Live from TERMINAL 5 in NYC


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The camera pans to the announce team.


Hello and welcome to Friday Night Turmoil.

We got quite a few matches for you tonight.

The go home show before September to Remember. I wonder what is going to go down?

We know the TV championship is on the line tonight.


The scene opens with Madison already standing in the ring. She has the original Television Title draped over her shoulder. She waited until the jeers died down.

Ladies and Gentleman, I regret to inform you that once again...a main event created by Alex Robinson has been put on hold. Last week it was a cell match. I guess OCW changed their minds because we are getting a better Cell match....this Sunday on pay per view.

But for the second week in a row, Dennis and I will save Turmoil's main event by ensuring you semi...hard working people get one.

The audience starts to chant for Dennis Black.

We were supposed to have a handicap match for the Television Title. As unfair as that is, a King backs down from no one. I'm told a school bus full of young boys broke down by what ever dilapidated boat the Convoy call home.....

The audience grew VERY uncomfortable.

With that said, I have hand selected two local talents looking to make a name for themselves. These losers...i mean...these men that are normally used for enhancement of others are looking to make a big splash here in OCW! Without further ado, i'd like to introduce you to my hand picked challengers for tonight!


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By the time B-17 had disposed of James Ellsworth Madison had already rolled back in the ring to observe the destruction of her well laid plan. She pulled at her hair desperately uncertain of what to do.

She stumbled over to Tank and tried to revive him, but he just drooled.

B-17 rolled in and called for a mic. As usual he dropped it, but quickly snatched it up. Feigning concern he kneeled over Tank and looked wide eyed at Madison. He opened his mouth. Seemed to be choked for words. Looked back down and grabbed Tank’s wrist. He lifted the unconscious man’s arm and let it go. It dropped back to the ground with a thud. Bingo looked at Madison with mock worry.

He stood up and clapped his hand over his mouth. Walked over to the the ropes and looked out at Ellsworth.

Bingo shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Madison.

Technically...two people did make it to the ring.

The crowd roars in approval.

Madison realized what B-17 was saying and jumped to her feet and began frantically waving her arms and shouting no.


Bingo had to keep shushing Madison who was throwing a fit.

B-17 points at Tank:
But, I don’t think he will be able to make it. He’s visiting Smallville at the moment. But don't worry, B-17 and Dennis Black for the first time ever should be damned good. These people are going to see that title defended...tonight!

B-17 tosses the mic to Madison and rolls out of the ring. He begins walking up the ramp while the crowd cheers and Madison stampers on: No! I didn’t mean it!


The camera pans to the announce team.


Looks like we have a new main event tonight.

Let's just see if he can pull it off.

Backstage before the first match, OCW officials are scrambling about the gorilla position. Ashley Blain is seen becoming visibly frustrated with the officials.

Ashley Blain: What do you mean, he’s not here!?

Official: We haven’t seen Jakub since September 2 Remember, ma’am!

Ashley Blain: [sighs] Dammit to hell.

Ashley walks through the hallway and opens a locker room door. She stares at a superstar that is hidden from the audience’s view.

Ashley Blain: Get up. You’re wrestling Jimmy!... No, don’t say anything. You want to be on Turmoil? Get up right now! And go!

The camera pans into the locker room where the superstar Ashley is yelling at is standing with a deep look in his eyes.

Da Ninja: Turmoil… here I come.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Another match that wont be happening.

Jimmy Henry is still in action as he takes on the ninja in our next match.


It's a Match!

The Stealth Ninja


Jimmy Henry

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The camera pans to the announce team.