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Sophia adjusts her OCW Women's belt over her shoulder and feigns dusting it off a little. Stepping into the center of the ring, she nods to the ref as she is handed a mic. She waits a moment for the crowd to settle down before raising the mic to speak.

Family. Does the concept of ‘family’ mean anything here anymore?

Sophia: Majin and Casey, you two should be ashamed of yourselves. Whether it be your flesh and blood or closely knit, how do you sleep at night attacking one of your own? First Versus, then Willow… Absolutely shameful.

Sophia: I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though. You guys have a history of letting your emotions get the best of you… And I suppose your true colors are shining through yet again, especially with the return of ToP.

Sophia: Casey, you dared to stand up there on Riot this week, whining and stamping your feet like a little child that Willow lost ‘your’ belt to me at King of OCW.

Sophia: Well Casey, let me remind you that it was YOU that lost it to me first (Sophia smirks).

Sophia: But you know what Casey, I can't not give you your due credit for everything you've done here. Just like you said yourself- you're a 3 time Women’s champion. You're the ONLY woman in the OCW Hall of Fame. Watching you way back when inspired me to come here someday and show the world what I'm made of.

Sophia: If it weren't for you, I might not be standing here in front of all of these lovely people here today.

Sophia: ...But Casey… if it weren't for ‘me’... reviving the Women's wrestling division here on OCW, your 'niece' over here would may never have gotten her start. We've made the division relevant again.

Sophia: ...If it weren't for me... 'you' may have remained just another inactive, has-been plaque in the Hall of Fame. I've made YOU relevant again.

Sophia: Sooo, HUN, as far as your little proposal for Summercide… You and me…

The camera pans in closer as Sophia looks directly in.

Sophia: ...I ACCEPT.

Crowd pops!

Oh, and one more thing… I sure hope Gertrude has saved a seat for you. I'm going to send you back to the retirement home where you belong.

Mic drop, thud.



The camera pans to the announce team.


You tell her Sophia. Casey got nothing on you!

She's brave I give her that.

Loki: Trance, your hair is soooo curly.

Loki along with Trance and some doctor guy that we neglected to give a name to last time we did this were all standing just outside of a brown bricked hospital. Loki was playing with Trance’s hair and it was making Trance nervous. The doctor from the night before was watching curiously.

Loki: And doctor, your smile is so wide! Oh I love you guys.

Loki wrapped Trance in a tight hug. Trance looked very nervous now.

Doc, what's wrong with him?

Doctor: I told you he might be different…

Trance forcefully pushed Loki off but it was difficult due to Loki constantly shifting grip.

Loki, go play with that butterfly.

Trance pointed off vaguely. Loki’s eyes widened and he scampered off in a deranged mess of arms and legs.

That’s not Loki!

Doctor: Maybe it actually is….

Trance: He’s acting like a retarded puppy… Do you realise how sad child viewers would be at that mental image? And you’re responsible!

Doctor: But it was…

Trance: You. Are. Responsible!

Trance: Look, is this going to wear off? He’s meant to wrestle tonight, or can you give him something else to maybe… Chill him out?

Loki: Snow is chill. But chill is not snow. You can’t be snow without being chilled, yet to be chilled is not an indication of snow.

Trance: Yes Loki, snow is chill...

The doctor shifts uncomfortably on his heels: Well by all means he can compete. I don’t think I did that much damage. Loki, what is two times two?

Loki: Five. Prime. Following four and preceding six. Divisors 1 and 5. Binary 1012. Greek expression E, the atomic number of boron. Tornadoes of highly destructive nature can be labeled as F-5, and of course the number of senses.

Doctor:....Well that was still impressive….

Trance: You idiot! He still got the answer wrong!

Doctor: Look. Taking the medication has effects, these effects can be more impactful early on in the regiments. In a few hours he will be more...normal. He should be able to compete in the match, but I wouldn't expect….Loki.

Loki ran up to Trance and looked him directly in the eye: To Turmoil we must go!

With that Loki ran full speed to Trance’s car. He must have misjudged the distance because he smacked full speed into the door and fell over.

God damn it…

Trance puts his hands into his pockets with an exasperated sigh, heading towards the car as a dazed Loki claws himself back to an upright position using the door handle.

From out of nowhere…

Trance shakes his head and unlocks the car, opening the back door for Loki who scrambles in. Jacob gets in the driver’s side, turning the ignition as the camera fades but not before zooming in on his face, the face of the man who’d happily drive into a river.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Some people can't be saved.

Up next, Shane Scott makes his debut on Turmoil as he fights Vincent Winter's.

It's cold out here tonight.

Winter is coming!


It's a Match!

Vincent Winters


Shane Scott

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The camera pans to the announce team.


That was differnt.

I'm still freezing over here.

Sebastian Abbott strode through the corridors of Terminal Five, a sadistic grin splayed across his moustached features.

Ginger the intern stepped out of a side corridor causing Seb to jump a little.

Seb: By the lords Ginger, maybe I should get you a collar with a bell on it. What do you want?

Ginger: Straight to the point then ok. I obtained amateur footage of an incident that occurred the day after Turmoil 134.

Seb: Look here Ginger, you can't be hanging out in the women's change rooms filming them.

Ginger: Wait what? No. This footage taken from a patron at the Black Angus bar, if you care to have a look?

Seb shrugged and Ginger handed his ipad to him with the footage already playing.

The grainy footage showed Seb being choked out before he managed to turn the tide in his favour. While the patrons began shouting, over this chaos Seb could be barely heard asking if this was how all pikey's treat gentlemen.

The video stopped playing and Ginger lowered the ipad.

Ginger: The Scottish flag hanging over the bar didn't give it's heritage away?

Abbott glared and shook his head.

Seb: Did you not see me being set upon in that video? That geezer was trying to kill me before I found whatever that was.

Ginger: It was a glass, you pretty much glassed a guy.

Seb: Well it was glass the pikey f*** or be choked out by it. Besides I don't care that it was a Scottish establishment. A pub is a pub and I wanted a drink.

The intern face palmed, obviously not the answer he was looking for.

Ginger: Ok do you have anything to say about joining the Gentlemen Club, attacking Jimmy after his win against Dustin White and Jimmy stating his disappointment in you?

Seb: Another question about a pikey.I joined the G-Club yes, their vision is something I can relate to. As for Jimmy being disappointed in me, f*** him the pikey git who does he think he is? My late father? I can't wait to help Large Ed to beat on this dress wearing bastard.

Ginger: Fair enough I guess... Um can I ask what exactly is the vision of the Gentlemen Club?

Seb: For the answer to that question you'll need to ask Jack or his associate Barney. Now if that's all, I have to find Gentle Jack and go over some legal things that will likely stem from that little altercation.

Ginger: Well actually I do, you left me a surprise in my kit bag. I was surprised to see that it was a new attire rather than a turd. However I would've preferred the turd.

Seb: Ha yea I thought you'd be like that. Next time you wrestle wear it. Catch you around Stephan.

Before Ginger could speak, Seb was gone and the intern stood alone wondering who the Brit would find next to beat on him...



The camera pans to the announce team.


Looks like Seb is trying to make a name for himself.

He's a smart man.