Live from the Barclays Center


The resident backstage interviewer, Stacy Clarke is walking down the halls with her cameraman a few steps behind her. She is looking down at her phone running through some questions and mouthing how she’ll ask them. A few people walk by and say hello to her, but she gives every one of them a half hearted wave like some limp Nazi salute. She turns the corner, head still down, and walks towards one of the locker room doors. She knows this place like the back of her hand so she knows exactly where she is. About three doors down, she can hear music getting louder and louder; it’s Kryptonite. She stops at the door and doesn’t even raise her head to knock but before she can, the door swings open and Stacy misses the knock, falling forward and into the chest and open arms of Jackson Montgomery.

 Well hello Ms. Clarke. I would have put a shirt and some of my finest southern cologne had I known we would find ourselves in this position.

A little red in the face and an embarrassed smile, Stacy stands up straight and adjusts her stark white blouse and black pencil skirt; her fire engine red stiletto heels make the whole thing pop. Jackson is caught staring when Stacy begins to apologize.

 I’m so sorry Mr. Montgomery. I should have been paying more attention.

Jackson: Nonsense! You feel free to do that anytime the urge arises, darlin’. And call me Jackson. Mr. Montgomery is my father/brother/uncle.

Blushing again, Stacy takes a step back before catching on to what Jackson said said. She begins to ask a question but thinks better of it. Jackson follows her into the hallway, shirtless and shoeless as usual. At least he’s got on shorts, but to be fair, you can see the pockets poking out of the bottom so more like denim underwear. She whips through her phone with quick swipes before landing on something she seems to recognize.

 The reason I’m here Jackson is to talk to you about Savage Lands, Big Ed, and the upcoming Turmoil only PPV. Following your Turmoil Title match at Savage Lands; your opponent had taken his vendetta against all things Revolution Inc. to a new level, or a new low. The OCW Universe is wondering where does the Inc. go from here?

Jackson looked to Stacy and then to the camera.

 We are all beyond disgusted with what he has become. I say ‘he’ because he doesn't deserve to have his name spoken, much like Volde...WHOA! I almost said it Stacy.

Jackson: He's nothing more than a coward. And while he came away with a win at Savage Lands, barely might I add! This ain't over. Who does he think he is? He isn’t unstoppable and he isn’t unbeatable. Sensation himself has given me one more chance to make things right. Black Sunday; a pay per view connected to the storied history of Revolution Inc. returns in two weeks. A fitting time to bring this title reign of his to an end.

Jackson points to the camera.

 This isn't just for Madison, who is doing well but not well enough. He really messed her head up. This isn't just for Revolution Inc. This is for Turmoil. I'm bringing ‘our’ original title back and restoring it to its rightful place as the standard for this brand. And if I need to go through Big Ed to put you down? Then so be it.

Jackson: Black Sunday is a game of a survival. Triple threat elimination. Three men walk in, but only one of us is left standing. Jackson Montgomery will be that man and he will make sure that he who’ll shall not be named gets what’s coming to him AND MORE!

Jackson turns around in a huff after getting worked up talking about the so called Black King and slams his locker room door in Stacy’s face. Just as it closes, it swings open again and this time, Jackson is fully dressed wearing a suit, the jacket hiding his sleeveless white button down shirt. 

 You’re still here?! Call me later muffin, we’ll have some fun.

Jackson smacks Stacy on the ass as he walks past her and leaves with a confusing look on her face.

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What scum, that was not called for!

Send out the first match please lets just get started.


It's a Match!

Shepherd vs Basil

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The camera pans to the announce team.

That rookie showed something tonight.

Yes he did.

The scene opens with the Masters of Kicking and Flipping, TKF arriving to the arena in a stretch limo . As their doors open, a cloud of smoke exits the limousine. Tripp was the first to exit, followed by his partners.

Tripp: So amped; bruh! How long has it been since we been on a show, anyway?

Kikk: Too long bruh. Toooooo long. Like my 

All: Diiiiiiiiick!

Tripp: Who do fight tonight anyway?

Kikk: No idea. Couple of nobodies.

The trio laugh as they make their into the arena.

Flipp: Because we ain't lost. This job isn't fun anymore. No one can beat us. No way no how.

Kikk: No way no how.

Tripp: Now way no how!