteded."

Jacob raises an eyebrow, looking at Roofus' broken arm with disgust.

Jacob Trance: "I can see that, so what crazy errand does Bitchness have you doing?"

Roofus laughs loudly at the joke before clamping his hands over his mouth in terror, lest Dupree punish him. He shakes his head, not speaking.

Jacob Trance: "No orders, you came yourself?"

Roofus nods, proud of this.

Jacob Trance: "I'm glad, I hope one day you punch him square in the face, that man has no backbone, he's just a damned bully."

Roofus: "Mistah might agree with Jacoby, but he a scared. He see Jacoby arriving in hand cuffs and thought he could be maybe Roofus' friend?"

Jacob smiles earnestly, the lad, though possibly touched in the head was a good person at heart.

Jacob Trance: "Of course we can, how about after I beat Dupree tonight I take you for ice cream?"

Roofus begins to bounce excitedly up and down, and in his exuberance steps on the Asian guards foot who snarls with pain and draws his billy club. Roofus squeals in terror, playing with the hem of t-shirt, too horrified to flee. Before the man can exhibit police brutality Jacob intervenes and gets in the way causing the second guard to rise. 

Jacob Trance:
"Run Roofus!"

Jacob calls out shoving Roofus through the door just in time. He turns expecting the problem to have calmed down.

Roofus: "Jacoby look out!"


Jacob goes down in a heap, his vision blurring, though he remains conscious.

Roofus: "Roof no forget what Jacoby done for him! Stop please! No hurt mistah Jacoby!"

The guard once again cracks Jacob in the skull, sneering at Roofus who lets loose a shriek of terror and goes running down the hall, crashing into bystanders, causing him to fall, roll but he rises, and escapes.

Guard One: "I am so glad I took on this job..."

At that, he sneaks in a kick as the scene fades, the North American champion laying prone.

Guard Two: "And don't worry, we'll be sure to get you cleared for your match tonight..."




The Scene opens up with Leonheart standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand ready to speak about whatever is on his mind.

Leonheart: "It's one thing to go after and break a man in half, it's entirely different to go after his family. The A-Team crossed a line last week when they sent Face to steal Omar Gibbs' jewelry that I took fair and square from him: they attacked my wife. And that's something that simply won't stand with me! So I'm issuing a challenge to Omar Gibbs for September to Remember, to go one on one in a stre.....

Before Leon can finish his sentence "Can You Hear Me Now?" plays throughout the arena and the two remaining members of Cerberus come out from the back. BUFFNESS is carrying a microphone and Cody Storm is walking beside him as the two head into the ring where Leon is standing with his eyes narrowed in confusion. 

 "We can't let you do that!" 

BUFFNESS pulls a few papers from his jacket pocket and hands them over to Leon with the last page showing and Leon's signature on it can be seen.

BUFFNESS: "While you may have thought you signed a restraining order against the whole of the A-Team, what you signed was actually granting the power of Cerberus over to Cody and myself! You do not have the right to make a challenge on behalf of any of the members of Cerberus, yourself included." 

Leon's eyes widen and he goes to deck BUFFNESS, but Cody, once again, steps imbetween the two of them and pushes Leon backwards. BUFFNESS takes this as a good time to head out, having already given the news he wanted to give firsthand he hands the microphone over to Storm and heads back to the locker room. 

Leonheart: "What is this all about Cody?!" 

Cody lets go of Leon and looks him in the eye not showing any remorse or regret. 

Cody Storm:
 "This is about looking out for Cerberus, but more importantly Leon, this is about looking out for your well being. Do you want to know why we lost the tag team championship match at Summercide? It's because you were hellbent on destroying Omar Gibbs. You went out of your way to attack him no matter the cost, even when he wasn't the legal man. We lost because you took your eye off of the ball, and beyond a simple loss that's an easy way to get someone seriously hurt in such physical competition as this."

Cody Storm: "You're a liability Leon, and you're going to be treated like one until you can get your head out of your ass and start acting like a mature human being. As far as our venture against the A-Team goes, it's over, we're not going down that path again. You hurt them physically and emotionally, you got what you needed. You should be taking care of your wife, not here. But more importantly, I shouldn't be chasing down tag team gold. I have more important things to attend to, I have a bigger mark to make here in OCW, and it all starts tonight Leon. If there's one thing I learned from this spat with the A-Team it's that I WANT IT ALL!"

Cody throws his hands up, dropping the mic and climbing out of the ring leaving Leon speechless.




Welp... is that the end?


Its time for our second NA Championship contenders tournament of the evening...




OG Baracus vs Dimsmore