Live from TERMINAL 5 in NYC


This scene takes place earlier today at the hospital. Alex Robinson is sat down with bandages over her face with a ton of staples. Alex isn't happy but she looks into the camera.

Alex Robison: "On Riot, I was viscously assaulted by a crazy man with a chair."

The crowd at Terminal 5 are on their feet cheering, Alex is very displeased.

Alex Robinson: "I have had to have 6 staples put into my head because the cut was that deep."


Alex points to her forehead.

Alex Robinson: "Versus I hope you're watching. I hope you're happy with yourself for what you did."

The crowd continue to cheer.

Alex Robinson: "You like that, don't you?"

The crowd are screaming at the top of their lungs with laughter and joy.

Alex Robinson: "After Versus took me out, he went on to attack Leon. Leon has suffered a serious concussion and because of Versus, he will not be at Turmoil tonight."

There are some cheers in the crowd but the majority of the fans booo.

Alex Robinson: "Now you were all supposed to see Blake Majin, Leon and Parker fight B-17 inside the cell tonight. A lot of you may not know this but Blake has been sick for months. That has not stopped him from coming to work and wrestling for all you ungrateful swines. But being sick finally caught up with Blake. He is now in this very hospital undergoing a operation."

Alex Robinson: "So B-17, if you're watching this. It's your lucky day. Tonight's main event is cancelled."

The fans are in a uproar, some so pissed that they begin to walk away and you can see them all calling Alex.

Alex Robinson: "You people were just cheering a minute ago and now you're upset? You all got what you wanted. Willow should be by her daddy's side but out of the goodness of her heart she is here fighting for all of you."

The fans are upset. The arena was sold out for the cell match and now they're not getting it.

Alex Robinson: "You want to blame anyone for this? Blame Versus!"

Alex points to the damage Versus inflicted to Alex Robinson for the second time before the intro begins to play.


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The camera pans to the announce team.


Hello and welcome to Turmoil.

I am kinda bummed about the main event.

It sucks but I am sure Turmoil will still be a good one none the less.

Let's see what the night has instore for us all.


A few workers are hustling about the backstage area as the camera backs away from the commotion. Out of nowhere, a Greek dressed in a 5 dollar suit comes barging out of the chaos, followed by his plucky young sister. He chucks his luggage in the locker room near him and clears his throat.

Bray S. Spur: Next time you all want autographs, just download it off the Internet! It’s on there!

He trods into the locker room and flops on a chair. Ace closes the door behind her.

Bray S. Spur: Didn’t realize I had that many fans.

Ace: Me either!

Ace looks around the locker room and notices a small envelope underneath Bray’s chair.

Ace: What’s that?

Bray looks under his chair and nearly topples trying to retrieve it. The front of the envelope reads
“To our newest patient”. There is no from address. Annoyed, he tears the envelope open and sees a short letter, addressed directly to him this time.

Bray S. Spur: Blah blah you are invited to partake in a something something blah blah blah Cactus Gauge blah.. what?

Bray’s eyes widen as he reads the end of the letter.

Ace: What does it say, boy!?

Bray turns the letter to Ace and she immediately notices the words
“Doctor’s notice” and “Watering Hole” and shakes her head.

Ace: No.

Bray S. Spur: Why not?

Ace: NO.

Bray S. Spur: Why noooot?

Ace: Because the Gentleman’s Club-

Bray S. Spur: Is not my concern. Besides, Cactus is the only nice…… decent one there. This could be fun!

Bray S. Spur: I don’t know why it says “doctor’s notice” though.

Bray crumples up the paper and tosses it at a nearby trash can, missing it completely.

Bray S. Spur: What’s the worse that can happen?

Ace: You watch too much television….



The camera pans to the announce team.


That Bray is such a swell guy. You think that was ok?

You talking to me?

Maybe, I dunno anymore...

Ace goes up against the womens champion next in a non title match.


It's a Match!
(Non Title!)




Willow (c)

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The camera pans to the announce team.


She's going to feel that one in the morning.

Those ladies gave it their all out there tonight.


Shrill voice: Bingo!

B-17 knew that voice. But he had enjoyed not hearing the past few weeks. The voice was grating, it could make any man roll his eyes, because just hearing it presented the potential for defamation, ridicule, annoyance, and anger. So when he turned around to face Ashley Blain approaching him from the far side of the garage he couldn’t help but roll his eyes and snap back.

B-17: What, bitch!

Blain: Don’t swear, there is a child here!

No lie, a bald headed boy, maybe 10 years old, with an acne problem was partially hidden behind her.

B-17: Mmm. Sacrifice to Satan?

He whispered so that the kid didn’t hear him. Ashley leaned in to respond: Take this damn kid off my hands. I’m busy and can’t be bothered.

B-17: So why the hell did you bring him?

Blain: He just signed his contract. The mom wanted him to get a tour. I’m not completely heartless.

Blain beamed and turned around to the young kid: B-17 is going to give you a tour! That will be great, won’t it?

The young kid smiled and nodded his head.

Ashley: Great! Now excuse me I have to go take care of that foul beast Loki and his dummy friend Trance.

Just as Ashley is about to walk away, she forgets about the letter that she must give to B-17.

I almost forgot. This is for you.

Ashley passes B-17 the letter as she walks away quickly.

The boy watched her with Bingo next to him.

Boy: She’s a big meanie, isn’t she?

B-17: You have no idea, kid.

B-17 sighed: So what’s your name, kid?

The kid smiled: I’m Brandon!

B-17: Brandon, nice to meet you.

B-17 held out his hand. Brandon shook it. Brandon was frail. Obviously sick. But he smiled anyways.

Brandon: So, is Dennis around?

B-17 frowned at the young boy: I’m sure he’s bouncing around somewhere...He your favorite?

Brandon cupped his chin and thought: Um...no. Yes. Kinda...I like Trance more. And you. I like you. But Dennis is small like me. I like that.

B-17 was doing his best not to laugh: I see.

Brandon bounced on his feet and looked nervous: Mr. Bingo, sir. Can I ask you something?

B-17: What’s up?

Brandon: Can you win tonight?

B-17 shrugged his shoulders and considered his answer. Brandon took a seat on the curb. B-17 sat down too, while he thought.

Brandon: Three is more than one.

B-17 chokes back a laugh: True, very true.

Brandon: So?

B-17 looks at the kid who is all smiles, he seems like a smart kid, and seems to understand the odds of a Bingo victory, but he still has hope.

B-17: How about this? Ever been to the movies?

Brandon: Yeah!

Ever notice how the good guy gets his ass kicked in the beginning?

Brandon:....yeah….yeah they do! Why?

B-17: Got to make it dramatic. So even if I lose. What will happen in the end?

Brandon: The good guy wins!

B-17: That’s right.

Brandon: Yeah! Yeah! Brandon was nodding his head eagerly: I just watched that movie where these bad guys kill people each year and no one does anything until the good guy says no. And then he gets rid of all of them.

B-17 looks down at Brandon a bit concerned. What the hell is this kid watching? Whatever.

B-17 stands up and motions for the kid to do the same: Come on. Let’s go find Dennis and say hi.

Brandon: YAY!

Just as B-17 is about to leave.

Brandon: You not opening that letter?

B-17 almost forgot, he opens the letter and begins to read.


Your match for tonight has been cancelled by the orders of Alex Robinson.

You now have the night off, enjoy.

Son of a...

B-17 stops himself as Brandon looks on.


Brandon: Everything alright?

B-17: Just fine, let's go find Dennis.



The camera pans to the announce team.


I bet B-17 is happy about that.

I don't think he looks to happy to be honest.