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Backstage is the place to be especially if your in the official OMG locker room. Nearly a half dozen scantily clad Bombshells scurry about the locker room putting on various dresses and articles of clothing.

The Bombshells range from Brandi Hostyle to Jackie Blackfoot, apparently no man jawed Bombshells are present. Sometime over the weekend OMG contacted Dr. Lindsey Rothschild Esq. M.D. for more sponsored Bombshells for The Clash. Of course she agreed, she's all about pushing her Bombshell Initiative anyway she can.

In the mist of the clusterfudge of glamor is Tiberius Octavius Dupree the Mustard King of Unrelenting Betterness and Everybody's Favorite Girl-Next-Door, Madeline Osiris.

The pair review various dress designs in a portfolio. Tibby points to a bright yellow dress with orange flames running across it. He then nods and very secure in his masculinity puts on a Karim clinic of queerness organizing the Bombshells to do his bidding.

Dupree: C'mon ladies let's get going here, I do have a match in a bit ya know.

Brandi Hostyle gives a straight edged whine.

Brandi: This show sucks...wearing dresses sucks...everything...everything just sucks..

If it couldn't get any worse the half witted Jessica Jessie chimes in.

Jessie Jess: I think this dress is for two people?!

Dupree: That's because that's not a dress sweety, those are Pato's pants.

Madeline taps Tibby on the shoulder and points to what looks like a flat chested red head. Somehow a freckled bombshell with a man jaw made it passed Tibby's inspection. As the camera zooms closer we realize it isn't a bombshell but Lucky O'Donnell.

Wearing a pink cut off belly shirt, a replica of a Sensational Battle Kilt, high stockings and penny loafers.

Lucky: Coodleboot!

The moment he realizes he's spotted he dashes for the door making sure to brush passed every bombshell inappropriately. Everyone just stares and Tibby finally breaks the silence when he addresses Madeline.

Dupree: I think I just got an idea on what dress Mugen-san will wear on Riot next week. But first I need to show him again why I am the Ultimate Undisputed Universal Champion of Undeniable Betterness, and he's just...just..well Mugen.

Tibby cracks his classic half smile, then leans in close to whisper something in Madeline's ear. She giggles then replies.

Madeline: I'll have them ready when you get back. Break a leg out there.

Madeline: His...

We fade to ringside as Tibby exits the locker room.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Is this OCW or the Bravo Network!

It's both and thats why I LOVE this place! SO FIERCE!

Up next the Bombshells are in action.

These ladies have taken OCW by storm!

Thats the bombshell initiative. Chicks who aren't models who can go! The one thing Leonhearts regime has done reigime has done right in my opinion.



Anna Mosity vs Molly

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a cop out!

I don't know what you're talking about!


Jacob sits alone in the locker room, watching the footage of his lawyer being power bombed through the table, over and over again. A little smile on his face.

Jacob: "Tobin... Tobin... Tobin... The match tonight doesn't matter, I've already won. I've shown, no, proven, that there is a darkness inside of you. That you are not this shining beacon of light, of goodness, that everyone seems to think. It's my cake, and when I beat you to retain my belt, then that'll be the cherry on top... Talk's cheap... I welcome the chase."

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Looks like the OLD Trance is back.

Old Trance is best Trance!