Live from TERMINAL 5 in NYC


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The camera pans to the announce team.


Welcome to the Savage Era ladies and gentlemen.

That intro was sick!

Turmoil is taking over!

Riot has got nothing on us Thomas.


Scene opens up with pink and black balloons tied to the ring post. A black with pink zebra striped mat has been laid out on the Turmoil ring and the Watering Hole’s mini-bar is set up with two stools set up front.

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Cactus Gauge: Ladies and Gentlemen of Turmoil, WELCOME to another edition of the Watering Hole.

Crowd pops at the new standing segment on Turmoil.

Cactus: Your faces upset my stomach, but your cheers inspire me. If only, I could say that I do this for you.

Cactus takes a deep breath.

Cactus: Ah, but sadly I can not. I do this for me, because at the end of the day - I am that important and the Gentleman’s Club is here to entertain you peasants.

Cactus: I could sit here all day and banter with you back and forth, but this is not why we have gathered. Instead it’s time for another guest to sit at my bar, have a drink and let the salt behind the scenes of Turmoil fly!

Cactus: I am sure that I’ve given our next guest away with my setup here. So stand to your feet, remove your hats, hold tight to your men and welcome, your champion, our champion, the world’s champion - Soooooophinaaaaaaaaa…..


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Sophina enters the ring and places her belt on the empty stool next to hers. She has a seat, picks up her glass and inspects it, trying to figure out what this concoction which Cactus had fixed her was.

Cactus: It’s called ‘The French 95’. Orange juice, simple syrup, lemon juice, a little bourbon and some dry champagne.

Cactus picks up his small glass of whiskey.

Cactus: A classy drink, inspired by my home of New Orleans, for a classy lady.

Cactus: Champ, Welcome to the Watering Hole.

Sophia: Thanks Cactus. This is quite an interesting...uh..(Sophia looks around).. ‘setup’ you've got here.

Cactus: So tell us Cen-phia, what is your motto to your success?

Sophia: Well, I've not got so much of a motto… It's more of a mindset. Perseverance… Hard work… Passion…--

Cactus quickly cuts Sophia off.

Cactus: Oh, “passion” you say? (Cactus seems to leer at Sophia with heart-eyes and leans in a bit) Well you know, I--

Sophia reacts to his leaning in by leaning back a bit.

Sophia: N-no, not ‘that’ kind of passion… A passion for the business. A passion for this division and making it great again.

Cactus: Where does the Women’s Division in the OCW and even in Turmoil stand, in your opinion?

Sophia: Honestly Cactus, the Women’s Division is the greatest it's been in years. We already had an established women's roster on Riot, and as of this year, new and growing talent on the Turmoil roster. And- now that the Women's belt has been unified for both brands, we've only just gotten started on our path to rewriting history again.

Cactus: Do you consider yourself a Hall of Famer?

Sophia: At the moment? No. A Hall of Famer has not only put in the blood, sweat, and tears during their career, but they've put in the time. In comparison with some of the other immortalized members on that wall, my time here is just a drop in the bucket. I've only just gotten started… and I know that I've got what it takes to make it there. For now… (Sophia picks up her belt and gives it a pat) my priority is this.

Cactus: Speaking of Hall of Fame, fill us in about this feud you find yourself in with Casey?

Sophia: Casey, Casey, Casey. There's no denying she earned her spot on that wall… No matter how ‘questionable’ her actions have been. As much as I respect her abilities as a wrestler, someone who I watched for ‘years’ and had hoped would someday return in time to be a part of my career in this business, it's really… Bittersweet. As great a wrestler she is, she's unfortunately shown her true colors. She's just same ol’ “Casey”. The same ol’ Casey screwing others over and just plain screwing others to get what she wants. The same ol’ Casey who's busy making out with the library janitor as The Steve reads terrifying horror stories to little kids. The same ol’ Casey who is likely still spreading crabs just as fast as she spreads rumors. The same, ‘old’, Casey.

Cactus laughing: You’re the champ, you’re on both shows, you’re best best wrestler this company has ever seen - what’s next for you? Movies maybe? I do have connections with the OAF productions.

Sophia: OAF productions? Hmm… Do you deal with D-list celebs? If so I'm sure Madison would be interested… As far as myself, I've only just gotten started. I've made my mark on Turmoil and I am just beginning to show the ladies on Riot what I'm all about. It's been a long time since this company has seen a woman on the roster who has been as consistent and persistent as I have, and I don't intend to give up this work anytime soon.

Cactus: What was it like to be the cover girl of Summercide?

Sophia: The only word I can use to describe it is ‘humbling’. Being on the cover of a pay per view is the norm for stars like Pugh, Mugen, McGee. But this was my first. Could possibly be my last. So I'll have a sweet spot for Summercide 2016, and Summercide in general.

Cactus: What can the OCW universe look forward to at Summercide?

Sophia: I'm looking to surpass Kat as the longest reigning women’s champion in OCW history. This next defense at Summercide is the next step in realizing that goal.

Cactus: Sophia, champ, it’s been an immense pleasure to have you on the show. I don’t say this often, but you have left me with speechless. You may, simply be the best. And f*** anyone who doesn’t think so.

Cactus reaches out and raises Sophia’s hand to make the crowd pop for the champ.

Sophia: Thank you for having me! Don't forget to shop at Hauseofhoot.com! Order Summercide!

Cactus: You know I’ve already got mine.

Cactus winks at Sophia as he walks from the back of the bar and pulls open the ropes to let out the OCW Woman’s Champ.


The camera pans to the announce team.


I can't wait for the main event later. It's going to be a classic.

You can only catch the watering hole here on Turmoil.


Adam Adams is in the locker room putting his duffle bag in his locker when in walks Jordan Jax carrying a pizza box.

Jax: How you doin’ Adam? Want a slice?

Adams: Seriously Jax? You’re going to eat that right before a match?

Jax: Ahh, C’mon A. I’m just trying to get into character. And besides, I’m not scheduled to wrestle tonight anyway.

Adams: You’re in the first match.

Jax: Oops. My bad. It must have slipped my mind to tell ya. You’re fillin in tonight.

Adams: Wait, what?

Jax: Ya see, I wouldn’t have enough time to get ready after my match and my shoulder is still sore, so I told them to put you in instead.

Adams: I shouldn’t be surprised. The only time I get to wrestle on Turmoil is when I’m taking someone else’s spot, so this is fitting.

Jax: But for real, my shoulder stings real bad. Feels like I got huge splinter in it. I guess you could say it feels like my shoulder has a master splinter.

Adam Adams glares over as Jordan Jax laughs to himself and scarfs down a slice of pepperoni pizza.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Adam Adams is taking up another spot.

The guy has potential but he must fight the man that likes to dress differently.

The world would be a boring place Randy if we all were the same.



It's a Match!

Adam Adams


Shane Scott

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The camera pans to the announce team.



Look's like Adam is in a hurry.

Maybe he's got to poop?

Maybe... Hahahahahaha.


The scene opens with Madison pacing around her dressing room having a phone conversation.!She flipped her hair every so often to stare at herself in the mirror each time she passed it.

Madison: You're serious? Kat and Willow in the same ring? So close before Summercide? How fortuitous. Perhaps we need to pay them a visit.

She stopped once more to look at herself in the nearby Mirror. Madison nods to the female voice on the cell phone while undoing her top button.

Can't tonight. I've got to put in face time with The King. He's been mopey as hell.

She snorted at the comment coming through her speaker.

Not that kind of face time. Not yet anyway. Though I'm a little damp just thinking about two titles. We’ll see.

There was a knock at the door.

: Gotta go. We’ll talk Tuesday night yea?

Madison walks over to the door and opens it, revealing Dennis holding two duffel bags. He steps in and drops them immediately. The audience starts to cheer at the X-Tron. Madison walks around Dennis after hanging up her phone to close and lock the dressing room door.

About tonight. Have you seen the card?

Dennis walks by Madison on his way to their restroom. He removes his shirt to look at the recent bruises accumulated from competing twice a week. The man was slowly but surely breaking down. He wondered if he’d make it to the season finale whole. She stares at him from outside the dressing room.

Just going to ignore me?

Dennis: Sorry, lot on my mind. What's up?

Madison: This handicap match. You and Malu taking on the skulls.

Dennis: What about it?

Madison: He's not going to show. You know this, don't you?

Dennis: He will.

Madison rests both hands on her hips.

After last week? After you dove from that ladder and put him through a table, you think he'll work with you?

Dennis: He's a Champion. A Samoan one at that. The Samoan people have a long standing tradition of being hard workers and never backing down when it comes to wrestling.

Dennis turns to face Madison.

So yea, he’ll be there. It's a matter of pride. The skulls have talked a lot of crap about many. Tonight, we put our differences aside. Trust me. I'm doing this.

Madison’s arms slumped after the restroom door was closed.


The camera pans to the announce team.


That's a good point, do you think Malu will show tonight?

I wouldn't blame Malu if he didn't. **** Dennis.

You can't say that on TV.

I guess that's a fine.



Director: Action!

Austin Lee: #Halt!

Director: Cut! What!

As the lights and cameras went down in the movie set lot and the crane operator shut down, Austin Lee grabbed a script and came running up to the hassled director. While Mr. Marvelous looked stunning in his grey silk shirt and slicked back hair the director was showing the wear and tear of having such a “star.”

Austin thumbed through the script:
#This just won’t do. It needs more I'm telling you it is a waste of his talent to not have me in there with him.

Director: This isn’t your scene!

Lee: #Says who? Every action scene needs a dramatic one liner at the end!

A sleek red Audi R8 pulled up in dramatic fashion with a drift that stopped just shy of the director's chair.

The smoke drifted hazily amongst the car and the passenger window rolled down but the man inside couldn’t be seen clearly....The man in the car shouted out: More Smoke!

An underpaid intern came into sight and used what appeared to be a fire extinguisher to give the set a smokier appearance.

The director buried his head in his hands. These two were giving him another headache.

Austin Lee walked over to the car and pounded on the roof and then shouted: Yo, tell him that this scene would totally benefit having some #Marvelous added in.

The driver side door opened suddenly and the smoke whirled around.

A man stepped out with his back turned. He had long jet black hair that fell down to his shoulders and rested on his dark brown leather bomber jacket. He took a deep, exaggerated breath before turning around: I love the smell of exhaust in the afternoon.

It was B-17.

Lee: #For real now B, let's crank this up a little bit for old time sakes.

B-17 swished his hair back, looked down, then looked up: This scene needs...some M-16.

Director: I’m the director! Me! I’m the director! And why are you not wearing your helmet!

B-17: No need. B, don’t crash. And this scene needs, Mr. Lee, seriously.

Director: Fine! But he only gets one line!

Lee: #Marvelous.


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The camera pans to the announce team.


Road Rage?