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Live from Nashville.


Good Evening Ladies and Germs... welcome to Nashville for tonight's 352nd episode of OCW Riot!

Germs? How long have you been saying germs?

Every week for months partner... for months.





Leonheart is standing in the centre of the ring with the Hardcore championship on his shoulder. As always there are mixed reactions from the fans. Some cheers and some boooos. 

Leonheart: “Last week for the first time in my career I won the Hardcore championship… Now I will be honest. It’s one championship I never really thought I would hold but here we are.”

Leonheart looks at the crowd. He looks at a bald headed redneck that is holding up a “Die in the ring” sign. To a boy who looks about 14 that is holding up “Leonheart, the M”F”ker of the year” sign. 

Leonheart: “I have my haters but I also have my fans right?”

The cheers build up.

Leonheart: “The last time I held any sort of championship was back in 2009 when I was the OCW World Heavyweight Champion. That was over three and a half years ago. Now I stand before you the new Hardcore Champion. There are a lot of people in the back that are not happy about that but all I have to say to them is... Hahahahahaha!”

The fans now begin to booooo.

 “Omar Gibbs is not the easiest of opponents. He was the only guy to beat Paul Pugh for this belt *Leon taps at his Hardcore Championship* and end the streak he had going. Just when Omar goes and changes the look of this belt he then gets a match with yours truly and I do something no one expected. I beat Omar Gibbs 1…. 2…. 3….”

Leonheart looks at the Hardcore Championship that is on his shoulder and smirks.

 “Omar; you and Mez tried to end my career. I know you guys were paid a lot of money to do it but did you really think that was going to stop me? Did that Scumbag who ended the greatest streak in OCW history stop me from coming back? NO!

The boos start to take over.

 “A few weeks ago, two people said that me and Cody went too far.”

Leonheart looks over at Scaggs and Al Poling.

 “That’s right I am looking at you idiots. You said when I pulled the earrings from Gibbs’s ears that it was unnecessary? When blood came out of his ears you said I took it too far. Those comments have made me out to be the bad guy here and for the A-Team to look like the victims, but when the A-Team attacks me it’s all ok?”

Scaggs and Al Poling look at Leon. They have no comment to make.

 “You make me …

Before Leon can finish his sentence he is interrupted. 


BUFFNESS: “You know Leon? You should hand over that Hardcore Championship to BUFFNESS. It’s the least you can do after you and Cody Storm cost me the North American Championship!”

Leonheart Just glares at BUFFNESS.

 “Don’t give BUFFNESS that look. I been carrying you guys for too long and enough is enough now. This is my time and you guys need to know your place. SO GIVE ME THAT BELT!!!”

Leonheart: “You want this belt? Then you’re going to have to take it from me!”

BUFFNESS laughs out loud and looks at Leon.


BUFFNESS goes to grab the Hardcore Championship as he does Leon also grabs it. They both pull the championship back and forth. This goes on for two minutes and now it’s just a tug of war game.

BUFFNESS: “Give me that belt before I drop you!”

Leonheart: “Just try ...”

BUFFNESS lets go causing Leonheart to fall over and drop the Hardcore championship. BUFFNESS along with the fans laughs. BUFFNESS goes to pick it up but before he can Leon makes a leap to grab it.

Leonheart: “GIVE ME BACK MY BELT!!!”

Suddenly both men fall over. Leonheart gets up with the Hardcore championship still in his hands to find that something is missing. BUFFNESS gets up as he is holding one of the gold straps that has come off the Hardcore Championship.

Leonheart: “You idiot, what have you done?”

BUFFNESS: “I told you to give me that championship but you wouldn’t would you.”

Leonheart is furious. 


It looks like Leon and BUFFNESS are about to fight when the camera pans to the ramp where Cody Storm is standing with a microphone of his own, and noticeably, no entrance music is playing.

Cody Storm:
 "You have got to be fu...... I can't even get some theme music?"

Crowd in unison: "YOU DON'T WORK HERE!"

Cody Storm: "I am an invited guest of...." 

Cody looks up towards the ring and cuts his sentence short remembering why he came out here.

Cody Storm: "Oh yeah..." Cody chuckles a little bit while walking towards the ring. "I almost forgot you all were about to kill each other, my B." 

Cody gets into the ring and pushes his way between Leonheart and the man known as BUFFNESS. Storm backs Leon into a corner before walking towards BUFFNESS. 

Cody Storm:
 "I don't know where you come off acting so high and flipping mighty Mc..."


Cody Storm: "MCGEE! Don't you dare talk down to the Kingly Son of God! You act like we came back simply to spite you. Like you are the only one that failed to live up to their end of the bargain here. Where were you when I was fired?! Where the hell were you when Leon was being bloodied and broken at the hands of the A-Team?"

BUFFNESS: "I was carrying the team with these massive arms of mine!"

A smile crosses Cody's face as he shakes his head in disbelief. Leon tries to get back into Sean's face, but Cody re-positions himself between them again, forcing Leon back away from Sean.

Cody Storm: "We have come back under the realization that you were right all along. That we went soft and that's when the proverbial shit hit the fan!" 

Scaggs: "That's actually not proverbial at all."

Cody turns his attention from BUFFNESS to the announce table.

Cody Storm:
 "You shut your whore mouth!"

Cody Storm: "The point is, Leon and I came back with a few things written down on our checklist, and one of the top priorities is to make sure you know that we get it. We remember why we're here, what we're doing, and we're refocused. Now I suggest you two cut the crap, cool your jets, and talk about this when you're both a little more rational because it's never a good day when someone like me has to be the voice of reason."

BUFFNESS: "I should be North American Champion right now and we all know why I'm not. I'm taking this with me."Buffness holds up the strap of the Hardcore Championship that he ripped off.

BUFFNESS exits the ring and makes his way to the backstage area as Cody Storm and Leonheart stand shaking their head in the ring.

Cody Storm: "The man's delusional!"

The camera cuts away.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Sean McGee might have lost his mind

Shoot, he be snatchin up that title like oh my...

What does that even mean?

This is a previously recorded segment from earlier yesterday in Los Angeles, California. We are inside a very high class and upscale fitness facility in West Hollywood. The white and black oval logo on the far wall reads 'Equinox.' Inside the gym are Hollywood's elite, ranging from actors, politicians, even Hall of Fame wrestlers like Nate Ortiz. 

Not only do the celebrities need to get in shape, but so does Roofus Ruckusington The THOID. Roofus is wearing a blonde wig, undersized purple tank top, rainbow headband, woman's sweats and what looks like a pink sports bra underneath. His right arm is in a cast, his poorly done make up shades the bruises on his face from his untimely confrontation with the Menace from Nesquehoning last week. 

His employer Tiberius Octavius Dupree felt his excessive whining and flinching would distrupt the impeccable balance of his Betterness if he didn't rid himself of his presence. So along with Odessa Ebony, the self proclaimed Smartest Wrestler in OCW, they were sent on a special assignment from the Mustard King. This mission is to make Nate Ortiz's life a living hell.

Odessa isn't wearing a ridiculous disguise, as she doubts Nate will recognize her dressed as a commoner. As she practices her educated feet on the punching bag held by Roofus, they breakdown their gameplan.

Odessa: When he comes out, I want you to go in the Men's locker room and do as I planned.

Roofus: But, but but 'Dessa I'm a woman.

Roofus attempts to make a provocative pose, Odessa in turn kicks the bag extra hard, nearly knocking him to the ground.

Odessa: You don't look like a woman whatsoever, you look like a homosexual pedophile who got his arm broken for touching the wrong kid. 

He immediately begins to start whining and grabbing his arm.

Odessa: Stop sniveling, God your incorrigibly dim witted. Tell me I don't have to repeat myself, you know what to do?

Roofus nods in approval.

Odessa: Do you know the combination to his locker?

Roofus: Roothus know EVERYTING 'bout Nate, EVERYTING!

Odessa: I'm sure you do, now there he goes, hurry up!

Just as she says that, Nate walks by towards the heavy weights and strength equipment. He doesn't even turn to look their direction. Odessa tosses Roofus a black gym bag and shoes him along limping toward the locker room.

Luckily there's only one person inside the Men's locker room talking on his smart phone. Roofus tries to creep passed but trips over the bench, the man still pays him no mind. He finally reaches Nate's locker. He caresses the locker like it's Nate himself, takes a deep breath.

Roofus: Roothus sorry Nate, Roothus so sorry...stupid stupid mean Mista.

After he opens the locker Roofus pulls Nate's gym bag and replaces it with his black gym bag, closes the locker and returns back to Odessa.

Odessa: You didn't screw up did you.

Roofus slowly shakes his head with the most disappointing face you can imagine. Odessa just continues kicking and kicking . About an hour and a half later, we see Nate return sweaty and fatigued to his locker. The camera pans inside the locker room, just as Nate opens his gym bag, only to realize it's hundreds wallet sized pictures of Tiberius Dupree cracking his classic half smile. Nate goes livid and slams the gym bag on the locker as the pictures go flying everywhere as we fade.



James Rose vs Sampson Paradise



The camera pans backstage to Stacy Clark. Stacy is on her way to see Guy Fausto. Just as Stacy is making her way up the hall, she sees steam coming out of one of the doors. The door is slightly open. Stacy is concerned so she walks towards the door.

Stacy Clark: “Hey is everything ok in there?”

You can hear what appears to be screaming. Stacy Clark walks in. The steam is coming from the bathroom so Stacy makes her way towards the bathroom. She pops her head around the door.

Voice: (Screams) “All my ex's live in Texas!”

The camera pans into a man that is in the shower, you can see his butt cheeks through the shower glass… Just as Stacy is about to move back she trips pushing the door open. The shower just stops as the man opens the shower door. Stacy looks in horror. The man is none other than Sid Harrison.

Sid Harrison: “What in the bloody hell are you doing in here?”

Sid Harrison is very quick to grab a towel, he fixes himself up.

Stacy Clark: “I… I saw steam; I thought it might have been a fire. I... I... I’m sorry.”

Sid Harrison: “You don’t have to make up any stories Stacy. I can tell you’re horny but there is a thing called knocking.”

Stacy Clark really looks horrified.

Sid Harrison: “So is this how you do all your interviews in OCW?”

Stacy Clark: “I was on my way to see Guy Fausto when I saw steam coming out of the door. Like I said I really thought there was a fire and your singing by the way… Do you want to know what the difference is between you and a lawn mower?

Sid Harrison: “?”

Stacy Clark: “You can tune a lawn mower Sid.”

Sid Harrison: “I have won awards with my voice thank you very much and how dare you! You’re supposed to be an interviewer, not coming into my shower room and making jokes.”

Stacy Clark: “Look I am going to go!”

Sid Harrison: “Look Stacy, you’re here with OCW’s newest and hottest property. Why don’t you do an interview about my match and how I took apart Justin Raze two weeks ago! You could even ask me about my match tonight with Jookie and how badly I am going to beat that guy!!!”

Stacy Clark: “From where I was watching, it was a very close match and what you did to Justin Raze and Jookie Marley last week was unnecessary.” 

Sid Harrison: “Unnecessary? I did everyone a favour last week. No one wanted to watch Justin Raze in action and tonight… Jookie…

Sid Harrison’s towel drops to the floor. Stacy just stares at Sid’s junk. Sid Harrison looks embarrassed. 

Stacy Clark: “Urgh… I am just going to leave now. Bye.”

Stacy leaves Sid Harrison’s locker room.

Stacy Clark “I need to see Guy Fausto about having some therapy after that.”