OCWFED.com Presents Riot



The shenanigans of Odessa and Roofus continue from yesterday, it's early in the evening, and we're at ArcLight Movie Theater in LA. just as the kids movie "Planes" concludes and the lights come back on. Normally the credits immediately begin to roll but instead this video clip begins to play...


Before the video finishes, we pan to the projection room, to reveal Odessa and Roofus arguing because Roofus is insisting that Nate should sign his cast. A few moments later the camera pans to a family of three exiting the movie theater. It's no other than Nate Ortiz, Tiffany Ortiz-Sensation and their 5 year old daughter Bailey.

Nate: Again with the Dupree stuff. Did I tell you my gym bag was replaced with a bag of that fools pictures and now this. This is supposed to be our time to relax and I’m still stuck seeing his face. I want to k…

Tiffany looks at Nate sternly and he stops realizing that he doesn’t want to say anything like that around his daughter Bailey.

 It’s ok it was just a video, he’s not here so it’s nothing to worry about. You aren’t going to get back in the ring and at the end of the day he’s the one who screams to be what you are every time you walk into an OCW room. So forget about him and lets enjoy this family night. We’ll go and have some dinner.

Nate just nods, still a little red with anger he looks at his wife and daughter and the anger quickly fades. The family of 3 walks away holding hands as the video cuts to black.




Stacey Clark walks up to Justin Raze, just outside the locker room

Clark: Justin, mind a quick word?

Raze: No problem Stacey.

Clark: What do you have to say about last week, mainly Harrison ruining your match and then you two brawling in the back?

Raze: Well, I am pissed at the guy because that could have been a great match!

Raze: He thinks just because he beat me in one match he is the better man and he seems to forget that I whipped him for 99% of that match and he got incredibly lucky at the end of that match.

Raze: As far as afterwards go, I have no regrets about what happened. I have to show that I mean business, especially when someone interferes with my career.

Clark: Any thoughts on tonight's match of Harrison vs Jookie?

Raze: I expect it to be a good one and I'll be watching it closely, just to make sure Harrison plays fair. And if he doesn't I'll be...close by.

Raze turns and walks into the locker room and closes the door behind.




Harrison vs Marley


An epic there!

Oh you card.


Backstage at RIOT we come across Jacob Trance signing autographs for some young fans, even posing with them, allowing them to proudly wear his North American championship for photographs. A few parents take out some money, intending to pay for the service, however Jacob shakes his head.

Jacob Trance:
 "Nah, you guys have already paid me more than enough in support. Enjoy the show and if you want you can always e-mail me at J.Trance@OCWfed.com, I'll make sure to reply."

Kid: "Thanks Mr. Trance."

Jacob Trance: "Call me Jacob, now run along or you'll miss the start of the show."

The kid goes to run away still with the belt on his shoulder, causing Jacob to laugh.

Jacob Trance:
 "Hey! I kind of need that!"

The child returns, reluctantly handing the belt over as Jacob ruffles his hair making the youth smile before he goes running off.

Jacob sighs and goes to turn away, only to be absconded by Jim Black and his inane questioning.

Jim Black: "Ah! There you are! You were supposed to be in the interview room twenty minutes ago."

Jacob begins to explain but Jim simply talks over him.

Jim Black:
 "Time is wasting, so Jacob, why the sudden change in attitude?"

Jacob Trance: "What? You're just going to start now? Um... I just... Can't do it anymore, you might say I suddenly developed a conscience."

Jim Black: "And how is your relationship with your mom now?"

Jacob smiles a little and looks away.

Jacob Trance:
 "As rocky as ever, even she thinks its all an act, but I've been on the road for so long now and it wears on you, maybe that's why I've been such a bastard, leaving my heart at home."

Jim Black: "And, that's the next question Jacob, is it all an act? Are you trying to garner popularity to break out of what you referred to on your blog as 'mid-card hell?'"

Jacob screws his face up, seemingly annoyed before he manages to laugh it off.

Jacob Trance:
 "Oh, it's not an act, I'm sure McGee wants you all to believe that, but this is real, this is true, this is me and it's a decision I'm going to stand by."

Jim Black: "And are you going to call it down the middle this evening?"

Jacob Trance: "Of course. No matter what Sean says, no matter what Sean does, I'll be fair, I'll be impartial. There's this thing, called conflict of interest and I have no dobut Sean would love to play that card to have me stripped of my North American title, which would then, due to martial law, which seems to be running this place, would fall into his possession again. He can add fuel to the fire, and as for getting out of the mid-card, I'm not bitter, I just see them for what they are."

Jim Black: "And anything else?"

Jacob Trance: "Hey Sean, September 1st, San Diego, I'm going to beat the buff out of you."

At that, Jacob holds up his North American championship as the camera fades.


Not a half hour after leaving ArcLight Theater yesterday evening we see Roofus and Odessa enter into a small diner portraying a dating couple. Roofus is still dressed like a female, but this time, he's wearing a sunflower dress and sandles. Which leaves Odessa to wear the pants in the relationship. She has a penciled in mustache, a rustic fedora, sunglasses and at leisure suit.

As Odessa and Roofus check in, the camera pans to the other side of the diner to reveal the Ortiz family. Nate's back is to the door as he cuts up his daughter's food into small chunks. Tiffany on the other hand immediately notices the oddball couple as the enter. She raises an eyebrow but refocuses on her family.

Roofus and Odessa get seated on the other side of the diner in prime view of the Ortiz family. Tiffany continues to glance in their direction as she enjoys dinner with her family. Just as their meal finishes up, Nate excuses himself to the Men's room. Within a couple of seconds a waiter comes to her table with a glass.

Waiter: Excuse me Miss, but the gentleman over there, well I think it was a gentleman over there, insisted I give you this glass of 151 Bocardi on his tab.

Tiffany: You take that back, you take that back right now. Pour it down the sink, drink it I don't care, just get it away from this table, and give us our check!

The waiter is immediately taken back.

Waiter: My apologies Miss, right away.

The waiter rushes off to go get the check, just as Nate appears back at the table.

Nate: Is everything okay, what's that look on your face?

Tiffany: I'm fine honey, I just sent for the check.

A few moments later the Ortiz family starts to leave the diner, but before they all leave Tiffany stops her husband.

Tiffany: I forgot to leave a tip, bring Bailey to the car, I'll be right there.

Nate doesn't argue and takes his daughter to the car. Tiffany didn't forget to leave a tip, she's instead heading right for Roofus and Odessa's table. She get's right in Odessa's face...

Tiffany: What the hell are you two trying to do?!


Odessa begins to speak but a fuming Tiffany cuts her off.

 Hold it b**** I’m talking right now. I know that Tibby sent you here to do his dirty work because he’s not man enough to do it himself. But I’m not going to stand for it. The pictures and the videos were cute. But that drink crossed the damn line. I want to make two things very clear to you and you two can take this information back to Tiberius.

Odessa tries to speak again but is met with Tiffany’s hand to her face.

 One, if I see either of you around my family again I will have your jobs. And you won’t be able to find another one anywhere in this business. Two you are not going to push Nate to get back in the ring. That ship has sailed. You know what I lied I have one more thing to tell you. Don’t f*** with my good nature. You don’t mess with my family. If I see you again not only will I have your jobs, but I will kick your asses.

Tiffany storms past a stunned Odessa and Roofus as she makes her way back to Nate.