OCWFED.com Presents Riot





Coming up next we have our Main Event of the evening... but before that, we have our World Champion standing by in the ring...

a God... Better than this, ego that.... I'm sick of this cunt. I hope he gets squashed at S2... 9 Year anniversary.

I can only apologise for my partner's outburst... lets take it to the ring.


Pugh is standing in the ring looking jittery, as if he's been up for days. He's holding a microphone and he's clutching his World Title belt to his shoulder.


Pugh: It's not as much fun being on this end... Horrible infact. See, I can deal with the schmucks who come at me every week texting me they're coming for my title... yelling it into a camera... telling me they deserve to be World Champion. When it becomes crazy is when you're hit with a bolt from the blue. A left field decision... something thats... I mean... Fausto you...


Pugh pauses and looks around, shifty eyes flying all over the place.


Pugh: You know what... forget it. Bring him out...





Paul Pugh (c) vs Lucas Crowe