Live from the Barclays Center

Turmoil opens with a shot of Nate Ortiz standing in the ring. The hall of Famer has a mic in hand as the audience waits patiently. 

 For eleven seasons, the OCW championship has been a pillar of the Wrestling World. A title that I have held on six different occasions during those eleven seasons. Some Champions have been great. Some terrible, while some have been better than others.

Nate: But never before have I feared what would become of our sacred title and our sacred company with the potential rise of a new Champion.

The Hall of Famer paces around the ring, running a hand through his hair.

 There wasn't much I could do about the Turmoil Title. I didn't see how...no pun intended, Black his heart could be. I saw the signs during our time in Revolution Inc. But I saw the potential of a great man.

Nate: I saw a man driven not by passion of honing his craft, but the passion and pursuit of a woman. At that point, there was nothing that Versus, myself, or Drago could do to save him. She had him wrapped around her finger...and I had lost what could have potentially been a protege to rival Tobin. Because of her, Drago’s career was cut short.

Nate has a serious look on his face. 

 And that's why I can't step away from the business! The business that I love. I haven't found someone I can trust with the keys to the castle. Dennis Black could have been that man, but that's all done now. That is why this Sunday I will put him down, finishing what Drago started only a month ago.

Nate: This old dog will safeguard the future.

The crowd boos as Dennis saunters on stage with a mic in hand. 

 To the untrained eyes and ears, I imagine you sound pretty convincing. To the untrained eyes and ears, I imagine you sound genuine. Safeguard the future? I ‘am’ the future.

Dennis: In fact, I'm everything The Sensations need to introduce this company to a new generation of fans. He's just too blind and stuck in his ways to see that. So the Queen and I have had to take all the old timers out back...and give em a bullet to end their suffering.

Dennis: No more will workhorses like myself take a backseat to part timers. Taking out Drago was only the beginning.

Nate: I do this better as a part timer than you ever could as a guy that's here each and every night. An athlete's pride and respect for Wrestling is something that transcends generations. You have neither, kid. 

Dennis sucks his teeth and rolls his eyes.

Nate: I'm kicking your ass and preventing you from being OCW Champion for your own good. For the good of the company. You will have your time...once these people -

Nate motions to the audience, causing them to erupt.

 forgive you for all of the downright AWFUL THINGS you've done and accept you as the heir to be ‘the man’, I will gladly hand you the keys to the castle. Not a moment sooner. The two of you don't know pain, or loss. Summercide didn't humble you in the slightest. I can see that.

Nate steps closer to the ropes and points at Dennis Black.

 The future runs through me and I've got no problem holding you down.

Dennis: Sensation’s flock have a history of holding people down. Do I look like Wrex, H20, Bray, Abbot, Sheperd, Cort, Ed, Ragnioth and god knows who else’s careers the veterans have dictated over the last decade? No. I'm not just happy to be here.

Dennis: They're happy to get scraps. I'm here to feast. None of you old timers gets to dictate who the next guy is, because I've taken it upon myself to claim the brass ring and hand it to Madison Cox along with my two other Championships. 

Dennis: This Sunday...I have every intention of handing her the OCW Heavyweight Championship.

Nate: And that's your problem. Her. Think, kid. Even after everything you've accomplished in a short amount of time. You've always been her second choice. She came here for Aries.

Dennis lowers the mic and narrows his eyes. 

 She came here for her favorite wrestler when she was growing up. By the time she got here, he was fat, old,...and a shell of his former self. 

Nate: She found you. You were the consolation prize. Sure, she built you up...even convinced you to bring his finisher out of retirement. But Aries is what she wanted. Always has been, always will.

Nate: Let me paint a picture for you, Dennis. If I somehow lose to you this Sunday, I've still got my family. My wife, my children, and the old man. I've still got my life.

Nate: Now if you lose the Turmoil Title to Bray? She might leave. I'd bet my last dollar that if you lose the Turmoil Title match ‘and’ the OCW title match...she's gone. Keeping her is dependent on titles, and nothing more.

Nate: Your relationship is as fake as her body, kid. Think about that on your flight to Atlanta. No pressure…

The audience laughs, causing Dennis to throw a tantrum on stage. He throws the mic toward the ring, but it falls just short of the ramp’s bottom. Nate opens his arms, daring Dennis to come to the ring. Dennis starts his walk, but is blindsided by Bray. Dennis is turned around and slammed on to the steel stage with a Broken Bottom. Nate and Bray give each other a nod as the show goes to a commercial break.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Can't wait!

Who you telling?

The scene opened up with Corey Ford cutting a lonely figure in the small locker room, he reached into the locker and pulled out a new attire for his match along with a roll of tape.

Corey began strapping his shoulder and chest, the wounds inflicted on him by his former friend Little L.

A knock at the door caused Corey to snap out of his little reverie.

Corey: Who is it?

There was a muffled sound from the other side.

Corey: Just come in.

The door opened and Ginger walked in looking a bit on the battered side.

Ginger: Ah hello Corey, could I have a moment of your time?

Corey: Sure but can you make it quick, I have a match coming up and I need to get ready.

Ginger: Right-o, So tonight you face your best friend Litt*

Corey: He’s not my friend, least of all my best friend.

Ginger: Little L, how do you think you’ll fair knowing that Vincent could be lurking in the wings.

Corey: I’m going to superkick his head off his shoulders, y the way have you seen Widdle Lucas’ new get up? Arsehole thinks he’s vamp Corey Haim.

Ginger: Ah yes I saw him earlier, he declined to talk to me. Anyway, can you tell me what’s the next chapter for Corey Ford?

Corey: I plan on wiping out the Orphanage, starting with L then Vincent. After that who knows, I may try to take on Dennis Black or Bill Ding for a title or find my inner dragon. Better yet I could even find god… 

He paused and stared thoughtfully at nothing before continuing.

Corey: But at this point in time it’s about ending this current chapter. Is that all? I really have to get ready.

Ginger: Yea we’re done, good luck with your match tonight.

Corey: Cheers Steph, look no hard feelings over that little incident a couple of weeks ago?

Ginger: What incident?

Corey smiled and waved Ginger away, but the intern didn’t budge.

Ginger: Seriously I don’t know what happened.

Corey: It was ah nothing a little shoving maybe I kicked you in the face…

Ginger looked puzzled at this news.

Ginger: I don’t remember that, ok well again good luck.

With that Ginger left Corey to get ready, the scene fades out to the announce team….

Man nothing lasts forever.



It's a Match!
Cory Ford vs Little L

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The camera pans to the announce team.

That was a fight.

Heck yea.

The OCW Tag Team Champions, Liger & Bunny, are here! They are walking down a basic corridor with their belts heroically posed around their waists.

Bunny D: The “Gorilla position”, I guess it must be true. The gorillas are taking over more territories. This is definitely not good.

Liger Mask: Solo es un nombre.

Bunny D: Ah, so this is the heart of the territory.

They finally make it to the curtain area where Stacy Clark is waiting for the duo holding a microphone.

Stacy Clark: Liger and Bunny, congratulations on your title win. Last week after Bunny D defeated Cort Marshall the latter issued a challenge to the both of you. He claims to have a mystery partner. Are you guys planning on accepting that challenge?

Bunny D: Of course we accept. Whether the titles are on the line or not, we’re fighting champions. Even if it’s a trap we’re vigilantes and we solve mysteries.

Liger Mask: Sí.

Bunny D: And we will stop the gorillas from taking over OCW. This territory is now ours!

Stacy Clark: What?

Liger Mask: Mi compañero es un lunático.

In the background Bunny D puts a “Liger & Bunny Logo” sticker onto the back of the curtain. as OCW Turmoil heads to its next segment.