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With that touching video cut short, this episode of Turmoil opens with Our ‘Humble’ Hero, the anomaly of success, Dennis Black Standing in the center of a ring in the house that he built, Turmoil. The boos were so loud that the production crew did their best to lower the volume for the fans at home all the while trying their best to censor audience profanity. 

After ten minutes of boos and watching discarded snacks be thrown in the ring, Our Humble Hero finally speaks.

 Savage Lands was full of surprises. You had a rare showing of charisma and wrestling prowess from someone in the Cesar family……. BUT it wasn't Drago. You had Sophia and Bill Ding retain their titles.

Dennis: We saw two behemoths clash again, and we even saw a title change hands. When is the LAST time that happened in an OCW ring eh? Granted, this was a title match between two lightweights that can barely manage to run the ropes without being winded...but I digress, that title belongs to the top high flyer in the company... me ….and Tiberius Dupree knows it.

Dennis raises his mic to the air as the booing resumes. He would wait a minute before speaking again.

 But with all of the good wrestling this company provided you with last week, not one of you or the people at home are talking about any of it. Hell, Riot couldn't even put on a show from being so shocked, nor did many in this country celebrate the 4th. Why, you ask? Well that's simple…

Dennis: You all spent your week thinking about me and why I did what I did. Madison Cox was merely an incubator. Through ritualistic cleansing in the form of a Hoot Stomp...the essence of my unborn child has merged with The Soul of EX, making me even powerful than I was before. Together, we will continue to forever protect the most important thing in my life...

Dennis holds up his Turmoil Heavyweight Title close to the side of face as the camera zooms in on his face. Our Humble Hero clearly has lost a few screws due to his recent matches. 

Tiberius Dupree steps onto the stage..

“He with thee Iron Knee” Tiberius Octavian Dupree gets an unbelievable babyface pop. Well anyone would get a positive reaction interrupting this...this...cinnamon fugboi. Yet this isn’t just anyone this is your new OCW World Lightweight Champion, yes WORLD! He gracefully puts the mic to his face.

You really have lost your freaking mind Diana. You’re like a mean girl on methamphetamine suffering a never ending ego trip. Normally I can give a crap about the common squabbles of the mediocre, but that...that was beyond deplorable.

He just stares at Darryl incredulously for a long moment, the crowd just eats it up. Derek goes to speak but is immediately cut off to the delight of everyone watching yet again.

 You sullied my OCW Betterweight Championship victory with your Lifetime special bullsh….ugh, excuse me nonsense. Truthfully no one, especially me-wants another Donte botching and cucking his way to championships 20 years from now.

Just picture that for a moment, maybe he did us all a favor?! Maybe?!

 Yet you don’t step on it….Kneesus Christ you don’t step on it! You don’t come out days later talking about absorbing it’s freaking soul….you just don’t do that. 

BETTERNESS: Not in this galaxy, not in this timeline, not anywhere!….And I’ll be damned if I don’t knee the kids out the back of your neck, RIGHT THE FREAK NOW!

Tibby unfastens his OCW Lightweight Championship ready to do just that, Desean ain’t ready!

Nate Ortiz steps from behind the curtain.

The G.T.G.O.A.T. and BETTERNESS stare a holes through each other as a stage hand brings Nate a mic.

I haven’t forgotten about you Goldylocks, but it isn’t quite August yet. If anyone is going to put Debby in her place it’s me.

Nate turns his attention to Dennis. Dennis goes to speak but is interrupted yet again.

 You I don’t even know where to start. I mean despite your crying, complaining, and this new attitude you have going on you still had a part of you that was admirable. I mean you’ve nearly held two belts for 365 days. 

Nate: But my god man! I have to say thank you Drago, for talking me out of handing the OCW Championship to your sorry ass. I’ve seen and fallen victim to some very shady things. But this is by far the worse I’ve ever seen.

Nate: You belong in a gutter, and nowhere near an OCW ring. You will forever be a embarrassment to everything that I’ve done to help build this place. To what Durpee has done. To what everyone who’s been apart of this company has done.

Nate turns back to BETTERNESS.

I don’t do it often, but I’m pulling rank. I’ll leave you plenty to knee. But this boy is due for an ass beating...

The Music hits and the crowd goes a little higher than mild. Ok Well they are standing and cheering as the True “HERO” of OCW makes another visit to TUUUUUUUURRRRMOIL. Our Hero paces around the ring and heads to the safest spot, being that he isn’t a better baby batter it isn’t next to Doris Negro, being how his hair isn’t gold and false it isn’t next to Kneesus Christ, he spots his Favorite and Only Son in Law and like a hefty kid who is cool with the cool kid makes his way to NATE Ortiz.

He pats Nate on the shoulder and Nate acknowledges the Old Man. Our Hero begins to pace around the ring trying to come up with the perfect words to say at this perfect moment. He goes to speak but pauses. This riles up the crowd!

He looks at Dupree begins to speak and then pauses once more. The crowd is eating it up, Dennis Black tired of the games.

 Well if it isn’t Mr. Out of….

Our Hero swats the mic out of Dennis Blacks hand it makes a loud audible thud, Our “Humble” Hero’s nose flares up AT THE DISRESPECT!!!!!!. Our Hero puts his finger up over his lips as if to say SHHHH. Rather than scramble for a mic like a normie he begins to shout and fuss to be given another Microphone from the stage hand. A stage hand quickly hands The Turmoil Eternal Ex Division Champion another microphone and with vindictiveness in his heart he once again speaks, now using his big boy voice!


Our Hero once again swats the microphone from Dennis Black’s hands and it once again makes an audible thud, the crowd is now going wild. Dennis Black charges at Our Hero but Nate quickly gets between the two stopping Dennis in his tracks! Dupree looks unamused. Dennis can be heard off mic.

Dennis of mic: 
You wouldn’t be so tough if he wasn’t here!

Our Hero: Well he ********* is so 

Our Hero Shrugs.

The CEO of OCW finally taps the microphone a few times and begins to speak.

Our Hero: 
KNEESUS CHRIST, in my (begins to count to himself) 87 years in OCW I have never not ever seen such….such…..oh hell i'm the CEO! 

Our Hero: I’ve never seen such CUCKERY where you replace the C with an F! In OCW. Now mind you I have seen a lot. Arson, Bank Robbery, Mutilation on not one but two occasions, suggested not nice behavior…..Attempted Murder, Cardiac arrest, did I say arson? Hostage situations, Final Destination like scenarios. But they all pale in comparison to what that large foreheaded dingbat did at Savage Lands.

Our Hero: Am I the only person who thought that was WAY way too much? 

Our Hero: I get it Dougie you got a lot to prove yadda yadda yadda. But really? Seriously? CEREALLY? Do you want to be hated that much that you assaulted a woman? Who may have been pregnant. Is that the kind of guy you want to be? Granted Madison is about as lovable as hugging a Cactus and about as warm as the Arctic Circle Lemonade! But that's even low by your standards.

Our Hero: You see I think I know the problem with you David. Your problem is that you're that smart weird kid with the good science project, it's a good idea but not enough people understand it so you grow angry you only got 2nd place when you were in 3rd grade when you should have gotten 1st. So you do better but hold unto that chip until you can reach the highest you can go. But even then people still don’t get it. 

Our Hero: So here we stand 2 years later in OCW you are undefeated with not 1 but 2 championships, and rather than be thankful and humble. You are an egomaniac and by far and away the biggest miserable, unlikeable, cunt of a human being. I have seen piles of fecal matter with more humility than you. 

Our Hero: But congratulations, by trying to crush Madison you achieved the greatest goal in your entire life. No not defeating Matsuda at Wrestlution, not being the Turmoil Champion not being the TV Champion, but the one tried and true goal of every elite OCW Superstar. 

Our Hero: ****ing with my good nature. You see Dennis, I tried to let you be you, but you are a millennial and as such you can’t help but be a cuck up. I tried to let you do what you want hoping to inspire you to be great. But instead you have become a great pain in my ass.

Our Hero: So I am going to do you a favor. I am going to MAKE YOU HUMBLE! 

Our Hero: So tonight its going to be Nate Ortiz and Tiberius Dupree against Dennis Black in a Tag Team match!

Dennis rather than call for a mic quickly picks up the one that was swatted from his hands!


Our Hero: Find someone who doesn’t think you are human garbage, or don’t. I could care less.

Our Hero takes his leave as he heads up the ramp, uneasy allies Dupree and Nate look on at each other. As he gets to the top of the ramp Our Hero stops, about faces and begins to speak once more.

Our Hero: 
Oh and another thing! 

Our Hero: Turmoil has come a long way and I think its time you guys get a day to shine on your own, so Sunday July 30th Turmoil will have its first official Pay Per View, The Return of Black Sunday!!!

Our Hero: 
And just to be 100% clear that was The Rev Inc Pay Per View 10 years ago Dennis it has nothing to do with you. I haven’t figured out the matches but one just came to me right now!

Our Hero: At Black Sunday LIVE on the OCW Network! We will have Dennis Black Defend his Turmoil Championship against Jackson Montgomery!

Dennis quickly shouts!

Dennis Black:

Our Hero: You didn't let me finish.

Our Hero: You will defend that Turmoil Championship against Jackson Montgomery and Big Ed! In a Triple Threat Elimination match!

The place comes unglued!

The Champs eyes widen like he has seen a ghost. Dupree and Nate look to Dennis and begin to laugh. Dennis takes the microphone and launches it at the ramp, it stops a few feet from Our Hero he chuckles.

Our Hero:
 Is that anyway for a Champion to behave? 

Our Hero: This is just the beg


The camera pans to the announce team.



I hope this match this up to that! I can't wait for the Main Event!

These girls can fight I have no doubt. But wait we have some footage from earlier before the match begins.


We turn to the outside of the Barclays Center, where we see a jeep pull up in the parking lot. We see Riot's World Heavyweight Champion, Drago Cesar, step out of the driver's seat.

 Pirate, huh? Already had to deal with one in the past. I'm not discouraging you, but try not to do anything too crazy like that Camelbones guy.

Dragana then steps out of the passenger's seat. She looks at the Barclays Center and back at Drago.


Dragana scratches her head and looks around. After a moment we start to hear some some German techno get louder (UNTS UNCE UNTS UNCE) and louder (UNNNNNTS UNNNNTS UNNNNTS UNCEEEE) until eventually we see another vehicle pull up. The passenger door swings open to reveal Molly with a pair of glowsticks going crazy. Mugen carefully opens the driver door and slowly closes it. He walks up to Drago with his arms outstretched. 

 Brother Drago! I knew you'd come!

Drago: Oh hai Mugen. How is your rehab life?

Mugen: Versus has truly shown me the light. After being in the Appalachian Mountains for weeks, I feel as if I'm truly a new man!

Mugen looks at Molly, who seems to be staring Dragana down. 


Dragana: ...

Molly: Ladyboy!

Dragana: ...

Dragana stares blankly while Molly's eyebrow can be seen twitching. 


Mugen: Ladies, settle your differences in the ring tonight. Then we can throw all that negative energy out the window and GO DO ACTIVITIES.

Drago: Like what?

Mugen: I will take you all to a place that exudes nothing BUT positive energy! AND ITS NOT MY BEDROOM HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

Mugen starts bending over in pain from his laughter.

 Sound like deal!

It's a Match!
Dragana vs Molly

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The camera pans to the announce team.

They brought it.

Darn right they did.

Camera pans backstage with ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ walking through the hall, holding the “Ʇ√” Championship in one hand and the “ɟٱ” briefcase in the other. Down the hall ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ spots ฬᴙэメwith a briefcase of his own in hand, ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ looks down at his own and then back at ฬᴙэメ. ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ walks down and shoulder bumps ฬᴙэメ,

ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ: ʎѻц ꙅђѻцןↁ ꙅʇȺʎ ѻцʇ ѻɟ ʇђэ ฝȺʎ ѻɟ ʇђэ ЯэȺן ɟцʇцᴙэ’ ꝁٱↁ.
(Trash Class: You should stay out of the way of the real future, kid.)

Wrex: Where’s a translator when you need them. Oh hey nice replicas.

ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ with a pure look of ↁٱꙅↁȺٱᴎ,

ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ: ¿ЯэqןэٱↄȺ⸮ ¿ЯэqןэٱↄȺ⸮ ٱ БэȺʇ Ⱥцꙅʇٱᴎ #ꙅцↄꝁꙅ Ⱥᴎↁ ٱ БэȺʇ ʎѻц. ʎѻц Ⱥᴙэ ђѻlↁٱᴎǤ ʇђэ ЯэqןэٱↄȺ. ٱɟ ٱ ฝȺꙅ ꙅʇןןٱ цᴎↁэᴙ ↄѻᴎʇᴙȺↄʇ ᴙٱǤђʇ ᴎѻฬ’ ʎѻц ฝѻцןↁᴎ,ʇ Бэ ꙅʇȺᴎↁٱᴎǤ ꝁٱↁ⁏ Бэ ǤןȺↁ ٱ ђȺ√э Бээᴎ ɟٱן๓ٱᴎǤ ๓ʎ ꙅↄэᴎэꙅ ɟѻᴙ ŦʇՇ,ꙅ ᴎэฝ ๓ѻ√ٱэ’
(Trash Class: Repleica? Repleica? I beat Austin #sucks and I beat You. You are holding the repleica. If I was still under contract right now, you wouldn’t be standing kid; be glad i have been filming my scenes for TTT’s new movie,)

ꝀȺꙅꙅ curls his arm up and with the hand holding the briefcase he extends one finger to point to his ꙅђٱᴙʇ,


Wrex looks around for a stagehand or someone trying to see if anyone else can understand what’s going on.

Wrex: Yeah it’s a nice shirt, do you speak english by any chance? 

ꝀȺꙅꙅ pulls out and gives ฬᴙэメ a brochure for ՇᴙȺꙅЂ ↁٱȺןэꝁʇٱꝁэ ↄןȺꙅꙅэꙅ,

ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ: it's the future kid, much like myself.

ꝀȺꙅꙅٱↁɏ walks away from ฬᴙэメ with a smirk as he continues to his ↄѻᴎʇᴙȺↄʇ ᴙэᴎэǤѻʇٱȺʇٱѻᴎs.

Wrex: Did I just get mugged? What in the absolute f**k was that?

ฬᴙэメ goes to read the pamphlet he was handed.

Wrex: Oh, he was insulting me. Fud.