OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The scene opens to "One World Market", a rickety retail center on the corner of East 14 Mile and Church Avenue, Clawson Michigan.

Amongst a parking lot of pedal bikes and mopeds the OMG Samoan Suite Edition Mega Bus sits precariously parked midway between the allocated parking spaces and 14 Mile Road.

Despite the modest size of the mini strip-mall it houses "Noble Fish", a Japanese Grocer and sushi bar considered by locals as a hidden jewel that would be much preferred kept as their own delicious secret.

Standing room only is the norm, and mid work week is no exception. A plethora of multi cultured patrons snake their way from the bamboo style sushi bar to the store front ticket in handing awaiting there number to be called to be served. 

The diminutive Asian audience stand silently stoic in astonishment and awe at the mammoth mass of monstrosity making it's way through the rice and sake aisle to the unique colored and packaged Japanese candies and snacks.

The gargantuan genius carefully adjust his sleek black framed spectacles before engaging in the studies of the nutritional label of what to be a box of "Giant Caplico".

Seemingly satisfied with the findings the primitive Patolomai precariously places the product at the summit of the growing mountain of edibles with precision. 

Imported Japanese oddities and delicacies engulf the helpless "Noble Fish" shopping cart clearly exceeding maximum capacity. 

In near unison both the black plastic resin wheels of the cart and the belly of the behemoth rumble at the immense weight of appetite just as the front left wheel gives way spilling a few of its passengers to the markets linoleum floor.

Patolomai methodically ponders a solution to the predicament of how to shorten the shopping list of the carefully selected "Kinoko no Yama" and the countless numbers of various flavored "Titoru". 

The logical solution for most in this scenario would be to discard a few items or even to corral another cart perhaps, but not the insasionable 

Patolomai paws at the air filled, colorful, puffy packaging of his "Crunky" Pop Joy chocolate covered crunchy rice with longing.

Months of meditation,studies and the solidarity of incarceration have resurrected the spiritual heritage of the Samoan savage. 

Patolomai is able to overcome the need to feed, finding his center with a few short breathing exercises and gentle returns the package amongst the other fallen cart passengers with a almost disappointed sigh.

The silent serenity of the pacified Patolomai is shattered by the repetitive ringing of the Sushi Chef's counter bell signifying the next customer is ready to be served.


A deafening primordial and primitive bellow resonates the tiny restaurant from end to end as the mammoth Patolomai pursues the origins of this incessive ringing .

"Pato Pushing" pedestrians and produce with a savageness typical reserved for nature, the OCW branded production camera falls to the ground as the segment comes to a crashing halt of white and black static.


Live from Grand Rapids, MI


Good Evening Ladies and Germs...Welcome to OCW Riot...live from Grand Rapids in the great state of Michigan!!

Great state? You cray !

Cray... anyway. Lets start a packed show with the newest group in OCW...




Paul Pugh stands in the centre of the ring flanked by his new crew - Hall of Famer Parker Stevens, The Young KO Kid Mugen and The Fame Monster Michael Hollywood. Pugh has a grin on his face as the leather strap of the glistening OCW World Title contrasts against the bright white shirt he's wearing, proclaiming himself to be the "Real Heel". He's waving a microphone around confidently as the other three men wander around the ring.

Pugh: We're here...

The crowd explodes in a confused mix of boos and cheers - they're conditioned to believe Mugen and Hollywood are bad guys, while knowing Pugh and Parker are their favourites... how do they react?

Pugh: We're here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a manifesto..."but Ego... What's a manifesto?" I hear you snort... Allow me to educate you loud mouthed northern troglodytes.

The fans boo Pugh's geographical prowess

Pugh: The Oxford English Dictionary... that's right the Oxford - not the Webster's that you people insist on using... defines a manifesto as a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate. A declaration. A statement of intent. What we're going to do to you...

Pugh makes a gun shape with his hand and points up the ramp towards the curtain

Pugh: ...and you.

Pugh points around the arena at various points, but at nobody in particular.

Pugh: See... You find out you've got to fight Matsuda, you know you've got to be on your guard. You hear rumblings you're the subject of a heist, you need to be ready... and ready I was... wouldn't you agree?

Pugh points to the screen where a recap of OMG's attempted cash in last week is rolling. The crowd cheer C4's saving of Pugh.

Pugh: One step ahead. Like the Insiders have always been and C4 remain. See, I made the call last month, knowing full well that Dimsmore would use the first show of the year to cash in. I picked up the phone and I called the three men I knew I could rely on...

Pugh looks around the arena

Pugh: In this business... when you're World Champion, you make a lot of enemies. Jealous people, people who don't appreciate what you do for them... people like you.

Pugh continues firing his imaginary gun at the crowd

Pugh: The very fact that any of you people cheered when you saw Patolomai flatten me... when you saw Dimsmore arrive on the ramp is proof enough that not one of you is worthy of my presence. Not one of you appreciates the work I do out here... and for that... I hate you. Every single one of you. Out down at ringside, up in the nosebleeds. Every solitary person in this arena. Everyone backstage, everyone watching me at home. In fact, the only people who I don't hate... are standing in this ring with me... would you like to know why Grand Rapids?

The fans are booing Pugh at this point as he cracks a smile

Pugh: Because they are made in my image. Parker Stevens, the greatest World Champion...

Pugh turns to look at him and shrugs his shoulders

Pugh: Well... apart from me. A tough son of a bitch... my best friend in this business... and a man that I'd gladly kill for knowing that he'd do the same without hesitation. Mugen...

Pugh spins Mugen around

Pugh: The hardest hitting muthafunker I've ever had the displeasure of being kicked in the teeth by...

Pugh tosses the microphone to the KO Kid and begins to shout "TELL 'EM". With a big smirk on his face, Mugen looks at the camera.

Mugen: I know what you are all thinking. Why would I join forces with a man who just a few months ago I feuded with? Why would I trust a man who took the most important championship away from me? Well it's simple, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and I seriously dislike OMG more than anything in this world.

Mugen walks over next to Pugh and points at him.

Mugen: Here is a man who beat me cleanly, 1-2-3. Something that not many people in this world can do, so I respect him and I respect his skills. Because of this respect, when I got a phone call from him asking for a little assistance with his problem, I told him I got his back.

Mugen shakes Pugh's hand and hands him the microphone

Pugh: ...and you.

Pugh walks over to Michael Hollywood.

Pugh: The man who single handedly carried Ambition on his back for three months. The closest thing we have to a second Kid Ego on this roster, and a man wronged by OMG... the perfect fit...

Pugh offers Hollywood the microphone, but immediately snatches it back.

Pugh: No... your face time comes later. Don't waste it in front of these wankers... save it for Stacy.

Pugh turns back to the hard camera and continues addressing the world.

Pugh: Plenty of people have stood in this ring and proclaimed themselves saviours... told us that they're going to rescue OCW from yada yada boring. We are not saviours. We are not here to control OCW. We are here to stop OCW falling into the wrong hands. We are here to eradicate monotony. We are here in the image of the past. Over fifteen years of OCW experience stands in this ring, and combined, over thirty in a wrestling ring. We are here to kill OCW's problem... mediocrity.

The crowd are bored of Pugh's loud mouth antics by this point, and are booing C4.

Pugh: ...shut up. We will be proactive. We will not wait for them to make this place dull. We will return OCW to its glory days by ending the people who hold it back. The whiners, the bitches, the betterness, the villians... If you're standing backstage thinking "Gee I wonder if he means me"... you're damn right I mean you. The four men standing in this ring are your reckoning. We're your Hollywood ending... except in this movie there's an Asian taking your head off and a Scumbag desecrating your remains as as Egomaniac reminds you, every step of the way, why this is happening to you. Make no mistake. If you're not with us, you're against us... and we will not be opposed.

Pugh throws the microphone to the floor, causing all manner of feedback to cut the PA system. He holds up the imaginary gun again as Parker, Mugen and Hollywood all make their way out of the ring, refusing to slap hands with the fans in the front row. Pugh continues talking to the camera as he leaves the ring and we cut back to Poling and Scaggs.



The camera pans to the announce team.


Kid Ego has lost his mind..

But the group... look at them... statuesque... brilliant! C4!

Fickle. You're fickle.

The camera zooms into the X-Tron where we go backstage THE BOSS's Office. There are a bunch of camera men in the office; Leonheart is sitting at his desk which resembles a high ranking politician making a political decree.

Camera Man: “We’re live sir.”

Leonheart messes with his suit and coughs before speaking.

Leonheart: Last week OCW was witnessed to a travesty.

The camera pans to last weeks full on Brawl between The Team of O.M.G and the newly created team named C4. 

Leonheart: The fans paid to see Matsuda take on The World Champion Paul Pugh. But instead was treated to a blood war.

The camera once again pans back to last week as candid footage is shown of Leonheart looking over the live camera's shouting at the AP's and Security to break of the violence.

Leonheart: This sort sort of carnage, cannot, and will not be tolerated. I said it last week, OCW needs to be protected from itself, because most of the men and women in the lockeroom were never given the tools to succeed or the tools to be a productive member of society. That being said I am a fair man and I am willing to chalk this up to a freak happenstance. 

Leonheart: So with that I Leonheart Apologize to the OCW Fan Nation for the fracas that took place last week during the main event! 

 “Tonight is a big night.”

Leonheart: “To start things off the Hardcore Championship will be on the line in. In an Open Challenge match. Which means anyone from the back can step into my office and turn a dream into reality!

Leonheart: “We have a new superstar and rumors have been going around all day that he is here tonight.

Leonheart: “Tonight The Menace of Nesquehoning Dimsmore is in action against…”

Leonheart looks at the cameraman for an answer.

Camera man whispers “Matsumoto.”

Leonheart still looks confused.

Leonheart: The Son of God will be in action tonight as he takes on James Rose!

Leonheart: “If that’s not enough, tonight Sean McGee has to face the team of Tiberius Dupree and Mugen. O.M.G and C4 will have their first test to Co-Exist after they embarrassed themselves, myself and this company last week. I have faith that they will do the right thing! And I have even more Faith in Sean McGee to rise to the occasion!

Leonheart: And in the Main Event, Parker Stevens returns from a 3 month hiatus to take on the North American Champion. Jacob Trance! get your twitter fingers tapping for that one!

Leonheart:“We have a great show for you tonight Ladies and Gentlemen. But I want to make something clear, last week was a mistake that will never happen again. So with that lets get this show on the road.”

As Leonheart motions to exit the press conferance a lowly reporter steps up and chimes in. 

Mr.Heart, with your actions at the OCW 9 Year Event, and with Last Thursday, you alluded to the fact that you are the reason that OCW C.E.O Mr.Sensation is currently incarcerated. Would you like to elaborate on that?

Leonheart is taken back

Leonheart: No comment, this isn't a question and answer, enjoy the show.

Security swoops in as this make shift Address comes to a conclusion, as the camera pans to Al Poling and Charles Scaggs.

Leonheart putting his foot down there... I think its time for our first match of the evening.

How about a SIDE of Harrison...

The worst joke I've ever heard. Let's have a title match.




Sid Harrison vs His Opponent.


In the early stages of the show the hustle and bustle of OCW staff putting on the production makes for quite the chaotic scene backstage. Then from opposite ends of the hallway, as if driven by some sort of greater and uncontrollable destiny, two champions make their way onto the scene after a long day of traveling.

The first was the 2x Eternal Ex Division Champion and Dear Leader, Hideto Matsuda along with the lovely international sensation, Minami, whom he calls his girlfriend, struggling to keep up with her beau's short legged power walk, holding up the Ex Division Championship behind the Villain's head to serve as a silver and golden halo to onlookers from the front.

On the other side was the OCW World Champion, Paul Pugh, no stranger to the Dear Leader, clutching his gold tightly to his chest as he wondered backstage in his street clothes. He pours himself a styrofoam cup of coffee from one of the snack tables for the in ring talent.

It would not be long before the two driven by fate would spot each other--more accurately Matsuda's almond shaped eagle eyes. Still feeling sore about the new supergroup in town known as C4 causing his OMG compatriot's best laid plans to go awry on last weeks edition of RIOT, Matsuda quickly formulates a plan to exact some measure of revenge.

The Villain is scene whispering something in Minami's ear, to which she nods in agreement. He takes his Ex Division title and scurries into position. Minami waits in the middle of the hall for the World Champion to approach.

The champion eventually does.

Minami: Konbawa Pugh-san! Hajimemashite?

Pugh is immediately confused. He had not spoken so much as one word to her since her arrival, and suddenly this?

Pugh: What do you want, Chun Li? Where's your crazy ass boyfriend?

Matsuda stealthily slithers behind Pugh, setting up for the traditional "tabletop" school yard maneuver on all fours.

Matsuda: IKUYO!

Minami nods and gives her mightiest push to the unsuspecting Pugh, who trips over Matsuda like a ton of bricks, letting loose that cup of coffee still containing hot fluid into the air.

The cup seems to float in the air, before inevitably landing in Matsuda's eye. The villain panics.

Matsuda: I've been hit! Abort mission! Abort mission!

The Dear Leader snatches a title from the ground, grabs Minami's hand and retreats to his locker room, blinded by searing hot coffee. 

Pugh stands to his feet, dusts himself off with a shrug and grabs the other title, heading to his own locker room.

Matsumoto is in the back in the OCW weight room. He starts on the pull up bar then starts kicking and punching the punch with full aggression .After a few minutes one of his valets walks in with a bottle of wine. She walks over to him and he holds up his hand then points to a chair in the corner.

Matsumoto: Not now! Must fight LSD with clear mind.

The valet walks over and sits down .He then starts on the punching bag. He then starts jumping up and kicking the punching bag. Then the girl clears her throat. He stops and looks back

Matsumoto: Yes is there anything you would like to say?

Valet: Well just wondering have you heard from Mugen?

Matsumoto stops and walks over then reaches out for the bottle

Matsumoto: No I haven’t. I resurrected his worthless career. I was the reason we were the number one contenders. Then this man who acts like a woman gets his attention. Only thing he gives me is filthy drinking habit. His disloyalty will and must be dealt with. I wonder why he and this Frost compete over who is OCW's top suplex machine when it is clearly me. Tonight against LSD I show everyone why. The violence everyone see between myself LSD will bring smiles to these people.

The valet leans back in her chair and starts laughing .Matsumoto looks at her with a confused look on his face

Valet: I don't think he goes by LSD anymore.

Matsumoto: No matter what he goes by, the level of violence will make him go back to his old ways. Now take this bottle and put it on chill until after the battle tonight. Now get my robe and war paint it's time!