OCWFED.com Presents Riot


The scene opens...

The Cerberus locker room is buzzing with activity. Lawyers are passing paperwork back and forth as Cody Storm and BUFFNESS recheck and sign contracts. One of the lawyers, who is dressed in a stuffy grey business suit, walks over to the duo.

 "We just need Leon to sign off on these and everything will be complete."

As if on que Leonheart walks into the room. Leon scans the room greeting the business men as he moves towards Cody and Sean.

Leon: "Cody .... McGee, what's going on?"

Storm: "The lawyers have some paper work for you to sign real fast like."

Leon: "Paperwork? I don't remember needing any paperwork drawn up..?"

Leon eyes the two a bit suspiciously.

 "Don't get your panties in a bunch.... it's just the standard spilt of the Cerberus stock money. You might not remember how that works since you've been away for a while!"

Leon glares at BUFFNESS with a wicked stare as he sits down at the table to sign all of the papers. As he finishes up McGee removes some papers from his back pocket and drops them in front of Leon.

BUFFNESS: "You might want to sign these also."

Leon: "What is this?"

BUFFNESS: "Just your standard restraining order... Me and Cody figured you might need it since the A-Team is running around sticking people up and breaking into people's houses. After all we might not be around one day when you need some help."

Cody and McGee both hold in their laughs as Leon flips to the last page of the documents.

 "Its not that we think your scared of them ,we just want to make sure your safe...your a legend after all, you need to protect yourself. And it's all legit, don't worry, I had my grandfather look over it for you."

Leon: "Ah, that Jewish blood runs deep in the law."

Leon stops to think for a second, then begins to sign the paper and toss it in the pile with the rest. The lawyers look them all over and grab their briefcases.

Lawyer: "Everything seems to be in order... we will bring you a copy of this last document after we make some copies."

Leon nods as BUFFNESS and Cody Storm exit the room.

The scene fades to black



Remember when wrestlers used to just wrestle?

a Let's send it over to the stage where Matt Bloom is standing by with Dimsmore



Bloom: Ladies and gentlemen, what a Riot we have had so far. Still to come in the main event this evening, North American champion Jacob Trance goes one on one with Mr. Betterness Tiberius Dupree in a non-title contest.

Bloom: But joining me at this time, fellow OMG members Lacy Love and the Future Investment winner Dimsmore.

A chorus of boos comes over the crowd as Dimsmore and Lacy walk out from the backstage area. They stand on opposite sides of Bloom. 

Dimsmore, in jeans and his cut off OMG shirt, has his patented towel over his head. He has not taken his eyes off of Bloom since entering the shot.

Bloom: Now Dimsmore, you have been on a roll as of late. Now you are in the mix to become the number 1 contender for the North American title. And your opponent tonight, one half of the OCW tag champs The A-Team and former Hardcore champion, Omar Gibbs.

Bloom moves the mic towards Dimsmore to get a response. Just as he's about to speak, grabs Bloom's hand and forces the mic to her.

Lacy: Listen here Bloomers!! 

The chorus of boos is much louder as Lacy begins to speak.

Lacy: Myyyyyy Dimmy has proven time and time again that he is the best here in OCW.

The OCW universe starts a "Lacy's a whore!" chant. She then mocks being shocked and appalled.

Lacy: OH NO!! You morons managed to put together a complete sentence and chant all in unison. Bravo Phoenix, I guess this city IS smarter than a 5th grader.

Louder boos

Lacy: Anyways. Like I was saying before the peanut gallery spoke, myyyy Dimmy had the potential to become North American champion after running thru these bafoons.

Bloom: You mean like the trains that wrestlers used to run on you Lacy?

Shocked by his comment, Lacy begins to raise her hand to slap Bloom but Dimsmore catches her arm. He slowly brings her arm down and walks around to the same side as her. He turns to face Bloom, and very calmly grabs ahold of his tie.

Dimsmore: Now you listen to me.

You can see the petrified look on Bloom's face as Dimsmore is giving him a death stare. Dimsmore surprisingly remains calm and doesn't raise his voice over a low tone.

Dimsmore: I won the Future Investment. I've beaten Ari's lackeys. Now I have chance to knock off Omar Gibbs and be one step closer to becoming the North American champion. 

Dimsmore snatches Bloom closer to him. He continues to not raise his voice.

Dimsmore: And I swear as god as my witness, if you ever disrespect me or anyone in OMG in my presence, I will rip your heart out and force it down your throat.

Bloom take a big swallow hoping that Dimsmore doesn't become violent.

Lacy: Yea. And when Dimmy is done, I'm gonna....

Dimsmore places his free hand over Lacy's mouth before she can finish.

Dimsmore: It's not worth it..... Lets go.

Dimsmore releases Bloom's tie. Bloom takes 3 giant steps back very slowly. Lacy latches on to Dimsmore arm as they begin to walk to the back. Before going thru the curtain, Lacy turns and gives Bloom the L on the forehead aka "Loser" symbol. They are now out of sight.


Continuing from earlier yesterday afternoon; Tobin Frost arrives at a fairly pristine park, with a small fountain resting in the middle of a pond. A large wooden gazebo can be seen off in the distance, as well as a playground for young kids. About 50 yards to his immediate right are park benches overlooking the pond. 

His instincts draw him towards those park benches, as a man sits there feeding the ducks. Tobin briskly walks up to the benches overlooking the pond. The person on the bench appears to be his mentor Nate Ortiz. His black hair following the breeze as it sends ripples across the pond.


???: Tobin...Tobin..gullible gullible Tobin.

Realizing instantaneously that it's not Nate Ortiz, but Tiberius Dupree, he goes to grapple for a possible T-Plex. Just as Tobin grabs the back of the back of his neck, Tibby slides out the wig and coat combination as it flops over the bench. Him and Tobin thin play chase around the bench a couple of times, while Tibby pleads his case.

 Always the hero, trying to save the day. You just couldn't help yourself could you. Just look at you, your like Super SuplexMan. You should wear the singlet all the time, get you one of those tiny capes, a little snot nosed side kick for good measure. 

They continue to do laps around the bench.

 Hop from city to city kicking ass taking names, shaking babies and kissing hands. Or is it kissing babies, shaking hands...whatever, that's what you want isn't it...to be the white knight always saving the damsel in distress...

Tobin: What I want is to become OCW Champion, a Hall of Famer and the best to ever do this. I'm not trying to be some superman but I have made it my mission to do what is right. That means when I see someone being wronged I'm going to try and make it right. That's what I did at Summercide and I will continue to do until I can't anymore.

Tobin: I'm going to do what you were to weak to do Tibby. Because for the years before I got here you were that guy who went about things the right way. But you've decided to take the easy way out. I want to be everything that Nate was, everything that you could have been, and then some. It is a hard road to walk but damn it I'm going to run right through it.

The pace around the bench picks up, Tibby seems to be enjoying himself, while Tobin on the other hand is not. He immediately stops chasing Dupree, Tobin's back is now facing the pond. 

 Enough! I'm not going to fall for your silly mind games. You got me here well done. You've said your piece, but I'm through playing chase the idiot around the bench.

Tibby just looks on with his classic half smile as if he's waiting for something.


Out from some nearby bushes, we see Roofus Ruckusington the Thoid rush towards Tobin. With both eyes closed and both arms extended he shoves Tobin into the pond. Before Tobin can realize what's happened he's drenched from head to toe. Tibby stands a distance from the shore basking in Tobin's humiliation for a few seconds. Before Tobin can make it out the pond, Tibby and Roofus high tail it out the park claiming victory.




NA Title Tourney

Cody Storm vs KD


A hard hitting battle there!

I hate them all.


Tobin Frost sits on the park bench still drenched from being pushed into a pond by Roofus. He doesn’t even look upset, he is more in shock that he let this happen to himself. He shakes his head as he smells the odor of the pond on his body. Tobin looks up to the sky and begins to talk to himself.

Tobin: Well looks like those fools got the best of you Mr. Frost. You have the smell of duck crap emanating from you to prove it. But in the grand scheme of things that doesn’t mean anything. What has Dupree proven by pushing you into a pond? The answer is nothing. Yes he got a laugh out of the situation, but it’s not a win in the record books, it’s not a championship.

Tobin: For the past month you’ve been on sort of a roll. You’ve defeated the current OCW Champion, avenged your Wrestlution loss to Sean McGee, and finally won a match on Pay-Per View. Tiberius is going to use these tactics to bring you back down to that place you were two months ago before Nate decided to come help you. When you could have took dark path that Tibby decided to take. But pushing you into a pond isn’t going to bring you down. What ever he does next isn’t going to bring you down. Because you know why you are here and you need to do what you need to do. Now go clean yourself up because I’m getting sick.

Tobin slaps his knees before standing walking away as the scene fades.


Ari & KD are seen walking around in the hallways of the arena still on this scavenger hunt that they have been sent on.

KD: So this next clue is the Bombshell Locker Room right?

Ari: Precisely, you're catching on fast. 

The cameras follow KD & Ari as they are walking towards the Bombshell Locker Room. 


The cameras don't catch why but Ari suddenly runs down the hallway. His assistant Peaches is found unconscious with a note taped to his vest. 


KD: Why the hell is he doing this? Read the note.

Ari opens up the note slowly and begins to read...

Ari: "Sorry, I never really liked him anyways. But he's not the reason for this rampage. Why don't you find out the reason by going down the hallway?"

Ari looks up from the note and looks at KD. For once we see a bit of concern in his eyes but they reluctantly walk down the hallway. A big piece of paper with an arrow points to a left hallway. The two turn and stop to see a ring of candles in front of a locker room door. They walk over slowly and pick up a note that was in the center of the candles.

 "This is what it looks like, a candle light vigil. I'm doing this in memory of this man's career, his accomplishments and especially his title reign. Just take a look at his door."

Ari, KD & the camera man all take a look at the door to see the name Jacob Trance written completely in what looks like blood.