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Cactus enters the ring and takes his position behind the bar. Picks out two drinks and places them on bar. He also reaches and puts out two shot glasses. Pulling out a vodka bottle, he fills both of the shot glasses. After replacing the bottle in the back of the bar, he takes out a mic and lays it next to the shot glasses. He then proceeds to take both of the shots, one after the other, before picking up his mic.

Cactus: You missed me last week, I know you did.

Mixtures of ‘yes, yes, yes’ and ‘glory hole’ echo through the crowd.

Cactus: Be as that may, I’ll admit - I missed doing this. And after last week…

Cactus pauses, takes out the vodka bottle again, fills up both shot glasses and replaces the bottle.

Cactus quietly speaks to himself: ...a sandwich with legs...screw you Bill Ding, screw you...

Cactus takes both of the newly poured shots.

Cactus: So, after last week, I need a few drinks, a break from the action and to be out here with my people.

More ‘glory hole’ echos through the crowd.

Cactus: ...and the rest of you also.

Cactus stares off into the depths of the wood on the bar for a few awkward moments.

Cactus: So yes…

Cactus: Let’s get to why we are here.

Cactus: My next guest is a man with a story that no one seems to know. A man with who is not new to Turmoil, but who has rejoined this locker room after a long break. A man who needs to sign with OAF productions, so that I can get him in some real moves. A man with two first names. Put your hands together for our own C list celebrity - Austin Lee.



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Austin picks up one of the bar stools and removes it from the ring as stage hands bring out his customized director chair embroidered with #Marvelous on the back. Kicking his feet up onto the Cactus bar.

Cactus stares at Austin, as Austin has made himself comfortable on set.

Cactus: Comfy?

Cactus shakes his head as he offers Austin a drink as he sits at the front of the bar.

Cactus: I wasn’t sure what you drink, but I figured since you’re a C lister, it’s probably something strong.

#Austin Laughing: That the best you got Cactus? #C lister huh? #Whiskey on the rocks. 3 Ice cubes, 3 fingers of whiskey poured over said ice, and a splash of #Diet water from the Isle of Fiji that is stored at room temperature.

#Austin Lee reaches into his pocket pulling his phone out as he begins to take pictures uploading them to his various social media accounts with the caption: Water Hole…. #BigCac #Marvelous #ShotsFired #FutureSoBrightNeedShades #2SWEEET #GetWellSidBerg

Cactus tosses the first fixed drink of Bourbon, over the ropes.

Cactus: I guess you’ll be a designated driver tonight.

#Austin: #Figured you would appreciate how a true #Gentlemen is suppose to order a drink but hey i guess yalls #Quotations “Gentlemen's Club” is a little different.

#Austin Lee sets his phone down on the bar pulling a Redbull™ out of his pocket. Taking a sip, he places it down on the bar.

Cactus: So, Austin Lee. What’s your story, sir? Why did you run away from Turmoil? Mental breakdown? Side piece got pregnant? Sexually transmitted disease? Drug rehab? Bad acting classes? What happened?

#Austin: “Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of little show called, Turmoil”

#Austin: #Always wanted to do that, but hmm my story…

Austin reaches over and snaps his fingers for Cactus to pour another round.

#Austin: #I left because i loss my smile. I felt like I was becoming complacent and I wasn’t enjoying being here. It wasn’t right for the fans who paid money to see the most Entertaining Superstar OCW has ever, or #will ever see. #Just so happens that at the same time, a C list movie agency called me up; so I stepped to the side lines.

Cactus pours the drink to Austin’s specifications and slides it over.

Cactus: #Icanrespectthatbutletskeepthefingersnappingtoamin imum.

Cactus raises his eyebrow looking for potential approval.

Cactus: Did I do that correctly?

#Austin: #Not bad. #Not Bad.

#Austin Lee reaches over and gives Cactus a #2Sweet for his attempt to be Marvelous; to which Cactus returns a 2Sweet back.

Cactus: What is your relationship with B17? Best friends? Neighbors? Ex-college roommates at your local community college for acting classes?

#Austin: If you have ever met Sid Harrison, and seen the monster which he has become, from when Sid started to hang around with me, then you would understand how I became friends with B-17. Plus back in the day, before #JackOff of the south was cool; there used to be free whiskey and card games going on back there. #Plus their is no #M-16 without B-17.

Cactus: Is it B17’s fault you’re in really bad movies? It is, isn’t it?

#Austin: If by bad movies you mean the #Number 1 movie in China and slowly climbing the charts all around the world, then yes. #But hey, every movie star slips up and has a “ToothFairy” movie.

Cactus smiles and chuckles a bit.

Cactus: Tooth fairy.

Cactus: I still put teeth under my pillow. My mom is a great tooth fairy. You know - she would give me $10 every time.

Cactus kisses his fingers, bumps his heart and gives deuces up in the air to his ‘mom’.

Cactus: So, what is the deal? Are you guys all together? Yet, another fraction here in Turmoil.

#Austin: B does his own thing and he sticks by his true friends the #Influence. Which is made up of the one and only Sid Harrison. #Get well buddy. #Gone Too Soon. #You Shall Be Revenged. It also consist of #Mr.Marvelous, #The King of Entertainment Style #The Most Entertaining Man in the world, myself, #Austin Lee.

Cactus: So why are you back? Why not continue to make bad movies, sleep with toothless humans and go to the occasional AA meeting? Why come back here to have your brains bashed in every week?

#Austin: I’m back because Pro wrestling is boring without the #Marvelous one. Pro wrestling just isn’t the same without me. It misses the “it” factor. It misses someone who can hold this crowd in the palm of his hand with just one single #.

Cactus: Boring? Clearly you have yet to truly meet the Gentleman’s Club.

#Austin: #Then let me see them, i have been trying to get the real Cactus out all night, Show me what you're all about.

Austin finishes his second beverage, but this time tosses it out of the ring, as he goes back to his Redbull™.

Cactus: Soon enough my little friend, soon enough. So, what should the Turmoil locker room know about you, other than the titles of your last terrible film?

#Austin: Anyways, I'm starting to get a feeling here that you want to be in a movie, buddy! I mean, I could always use a #Bouncer, #Bodyguard or #Someone to take all the ugly girls home every night.

Cactus: I am not in movies, I make them. OAF productions. You should look into it, good sir.

#Austin: #OAF? Only A Fatass? I mean, Iwas just joking about taking the ugly ones home, but #Hey whatever floats your boat!

Cactus: Cute. Still not amused.

Cactus: So Austin, tell us, why should the great people of Turmoil trust you? I mean, why should they invest in you, when you might just leave again?

#Austin: #I don’t know why they should at all, I mean, I am an #Asshole, but yet somehow these people love it. Could be because they know when I step into this ring, and that spotlight shines on me, they know that they are getting the truth from me. I’m not someone coming out here every night, playing to them about how much I love a precious title, pretending to like them so I can sell t-shirts, all to please the boss.

Cactus: Having you around here should make things much, much, more interesting. I have found myself bored with the religious and self righteous around here.

Cactus raises his glass for a toast.

Cactus: To you sir #Austin. Welcome back to Turmoil.

#Austin: Thank you for having me. How about we get out of this ring and find a real bar?#GoodBye and #GoodNight.

Cactus: A man after my own heart. Let’s just get you a shirt on the way out.

Scene ends with Cactus and #Austin leaving the ring to find the closest bar.


The camera pans to the announce team.


That was entertaining.

Cactus gets it. B-17 movies are trash!

Up next Jacob Trance takes on Dustin White.

This should be a good match.


It's a Match!

Jacob Trance


Dustin White

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The camera pans to the announce team.



You could feel the electricity in that match.



The camera pans to the titantron as we take a look back at what took place after the Madison Cox vs Casey & Willow Match.


As Casey Paine and Willow celebrate they look at their downed opponent. They then look at each other and look like they have something malicious up their sleeves. Willow walks over to Madison and begins to lift her up from the mat.

As she is working on lifting Madison up, the crowd start to turn their attention to the entrance ramp as a hulking woman otherwise known as Bertha Stigglitz makes her way down to the ring. She gets on the apron and looks directly at the two Skwad members.

Bertha: Get out of ring puny women.

Casey Paine and Willow look like they might retaliate at first but considering that they just had a match, they leave to fight another day. Bertha makes her way into the ring and picks up Madison without any effort by the wrist. Madison is coming back to her senses and realizes that she may be in grave danger so she starts screaming.


With a big smile on her face, Bertha lets go of Madison much to Madison's surprise. Madison attempts to leave the ring quickly but Bertha grabs her by her lavish hair which Dennis obviously spent all of his last paycheck paying for. Poor guy, he won't even get to see a return on the investment but I digress.

Bertha: Puny woman.

As Bertha is scowling at Madison, the crowd's attention is turned once again to the entrance ramp where Bertha's former rival Amazing Pine is running down at full speed. Amazing Pine makes her way into the ring and separates Bertha from Madison. Madison is in the corner of the ring trying to figure out what's going on as Amazing Pine and Bertha are in bumping into each other boob to boob.

Madison: Yea! Go pick on somebody your own size Bertha! Vanquish her Pine!

As Madison is cheering on her rescuer, both Amazing Pine and Bertha stare at Madison who is still trying to regain herself in the corner of the ring. The two large women simultaneously walk towards Madison. Both of them grab one of Madison's arms and pin her right to the turnbuckles. Amazing Pine pulls a microphone out of her back pocket.

Amazing Pine: You thought I was here to help you little girl?

Bertha: She not come help you.

Amazing Pine: We are here to deliver a message from............The Purge.

The crowd pops at the mention of The Purge but the reactions instantly become mix of cheers and boos. Madison is wide eyed at the revelation and starts to fear for her life. All of a sudden, Bertha and Amazing Pine let her go and Madison immediately slides out of the ring and into safety.

Amazing Pine: Believe me when I say, we will see you again little lady. The Purge is watching you.

The scene fades as we see a shocked Madison quickly backpedaling up the ramp while still looking at the two women in the ring.



The camera pans to the announce team.


Now we got the purge over here on Turmoil?

This is getting crazy!!!


Jimmy Henry is on his way to the ring when Ginger stops him.

Ginger: Jimmy, just quickly, can you tell us who is your mystery partner?

Jimmy: Actually Stephen, I've been let down. I can't find Adam Adams anywhere. Austin Lee, Bill Ding & Bray S Spur all have matches, so it looks like I'm gonna have to fight the Skwad myself.

...: Hey sir, are you looking for a tag team partner?

Jimmy turns round to see a kid wearing goggles, a bandana & a black hoodie.

Jimmy: Are you even old enough to fight, son?

The kid nods at Jimmy.

Jimmy: Ah what the hell, c'mon. I need all the help I can get.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Look's like Jimmy has found someone.

He's going to need all the help he can get.

I am excited for this next match. Can Jimmy and his partner take down Skwad?

I don't think so...



It's a Match!

Blake Majin & ???


Jimmy Henry & ???

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The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh my...



Ashley Blain waits at her desk. Two men slowly shuffle in. Trance has a perfectly professional demeanor about him while Loki wears a very prominent scowl on his face.

Blain: Do you have something for me?

Trance: Just to be certain. If we hand over our belts to you, that will count as delivering them to The Gentleman’s Club?

A vein can be seen straining in Ashley’s neck. She exhales and flares her nostrils: Once you two walking, talking, miserable excuses for Turmoil Superstars hand over those belts to me I will forget you even exist. Put the belts in my hands right now!

Loki perks up: You think I’m a Superstar?

Ashley: Shut the hell up! Shut up! Shut up! She is obviously not a fan.

Loki narrows his eyes and reaches into his jean pockets. He pulls out a pair of divers goggles and puts them on with an effort. He then walks directly up to Ashley’s desk and leans towards her.


Trance quickly steps in before Ashley can murder Loki.

Ok! Ok! Enough.


Trance puts pushes Loki into the corner and turns him around to face the wall: Stay here!

Trance turns back to Ashley: I want the same as you. We give you the titles. We don’t get fired.

Ashley glares at Trance. Her anger fueling red splotches on her face: Titles. In. My. Hands. Not. Fired.

Trance smiled: Great wait here.

With Loki muttering in the corner, Trance walked out the door, rummaged in a bag he had left out there previously and returned with the oddly decorated titles. Without a word he walked over to Blain and deposited the titles into her outstretched hands.

Loki being his dramatic self starts stomping in the corner.

Seriously, what is his problem?

Trance raises an eyebrow: Want him to go off the medication and speak in 50 languages and accents again?

Blain: No. Neither does marketing.

Trance: Are we good?

Ashley looks down at the titles in disgust at Loki’s decorations. She is drawn to the the center of the top belt. A small black box, the size of an jewelry package rests on top.

Ashley: What the hell is this?

Trance smiles at her: My plan.

Ashley: Wha--

The small black box that Ashley had been focusing on suddenly exploded outwards in all directions. Salt goes flying everywhere. It shot into her eyes, she screamed in pain and dropped the belts. Trance who had still be smiling as the “salt bomb” went off was also blinded the blast of salt. He stumbled backwards screeching in confusion and pain.


Loki finally turns around. His eyes had been protected by the goggles he had put on earlier.

Loki ran quickly to the belts and grabbed them. He threw them over his shoulders and grabbed Trance by the arms and dragged him out of the room while Ashley still rubbed vigorously at her eyes and rolling on the floor.

Loki: You’ve been Fujied!

Like a bad cop action comedy, Loki, still pulling a blinded Trance, escapes down the hallway, makes it the stairs and disappears behind the door.

A loud metallic thud was heard:......Woops! Sorry, Trance.

Trance: I hate you!


The camera pans to the announce team.


Ashley is laying down the law!

We already have one tyrant running the place. We don't need two.