OCWFED.com Presents Riot


The scene opens up and 2/3 of Cerberus are in the back, in their locker room where the word Cerberus on the nameplate on the door seems to be marked out with black marker and written over with the word "BUFFNESS". Leon's sitting down in a chair against the wall and Cody's pacing around the room.

Leonheart: "I can't believe he has the guts to come out and say something like that to us! This is a team, WE built this, not just him. And to blame us for his loss a couple of weeks ago is nuts."

Cody stops pacing and turns to face Leon.

Cody Storm: "I mean, I guess he could say we threw him off his game just a tad bit, it's not every day your two teammates make surprise returns."

Leonheart: "If anything he should have gotten a bit of a boost from that."

Cody Storm: "It doesn't really matter any which way, what matters is that we should all be on the same page here. Sean has another shot at the International Championship, you are The Hardcore Champion, and come 'Cide we'll be adding two more belts to the collection."

Leonheart: "Yeah.... about that, the crowd brought up a good point. You don't exactly work here right now, what are we doing about that?"

Cody puts his finger to his lips.

Cody Storm: "Shhhhhhh..... They don't know that!"

Leonheart: "No, actually, I'm pretty sure everyone knows it."

Cody Storm: "Well DAMN! I'll just have to rely on history to repeat itself. Once upon a time I stuck my nose in a former OCW veterans business and got a Riot contract out of it. Who's to say it won't happen again? Or, like I said last week, there's always lightning bolts and oblivion. Personally, I like that option best, it's like free human-sticks!"

Leonheart: "Human=sticks?"

Cody sits down beside Leon nodding his head.

Cody Storm:
 "Yeah, they're kind of like fish-sticks, except the legality of consuming them is a little bit more of a gray area kind of thing...."

The camera pans else where as the crowd cringes at the thought of being turned into fried human-gefilte fish.


(Pre-Recorded Segment) 
The scene opens up in the catering area earlier in the day at the arena. We find OCW World Heavyweight Champion Paul Pugh sitting at a table with a big smile admiring his championship belt. He suddenly stops looking as pleased and looks up.

 What do you want?

The camera turns to reveal the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Mugen standing across the table with K'Dangelo next to him as well.

Mugen: Ehhh, not much old sport. Just wanted to let you know that you should just follow my lead tonight.

Mugen takes a seat right next to Pugh as KD remains standing. Mugen begins to admire the belt as well but Pugh turns it away from him.

Pugh: I'm not fond of what you did last week during my match.

Mugen: Well, I'm sorry........that I'm not sorry about that little distraction. A true champion would have been focused on his match.

Mugen reaches for the belt again but Pugh pulls it away from him and puts it over his shoulder. He has a smirk on his face as he pats the belt.

Pugh: You are not taking this from me at Summercide.

Mugen starts acting sarcastically insulted and starts acting as if he's disappointed.

Mugen: My goodness, Pauly P, I am shocked and appalled. What do you take me for? A title mongering thirsty excuse of a human being?

KD snickers to himself as he mutters "thirsty" under his breath.

Mugen: Let's just worry about tonight, champ. We are tag team partners for the first and I swear to god, I hope, the last time ever. Just follow....

Pugh: I will follow no one's lead. If anything you should follow me, I'm the best this company has to offer. I am the champion, which means I am the face of the company, which means I'm better than you.

Mugen looks very uninterested and starts mimicking Pugh.

Mugen: Blahblahblah best wrestler blahblahblah paper champion blahblahblah Pugh has the ugliest face in the company.

Pugh gets up out of his seat and pushes Mugen back. KD jumps in between the two as Mugen begins laughing.

KD: You listen to him tonight little man.

Pugh: Don't you have a match you have to worry about tonight. A match where you are going to get your ass handed to you?

KD: Man, listen. I ain't got nothing to worry about. Them fools won't know what even hit em. Believe that.

Mugen gets up from his seat and gets in Pugh's face.

Mugen: It's a tag team match, and tag team wrestling is something I know much more about than you. So follow my lead tonight, or else.

Pugh: Or else what?

Mugen: You'll see. Let's get out of here KD.

Mugen and KD walk away from Pugh as the scene fades to black.


Hmm nothing. They are CERBERUS


Shortly following the match Justin Raze is seen escorting Jookie Marley to the OCW Medical Room.

 Look, I'm sorry that you have gotten involved in this, I mean, Harrison was just coming after me and now he thinks he needs to try and hurt you and your career as well. Speaking of that, I really think you need to have the doctor take a look at you.

 NO I don't need a doctor, and I didn't ask for a bodyguard. After all this mess i been through last week, somebody got to get hurt.

 It's up to you Marley but I won't hold it against you if you don't go.

Marley pushes past Raze, and walks out the Medical Room. Raze grabs his shoulder and turns him back around.

And I'm not your bodyguard. I'm just saying we both need to watch out for this Harrison guy. He seems so determined to honor this Aries guy, which still makes me wonder why he wants to be like that janitor that I met a couple of weeks ago named Aries. I mean, if that's what he is going for I can just get him a mop, a bucket, and all the wet floor signs that he can dream of if that's who he wants to be like.

Well if you didn't know, allow me to fill you in. I'm not a team kind of guy. You wanna know why? Go hunt down Smythe or go ask K. Roidgelo. Since Darkside crumbled, I roll by myself.

 Well since Harrison seems to have it out for the both of us I thought we should watch each others backs. It seems like a good idea to me to watch out for each other since we seem to be both getting targeted by the same guy, wouldn't you say?

 You know what...I'll try the team thing again. But once Harrison is done, this partnership is over.

 Alright we will play nicely with each other while we are dealing with Harrison but.....if you try to...say...double cross me...you will be sorry Marley. Remember that!

The same goes for you, and make sure you remember that guy!

Raze gives Marley a cold stare and then turns and walks down the hallway, leaving Marley leaning against the wall.


Tobin Frost is seen preparing for his match with Sean McGee. He looks to be doing some high jumps as the camera pans around. Tobin stops after a few jumps and looks to be pumped for his match. After defeating the OCW Champion Paul Pugh in a hard fought contest he looks hopeful but still knows that he has a long way to go to reach his goals. As he begins to stretch a little more Sean McGee walks up. The two stare at each other. It is easy to see that there is no love lost from the last time these two were face to face at Wrestlution 8. There is no handshake the two just look at each other.


McGee: Tobin…

The two continue to stare at each other. You could cut the tension with a knife. After a few moments Tobin decides to speak up because the two could stand there and posture for days.

 Look, tonight I’m going out there to drop you on your head. You know the deal, we’ve done this same dance three times before. It’s been a few months but nothing has changed since the last time we met in that ring. I still don’t like you or the way you go about things. But at the end of the day I respect you. You fought it straight and took my best shot at Wrestlution. You walked out the winner that night and I shook your hand. But if you’re coming here for that now it’s not happening. While you’ve been riding high up until the last few weeks I’ve been getting undercut at every step and struggling to make it. I may respect you Sean but like I said I’m going out there tonight to hurt you.

McGee - I'm not here to wish you good luck or shake your hand Tobin ... I came by to tell you to stay out of my way !!! Trance had something to do with getting this match set up and I'm gonna make sure he regrets it !!! But make no mistake after I take care of him i'll be coming for you !!! 

Tobin gives McGee a cold stare . 

McGee - By the way , the way I do things gets results ... hows that goodie goodie thing workin out for you ?!?!

Tobiin: I’ll see you in the ring.

Tobin walks past McGee leaving the former NA champion to admire his arms as the scene fades.



Special Referee Jacob Trance

Sean McGee vs Tobin Frost



What Scaggs? WHAT? A SHOCKER?

It wasn't a shocker.



The scene opens the trademark bright yellow and white striped awnings and red brick store front of what could only be described as the upper echelon of Memphis's eateries,"Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken".

Sat amongst Tennessee's consouers of country culinary cuisine the greezy "Jew lawyer"of Online Championship Wrestlings' A-Team Mr.Greenberg meticulously sorts the documentation spread across the red and white table cloth with the same dumbfound and distraught look that comes with Greeny's clientele. 

Impatiently Greeny sits amongst the obese balding bigots and the stench of steaming hot styrofoam plates of crispy fried chicken and baked beans endless emptying TracFone after TracFone from his Aramani suit jacket pockets in between compulsive checks of his Movado. 

The feint ring-a-ling from the tiny gold bell positioned above the entrance to eatery cues the arrival of yet another customer to the surprisingly bustling business.

Greeny stiffens up from his stuporous slouch of cellphones, chicken and paperwork on the sight of his client not in any mindset to test his unpredictability. 

The war tested demeanor of the militant minded Herschel "Hannibal D." Dunny precedes the man like the sweet smell of watermelon flavored "Prime Time" sending a instinctual ripple of silence rolling through the restaurant.

Humungous Mrs.Higgins stops mid baked potato with a combination of gooey cheddar and sour cream protruding from each corner of her monstrous mouth.

Dirty Mikey pauses his poultry pilfering of the unattended neighboring patrons plates with his trouser pockets only packed to half capacity.

Hannibal's maniacal militant march methodically concludes at the table of The A-Teams legal adviser and council, Mr.Greenberg.

Hannibal sits smoldering "Prime Time" still clenched in between the grit of his canines ash cascading where it may between chews. 

Mr.Greenberg: Herschel... Jesus Christ... I haven't heard from yourself,Murdock, Gibbs or Escobar since that Pittsburg incident in the basement.

Mr.Greenberg: Now just listen to me for a moment Herschel, just give me five minutes.

Mr.Greenberg: I know what happens when you start cutting me out and things are getting quiet. 

Mr.Greenberg: I don't know if we can beat another case let alone three Herschel.

Hannibal removes what remains of his" Prime Time" snub depositing it directly into Greeny's diet cola and proceeding to ignite a replacement. 

Mr.Greeberg:I know what your capable of and Baracus is as crazy as a bed bug... We both know the man is a bonafide killer... I once witnessed him throw his female passenger from a moving vehicle.

Mr.Greenberg: This is way too public,your going to have to get them to reconsider as well Herschel. Think about allllllll Murdock's children for a moment... Think about Baracus's (at a lose for words) ..................Customers.

Mr.Greenberg: My hands are tied Herschel, your going to have to go to plan B or C or even D 

Hannibal's old leathery faced facade is all the reprimandation Greeny requires quickly recoiling back to his role.

Mr.Greenberg: My advice take the hefty pay day Herschel... The two "Busters" are asking for it...More money for you, more money for me, the more money we'll see.