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After a grueling match with Mugen, still perspiring proper Betterness he enters the OMG locker room expecting everything to be adequate to his liking. It is not...

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!

In less than 20 minutes Our Villian, the Super Junior Triple Crown Champion, Matsuda has transformed the entire locker room. All the Bombshells are now dressed as female clowns. There's balloons, a large "Happy Birthday Tibby" banner hung above a large HDTV.

Instead of preparing for his match with Bobby Minio just minutes away, he's throwing his arch rival and close friend a surprise birthday party. Tibby is not happy, mainly because he hates freaking clowns. The ever pleasant Patolomai smiles beneath his tiny birthday hat passively attempting to neutralize the situation.

Tibby immediately slams the door behind him and stands in the hallway. A few seconds later Suda and Madeline come out.

Dupree: I had plans! You always ruin my freakin' plans!!

Madeline: I thought it was sweet, I didn't know it was your birthday.

Dupree: My birthday was 2 weeks ago!

Matsuda: That's why it's called a 'surprise' birthday party you pleb.

Dupree: I'm sick of you constantly disturbing the equilibrium of my betterness. Like when you ratted me out to the suits, nearly got me deported. Not to mention the handful of times you took the OMG Megabus for joyrides while I had important meeting to attend..it's always Nani this...over that...

Matsuda: Can you just shut your face for a second, gawd!

Madeline tries to calm Tibby down.

Matsuda: I know I haven't always been the best of friends, but I just want you to see something before you storm quit your life away. I promise you, this present will make up for everything. Just...

Before Suda can open the door to let Tibby back in Minami opens first screaming something in Japanese. She shoves him his championship titles and points towards gorilla.

Matsuda: Just give me a few minutes...

Our Villian heads towards gorilla while Tibby makes demands to Madeline about the clownshells as we fade.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.


It's Always Awkward when you are in O.M.G a Family!

Up next one of the biggest matches in Matsuda's Career, its Matsuda the Ex-Division Champion and Light Heavyweight Champion against the Rookie who is taking OCW by Storm the Hardcore Champion the one man Revolution Bobby Minio!

Minnow? like the fish?

No, No, like Minio. Dammit Al have you been paying attenion?

Lets take it down to ringside!


OCW Unification Bout

Ex-Division vs Hardcore Division

Emperor Eternal Matsuda vs Bobby Minio

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Good LORD!

Jiminy Christmas!


Tobin Frost stirs in the boiler room area of the arena. Meditating to the sounds of the pipes as the seconds pass pushing him closer and closer to his match with Jacob Trance.

He thinks about the position he was on this night a year ago preparing to Face Dimsmore in a match that was thought of at the time to be a slight to the former North American Champion.

Tobin the rookie who hadn’t done anything at the time was looked at as a squash match. But it turned out to be more than that, with his heart and will Tobin pushed Dimsmore further than anyone expected.

It was the turning point in Tobin’s career. Now he sits on the verge of another turning point, pushing aside his code of ethics for a vengeance by any means necessary attitude.

Tobin stands and begins to stretch, twisting left and right to loosen up his back, giving fans a first glimpse at a new singlet he’s unveiling for this match. As he continues to stretch thoughts of Jacob Trance’s narrow escape from the cage sneak into Tobin’s head.

With that the anger of the events from the past few weeks creep in as well. Tobin then begins speak these words as if trying to make himself believe they are true.

I will conquer what has not been conquered. Defeat is not in my creedI will believe what others have doubted. I will always endeavor to pull esteem, honor, and respect out of my team. I have trained my mind and my body will follow.

Tobin: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin: I will acknowledge the fact that my opponent does not expect me to win. But I will never surrender. Weakness will not be in my heart. I will look to my comrades and to those who are a part of me in this world and those who have trained me. And I will draw strength from them.

Tobin: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin: I will gladly go out into the field of battle. And I will move in everything I can do. And I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal. And when I get there, I will arrive violently. I will rip the heart from my enemy, and leave it bleeding on the ground. Because he cannot stop me!

Tobin: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin: To my side I have comrades, comrades that have been with me through thick and thin. Who have sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears. Never will I let them fall, never will I let them down, and I will never leave an enemy behind. Because our opponent does not know my heart.

Tobin: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin: No one will deny me, no one will define me. And no one will tell me who and what I am and can be. Belief will change my world. It has moved continents, it has moved countries, it has put men on the moon. And it will carry me through this battle

Tobin: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin: Defeat… retreat…: those are not in my words. I dont understand those definitions. I dont understand when things go wrong. I dont understand mistakes. But I do understand this: I understand victory, and I understand never surrendering. No matter how bad things go my heart and my mind will carry my body through limits and weakness

Tobin: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin: Today will be that day. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, right here
in your house and in your homes

Tobin: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin: History will remember me. I will not let worrying affect my cause. I will define myself
I will write my own pages and no one will tell me what I cannot be. I will never give up. Not until I’ve given everything I got

Tobin: Because who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! I AM A CHAMPION!

Tobin’s words echo through the arena as he continue yell these words, hopping on the balls of feet as he does. The camera cuts back to ring side as Tobin continues to yell, "I AM A CHAMPION!"

The Camera pans to the announce team!

This side of Tobin is down right scary.

I just peed a little, and not in a good way.