OCWFED.com Presents Riot




Stacey Clark sees K.Dangelo walking to his lockeroom and stops him

Stacey Clark : 
K.D what are thoughts on tonights triple threat match ?

K.Dangelo turns toward Stacey with a smile

K.Dangelo : 
What are my thoughts ? Did you see what happened .I am The Alpha ! I hope OMG realizes that for every action there is a reaction. My reaction will get you hurt ,real bad .Dimsmore I'm coming for that FI briefcase and your soul!
Get ready boy !



He's angry Al!

He's always angry. Show me a day KD hasn't been angry!

I don't think I can. Its main event time



A-Team vs Mugen/Pugh


Fin.... Not really, scroll down























As Pugh gets to his feet after claiming the winning pin, the fans pop big for the main event. Pugh raises his hand and turns around to see where Mugen has got to. As he spins, Mugen flattens him with a


Mugen leaps to his feet and places a foot on the prone Paul Pugh, flexing his muscles as he's joined in the ring by his manager Ari Brookstone - and he's carrying the OCW World Title. Ari offers the title to Mugen, who gazes longingly into its faceplate, before withdrawing the gold from Mugen's gaze. He places the title belt across the fallen Champion's midriff, and Mugen's music begins to play as Riot goes off the air - both men grinning like maniacs as the scene fades.