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R.I.P Big Man


Salt Lake City , Utah

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Clash 2014 Theme blares.

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The Clash 2014 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Clash 2014 gets underway.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Welcome everyone to the 2014 Clash.

We have a great show tonight, we are in the Capital of Boredom Salt Lake City!

Oh will you stop, nearly every championship will be on the line tonight, with the exception of the Tag Team Championship!


The camera pans to the entrance

Download The Match Here


Leonheart is smiling ear to ear as the crowd is booing loudly.

To toy with the heart strings of you fools, it is far to simple. Too easy too easy hahahaha.

Leonheart: This seriously will never ever get old!

A we want Jaysin chant begins, this still doesn't effect Leonheart's mood.

Leonheart: Who do you want?

Leonheart puts his ear to the crowd!

The Crowd: Jaysin!

Leonheart: Who?

The Crowd: Jaysin!

Leonheart: Who?

The crowd boos!

Leonheart: You give up to easy Salt Lake, I am disappointed. Your collective stupidity not withstanding, tonight is an evening for celebration. The Clash 2014 marks a milestone in my leadership.

Leonheart: As our stock prices continue to rise, so does our collective equity. Oh I'm sorry this is Salt Lake City, let me dumb it down for you. OCW does good because of me, we make more money, I make more money, hahahahahaahah!

Leonheart: And what makes this even better is that I don't do this for you, I don't even do this for me!, I do this because it is the right thing to do!

The crowd roars in disapproval.

Leonheart: Tonight will once again cement my legacy, as one of the greatest if not thee greatest leader in OCW's illustrious history. With all roads leading to my crowning moment.
Leonheart Presents: WRESTLUTION 9!

Leonheart: A legacy unlike any other, a legacy that will be spoken about for ages to come in the annals of Online Wrestling History.

Leonheart: And nothing, or shall I say no one will stop me!

Leonheart: Say hello to my little friends!

Leonheart waves his arm towards the entrance ramp as dozens of armed guards in full blown Riot Gear swarm the stage.

Leonheart: OCW will continue to be on lockdown until a certain someone his exposed and finally purged from this organization. And with that Salt Lake, I leave you to continue running my organization into this era of prosperity!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Someone seems relieved.

You would feel at ease too if you had an army of men protecting you!

The view cuts to a camera facing down a long, nearly empty hallway. Its not long before two figures walk by, one very noticeably a woman while the other is obviously a man.

From behind, we can see they are wearing robe-like outfits and have what appear to be ears protruding from their heads, both of them covered in orange with black stripes. They are hand in hand and keep walking before suddenly stopping at a door near the end of the hall. As they open it, the camera suddenly shifts view to inside the room.

The room inside is dark, but well lit. The walls have a faint blue background with what appears to be tall green and yellow strips, as if appearing to be grass. The camera turns to show the male sitting in a chair, his robe off while he laces up a pair of boots.

On his head he dons a black and gold stripped mask with gold ears and a black beard while his singlet and boots match. The female beside him, presumably his lover, is wearing the same styled mask but is still in her blac and gold robe. They giggle a bit as they speak in another language.

? ? ? (Male): Bueno, eso es todo. Uno de los momentos más importantes de mi vida.

? ? ? (Female): Estás listo para este cambio?

? ? ? (Male): Tan listo como puedo estarlo.

The male-figure finishes tying his boots before standing up and grabbing his robe and tossing it over his shoulder. He leans down and gives his companion a kiss before smiling and speaking.

? ? ? (Male): Ahora, vamos a ver si puede encontrar a alguien que pueda ayudarme a traducir mi mensaje y dejar que todo el mundo sepa que un nuevo gato se está ejecutando la selva.

They both share a laugh and then with that, the male-figure exits the locker room through the door they entered, allowing the camera to fade into the next segment while the door shuts.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

We need subtitles!

I am just going to go to the well and say OLE!

The camera pans to the front entrance of Salt Lake's Maverick Center where the fans waiting to get into the arena to see the show are making even more noise than ever. The reason becomes clear as Cody Storm and his Wife Cherese come walking in through the front door, but they quickly come to a screeching halt.


Dr. Lindsey Rothschild Esq. MD. walks into the frame and is wagging her finger at the couple, admonishing them for God knows what.

Dr. Rothschild:
"Try it again, and this time do it right!"

Eerie Sunshine comes walking in behind the couple and doesn't escape the wrath of the head puma of the Bombshell division.

Dr. Rothschild:
"You know that emailed you all direct orders to stick together like glue until your match up tonight. Cody! One is your wife, but the other has been assigned to you by my authority. You are to keep them both with you at all times, no excuses! Now, everyone out."

All three let out the longest, most drawn out, sighs of all time. They walk back out the door with Eerie being pushed out first by Cherese. Eerie turns around and throws a punch but Cody steps in and catches it, holding her hand hostage.

Rothschild throws her arms up to the sky, surely she's been defeated by their insolence.

"You know what, fine! Get to your collective dressing room, and DO NOT touch each other or you'll all be facing fines larger than ten years worth of this country's GDP!"

The trio walks off down a hallway presumably to their dressing room. Each giving Lindsey the stink eye as they pass her. The scene fades with Dr. Rothschild shaking her head.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Cody is on Bombshell sitter Duty!

Lucky guy!


We cut to a scene outside the arena, where Betty Ford, OCW's resident rough and tumble Bombshells are out on a smoke break, greeting various people as they made their way into the building in their own unique fashion.

The first of which is OCW senior official Chip Felton.

Anna: Ay there Chipper! How about you come over here for a "near fall"? Heh! A near fall into this [inaudible] !

Anna and Eerie burst out laughing as Chip nervously slides past them, safe for now. The next unfortunate passerby is OCW cameraman Peter Sugars.

Eerie: Ayy Petey! I got something for you to film right here! This [inaudible] !!

Peter: [nervously] Uhm... ladies, I have a wife... and two kids...

Anna: No reason to be a prude!

Eerie: Yeah Petey! Why don't you come on over her and,


The gnarly duo let out a hearty chuckle, to the point where they both hack up their blackened lungs. Peter slips by unharmed. The final person to make their way into the arena is none other than Lucky O'Donnell.

Anna: Ayyy Lucky-O! Why don't you show me some of that "luck of the Irish"? Heh!

Eerie: Yeah! Show us ya "O" Face, Lucky!

Lucky seems unsure and approaches with the best of intentions.

Lucky: Shamanacomonalassala! Immanagettinaredinaforamahmatchina!

Eerie: That sounded like consent to me!

Anna: Hell yeah it did! Come on and help us get warmed up for our matches tonight!

Lucky: Uh...Immagunnahavintapassonnathatgina...

Anna and Eerie land their death grips on the arms of Lucky and drag him inside to his reckoning. The scene fades.