OCWFED.com Presents Riot



Riot cuts back and Achilles Locke, a man who hasn't been seen in some time around these here OCW parts, is standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

 "Ladies and gentlemen, it is wonderful to be back! I know that it's been a while, but I had some family issues I needed to deal with over the past few months. I decided to come back tonight and see what competition I could get myself into. But everyone was booked up, so we found a hometown hero that wants his fifteen minutes of fame. Come on out."

A man dressed in a crimson luchadore mask and tights comes down to the ring, he definitely fits the Mexican prototypical wrestler. He gets in the ring, shakes Achilles' hand, and the bell sounds...



Cody turns around from tossing Crimson out of the ring, he's howling out loud feuled with adrenaline. He points emphatically at a ring attendant to grab him a mic and once he has it he turns back to the middle of the ring.

Cody Storm:
 "I walked out of a match last Riot and straight into another one this week. GOD DAMN! It feels good to be King!"

The crowd starts to boo at Storm to the point where he has to take a small break from speaking, but he manages to continue once they tire themselves out some.

Cody Storm:
 "All week last week I expected to be hearing cries of 'why Cody, why did you walk out of the match?' or 'we need you as our Inter....I'm sorry, North American champion!' however I didn't hear any of that. But I know that can't be because you weren't thinking it, you were beside yourself with grief and just couldn't fight through the emotions in order to articulate it. I know it's because I'm just so intimidating and aweinspiring."

Cody steals a page from BUFFNESS' playbook and gets up close in the camera posing his biceps.

Cody Storm:
 "I'm going to be frank, there was only one way that last week would have proceeded had I not taken matters upon myself: with me beating K.D., going on in the tournament to win it, because lets face it, I'm head and shoulders above both Omar Gibbs and Dimsmore! I would have gone on to Trance v Cody Storm V, and much like the previous FOUR times I would have won. And after winning that belt I may as well have turned around and strapped the damn thing around my feet!

The fans boo again at the thought of disgrace to the championship, yet they don't boo the disgrace of a champion currently holding it. These fans aren't the smartest of all time.

Cody Storm: "That belt is nothing but a shackle! I was made for better things. I have proven that I'm worthy of better things. I have won, time and time again, my chance at the great OCW World Heavyweight Championship, and I'll be damned if I'm going to stand by and let the powers that be in the back belittle me by trying to say that I'm still in the North American Championship division. I had better get what I deserve, what I've EARNED, or you're all going to need to become much more accustomed to sites like these."

Cody points to the area around the ring where Achilles and Crimson are still laid out from Storm's attack. 

Cody Storm: "And Tobin Frost laying in the middle of the ring tonight when I'm done with him. Let me make it perfectly clear: I want it all and I will have it!"

Cody drops the mic to the ground and heads to the back to get prepared for his match later in the night against Tobin Frost.


He wants it all... and he wants it now!

Queen songs huh...

Freddie is spinning in his grave.





Hardcore Title

Sid Harrison(c) vs Mugen


A fight there. Are we ever going to have a Riot where this table isn't shattered?

Our talent isn't as violenty creative as it used to be Scaggs... Damn shame.


*Camera fading in backstage as $eth Irvine is pacing back in forth.*

$eth Irving: You see I was granted this time to talk to everyone about the dangers that lie in alcohol abuse. Which is a great topic but as I stand right now I have a lot of things I have to get off my chest. So going to have a little change up going on *stops walking back in forth as he looks into the camera* and to the guys in the back I have more than enough money to cover whatever fines you want to throw at me just save it and keep this rolling.

$eth Irving: Seems to be when people are about to hit rock bottom they reach out and try to grab and pull someone down who is on the way back up. Most of the time when a person hits rock bottom they look around trying to find someone, something or anything that will help them start that climb back up. Like a person who lost their job waking up first thing in the morning and busting their ass to find another job, a person who has had every obstacle thrown in his path only to keep moving forward to prove his worth, or even a man who is doing is best to overcome years and years of alcohol abuse as they fight to stay sober when it is so easy to just take one little sip and end the pain. They see these people and they see there weakness and people try to use that to help themselves.

$eth Irving: I am many of things, but I am not the kind of man who can turn a blind eye to a man who is at rock bottom trying to bring others to his level. I wish I was the kind of man that could turn the other cheek and ignore insignificant people. But you see that’s not who I am *pausing as he smiles up at the camera* I am the farthest thing from being a good guy, I am a bad guy and I will never portray myself as anything other than that.

$eth Irving: The truth is though, that yes I am a bad guy but I will not use others to help me escape a hole I dug myself into. I take responsibility for all of my actions throughout my life and I always will. But to the person out there who tries to bring me down rather you apart of this company or not I promise you this the next time my name comes out of your mouth will be your last because I will kick your damn head in

*walking out of the camera frame as it fades to black.*