OCWFED.com Presents Riot




We're backstage in the OMG locker room, it's just Tiberius Dupree, the FI Winner Dimsmore and his #1 freak, Lacey Love. The three are in a heated discussion about Dimsmore's attack on Tibby's bodyguard Roofus, after being jumped by Ari's Boys on Riot last week.

Dimsmore: He was standing there with that "Punch Me In My Face" look, he was laughing inside I could hear it.

Dupree: So you beat the living piss out of him like he was Carlos Cruz Jr., freaking Jesus, you broke his arm. I had to send him all the way across the country just so I wouldn't have to hear his excessive whining. Everytime he sees you, he immediately craps his damn pants...

Dimsmore: He got it easy compared to Cruz. Now do you got my back out there tonight or what?

Lacey: Yeah, you got my Dimmy's back?

Tibby looks at Lacey like she doesn't even remotely belong in this conversation. Lacey continues to twirl her hair and rapidly chew on her gum.

Dupree: Wow I didn't even know you were intelligent enough to gather enough thoughts to form a complete sentence. Good for you Lacey, good for you!

Dimsmore gets directly in Tibby's face, before Lacey does.

Dimsmore: You should have had my back last week, but your off playing homewrecker while I get jumped by KD and Mugen.

Dupree: Homewrecker? Nate wrecked OUR home first. His stupid wife turned on her own father, Nate stuck his nose where it didn't belong costing me my precious, and not to mention he hosted 350 when OMG should have been hosting. This is our house damn it!

Dimsmore is more on edge than ever, and just stares through Tibby.

Dupree: But of course I have your back Dims, what are friends for!

Dimsmore just nods and storms out the room as Lacey skips behind after him when we fade.


Previously Recorded

The camera pans around and we see the famous St. Louis Arch in the background. The camera continues to pan and everyone sees that the camera is showing a beautiful park below the arch itself.

The camera zooms out and a lone figure is seen setting at a table wearing shorts, a white t-shirt and a slightly zipped jacket over it. As the camera begins to get closer the familiar face of rising OCW superstar Justin Raze is recognized. The camera man sets down across from Raze and Raze stares into the camera

Raze: Your all here because you want to hear what I have to say. What I have to say about people saying that I'm thirsty, saying that I'm not ready for that higher level, and some people that don't really take me seriously and think I need to be something, or better yet, to be come something that I am not.

Raze: If eagerness and searching for and grasping opportunities is being thirsty, than yes, I'm damn well thirsty! I mean, what superstar doesn't search for opportunities? That opportunity to take their game to the next level, their opportunity at proving that their the best, their opportunity at getting a title shot. Isn't this something that every superstar wants to do, no matter what the cost?

Raze reaches down under the bench and comes back up with a water bottle and unscrews the cap and takes a drink and sets it on the table.

Raze: When I first started here at OCW I had my problems. I ran to much in matches, I would pick people up right after doing a move, and I would try at every chance to try to do a move on someone, didn't matter what it was. That's where I got that 'thirsty' nickname and it stuck for quite a while.

Raze: Now though, I have controlled my running, I'm better about controlling myself and I'm more careful about moves and I don't try and get in the middle of everything. So, if you ask me, the thirst in this case has been clenched, but the thirst for opportunity is still strong.

Raze: I want the opportunity for the higher level so instead of people saying that I'm not ready...let me prove them wrong and show them that I am. I want to take a chance and take an opportunity. Whether it may be getting a shot at something or just facing some at the top of the roster I am ready for an opportunity like that.

Raze looks away from the camera for a moment, staring at the Arch for a long period of time and then looks back at the camera.

Raze: I also want this opportunity to show the people that don't take me as a serious competitor that their dead wrong and I want to rub it in their faces! I honestly don't care what they think but a man can only take so much! I've been on the bench to long and I'm ready to go in and show them that I'm Varsity material!

Raze: Enough of that though but there is one other thing I want to address.

Raze: People are saying that I need to show who I am, that I need an angle, a story, a gimmick or something. But..my response is..what's wrong with who I am? Why should I need to change? Just because someone doesn't think that I'm good enough? Hell no! I didn't fight and struggle to get to where I am to give into Peer Pressure for this to happen.

Raze: If they don't want me to be me, well, that's their problem, not mine!

Raze: Anyway, I'm ready to step up, show people what I'm made of and maybe get in a bit of trouble a long the way. Well, who am I kidding, that always follows in this kind of business, no matter what path you take it seems.

Raze: After Summercide I've got my eye on something, something shinny, but I won't say who for now, that would ruin the excitement! Just wait to see what happens folks!

Raze smiles into the camera and gets up and walks towards the entrance of the park as the segment fades out.

He's after something shinny!

Shinny? I hope he dies in the ring

You're very unpleasant



"Triple Threat"

KD vs Tibby vs Dimsmore


???: You honestly didn't think you were getting out of here with that stunt you pulled last week, did you?

We find ourselves in a dark, dank room lit by a single fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling. The cement walls are cracked and filthy, and the shadows of two men are seen in the room. One in a uniform, the other with an unkempt man in a jumpsuit.

As the light flickered brighter, we can see that our glorious villain continues his struggle against the white man, who continued to oppress him in his unfair prison system. THis particular white man's name was Officer Roland Ramirez, serving as Matsuda's counselor.

Ramirez: At this rate, you won't make it to Wrestlution this year, you know.

Matsuda doesn't look the officer in the eyes, brooding to himself quietly before he spoke.

Matsuda: Don't patronize me, you white devil. I'll have you know that despite your conspiracy against me, I will soon overcome! I am the glorious dear leader! The villain!

Ramirez: But I'm…

Matsuda: I don't care! Why have you brought me here!?

Ramirez: Well I've seen you've taken quite an interest to prisoner 673240...

Matsuda: Me thinks you thinks too much!

Ramirez: Well Mr. Matsuda… As your advisor, I'd like to warn you to stay away from him… He's not what you think.

Matsuda: So wait… You brought me here to tell me not to do something?

Ramirez: Yes.

Matsuda: Knowing good and well that I will do the opposite out of protest?

Ramirez: Well… uh...

Matsuda: Understanding that the villain will not be controlled?

Ramirez: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

Matsuda: That's what I thought.

Matsuda stands up, his cuffs jingling as he does so.

Matsuda: Am I free to go?

Ramirez nods and Matsuda exits the room. The scene fades.