OCWFED.com Presents Riot





Live from Albuquerque, New Mexico


Good Evening Ladies and Germs...We are live on the final Riot of the season... welcome to New Mexico.






We pan backstage to the official Overness Meets Greatness locker room. Their locker room is no ordinary locker room, it has everything an Ambition Original would need, a Dale Ernsmore Punching Bag, a Ron Northgate bobble head, a Frank "Garden of" Eden aquarium which houses Pato's pet turtle, and a purple miniature bouncy bouncy with an OMG logo plastered on the side.

In the far corner of the locker room, Patolomai and Matsuda sit Indian style exchanging benevolent proverbs and quotes from their homelands.

Patolomai: Gather the breadfruit from the farthest branches first.

Matsuda: The Way of Harmony, blends with the energy of the attacker, redirecting it to peaceful resolution.

Patolomai: The person who has burned their fingers often asks for tongs.

Matsuda: Instead of being afraid of the challenge and failure, be afraid of avoiding the challenge and doing nothing. 

On the otherside of the room, Lacey Love is giving OUR Future Investment a tender massage. No matter now hard she presses, I don't think Dimsmore would ever relax. The Menace and OMG's #1 Freak talk briefly about his match tonight.

Lacey: First the Future Investment. Now we are one step away from becoming the #1 contender for the North American title as well. Myyyyyy Dimmy is on a roll. 

Dimsmore (Shaking his head): Must you call me that???

Lacey: Yes cause it's the truth. You are Myyyyyy Dimmy. 

Dimsmore (To himself): Please god, shoot me now.

The camera then pans this time to Roofus and Tibby standing in front of the door.

Roofus: Roothus not goin' in, he's gonna break me other arm.

Dupree: He's not going to break your arm...he said he was sorry...isn't that right Dims.

Dimsmore looks at Tibby with the most unapologetic face a man could possibly have. Tibby looks at his phone to answer a text just as Dimsmore motions to Roofus that he will break him in half with his hands. By the time Tibby looks up again, Dimsmore has the same unapologetic expression.

Dupree: See Roofus he's sorry, now stop being a titerus and get inside.

Roofus: NO!

Dupree: Don't make me zap you, because you know I will.

Roofus: Roothus don't care, NO!

Dupree: Okay, don't say I didn't warn you.

Tibby presses a button on his device and Roofus immediately gets zapped and falls to the floor. Junichiro and Jurai, Matsuda's Japanese Announcers drag him into the room. The camera then pans back over to Matsuda and Pato for more anicdotes before we fade to commercial.

Matsuda: The past can be changed by the future.

Patolomai: The grasshopper flies about, but the kingfisher watches him.

Matsuda: Screw this, I'm going to play GTA…

Matsuda leaves the serene scene of meditation and goes per to his television screen where he fires up his XBOX.

Patolomai: Ahhhh, But the careless fish will always be eaten by the shark.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Pato is a much nicer person these days.

He's a 400lb wrecking ball Scaggs, don't let his lightness on his feet fool you. He'll eat your face.

That's may be, but lets move on




Ghede vs TJ Stevens


The scene opens up with Stacy Clark sitting backstage in a large room set up for The Clark Effect. Stacy is surrounded by a full squad of OCW Security who have been brought in just for the occassion.

Stacy: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest. The Emperor of The Enzuguri, Mugen

The camera moves to the right where Mugen is seen sitting with a big smile on his face. He waves for the camera.

Mugen: Hello OCW Universe, it is I, The Emperor of the Enzuguri and your future Hardcore Champion.

Stacy: Let's get right down to business, how confident are you going into your match on Riot with the Hardcore Champion Sid Harrison.

Mugen: Extremely confident. He's an unproven commodity and I am the inventor of Extreme Strong Style. So in my eyes, this title is already mine.

Mugen flashes another big smile for the camera.

Stacy: You seem really relaxed this week.....that is....

Mugen: I am very relaxed. Why wouldn't I be? I have another opportunity at gold and I am as confident as I could ever be.

Stacy: Well, your actions as of late......I didn't think you would be this calm.

Mugen: Stacy, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Yes, I had quite an incident a few weeks ago when I walked out on Riot. But ever since, I have been just fine.

Stacy: You are trying to tell me that you had nothing to do with the people that were being attacked and hospitalized backstage last week?

Mugen gives Stacy a look of disappointment

Mugen: Now come on, how could you believe that I was the person responsible for such heinous attacks last week.

Stacy: Well all the notes and signs from the attacks pointed right to you.

Mugen starts laughing and almost goes into tears.

Mugen: Really? Anybody could have written those notes Stacy, what makes me so much different from any of the other wrestlers on this roster?

Stacy: Well, with my investigative reporting I have found out a bit about your background before wrestling......and it seems that you were involved with organized crime activities back in Japan.

Mugen suddenly stops smiling and he suddenly has a stone cold look on his face.

Mugen: You, Stacy. Should not have done that. You should have just kept that to yourself.

Mugen jumps out of his seat and slaps the note cards out of Stacy's hands and looks at her right in the eyes. The security squad jump right in between him and Stacy. He looks at all of them and start laughing again. He puts his hands up to tell them to move back as he sits back down in his seat.

Mugen: Stacy Stacy Stacy. I will tell the OCW Universe about my past. Not you. I was a punk, a thug, a street soldier who worked for people that you did not want to mess around with. People in some of the upper portion of the organized crime food chain. Sending people to the hospital was a job. It was done to send a message. Just like what I did last week.

Stacy: So you did....

Mugen: Don't you interrupt me woman. I did attack those people. I did it to make a point that I am NOT one to f*** around with. I will hurt you and I will hurt you bad. And I think I am about to make my next point right.......NOW!

Mugen jumps out of his seat and jumps right at Stacy Clark grabbing her by her shirt. The security force attempt to help but Mugen grabs Stacy by the head and turns her around putting him in front of him.

Mugen: Whoa whoa whoa there guys. You don't want me to do anything crazy would you. I mean it is your job tonight to protect her, wouldn't it look bad if you couldn't do your job.

???: It's funny you say that... Security been taking on a lot of extra jobs as of late...

All the members of the Security Force look at the back of their pack. One of the members who has been wearing a helmet with a face mask steps up to the front.

???: Your little game, the lies, framing me... It all ends, let the girl go, and try and make good on your threats.

The member of the security force takes off his helmet to reveal that it was Jacob Trance who was in disguise the whole time. Mugen throws Stacy to the side as Trance starts charging at him. The two brawl for what seems like eternity until Mugen shoves Trance away. The two get up quickly and stare down each other.

Mugen: This is not the end Trance!

Mugen storms out of the room as he starts laughing maniacally. The scene fades to black with the camera focused on Jacob Trance.