Live from TERMINAL 5 in NYC


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The camera pans to the announce team.


Hello and welcome to Turmoil.

What a show we have in store for you all tonight.

We are no longer traveling the roads and for the first time ever for us Randy... We are live at Terminal 5.

Yeah Mugen soon put a halt to our traveling plans.

So Terminal 5 is now the home for Thursday night Turmoil.

Looks like the Turmoil champion is on his way out to the ring.


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Malu holds the Turmoil Championship high in the air one more time before before lifting the mic to his mouth with the other hand.

Whoever booked this match tonight I want to say thank you. You’ve put two men I don’t like in the ring with me and a man I haven’t had the pleasure of crushing across from me as well. If I had it my way I’d be able to run through all three of them tonight. But I must team with Jackson.

Malu: I know what you’re thinking, can I trust him? I think the answer is yes. Why Malu? Why can you trust Jackson?

Malu looks like he’s thinking.

I can trust him because after the beating I gave him at the King of OCW he knows not to try and cross me. I’m going to put his actions last week aside and look toward Dennis and this B-17 character.

Malu: I have nothing against B other than he’s across the ring from me in the match, So because I’m indifferent about him I’m going to give him a fourth option for tonight’s match. He can tap, snap, nap or just stay on the apron and let me tear Dennis limb from limb.

Malu smiles.

Dennis on the other hand doesn’t have that luxury. I’m hurt him. Everytime he just off the ropes he’s going to met with a slam. Everytime he tries to kick me… another slam. If he tries to get me from the top rope, I’ll move out of the way, then you guessed it slam! Dennis is going to see what it is like to be in the ring with a real champion. For his sake maybe something will rub off on him.

Malu: And Dennis just so you know, I watched Riot, and I saw you trying to talk to Mugen. If he wants to deal with me he knows where to find me. I’ll smack his ass too if I have to. You all need to understand I do this for my own amusement. I enjoy hurting people and breaking spirits. I relish being a destroyer. It doesn’t matter who it is, when beastmode is on the beatings begin!

Malu slams the mic down and heads up the ramp.



The camera pans to the announce team.


Beastmode begins tonight.

I wouldn't like to be Dennis or B-17 tonight.


Scene opens with us in view of the Dia de los Muertos logo. As the camera begins to zoom out, we begin to notice that the logo is happens to be on the back of the same black 1959 Cadillac hearse that we seen on Riot a couple of days earlier. The doors on the hearse then begin to open, as Skull Face #1, Skull Face #2, Skull Face #3 and Sugar Skull begin to exit the car. The members of Dia de los Muertos walk towards us and stops.

Sugar Skull -
Esta noche, no será formalidades. OCW, sabes quien soy. Usted sabe quiénes somos. Hasta este punto hemos aquí a divertirse y a pasar un buen rato. A partir de esta noche, ha cambiado. Debido a los acontecimientos recientes que algunos de ustedes pueden o no sabe, que nos mantuvo fuera de Turmoil la semana pasada, una cierta mamadora de pene que aún no damos el placer de nombrar, ha arruinado nuestra diversión. Nuestro buen momento. Así, a partir de esta noche, arruinamos su.

Sugar Skull - Como la mayoría de ustedes podría haber visto en OCW Riot de esta semana, Día de los Muertos ha crecido y ampliado. Pronto Turmoil y significa muy pronto, que el final será aquí. El final está llegando. Se está haciendo más y más y no hay nada que alguno de ustedes puede hacer para detenerlo. Y Día de los Muertos estarán allí para celebrar. Para celebrar la muerte. La muerte que todos ustedes han traído a vosotros mismos. Al final solo han creado.

Scene cuts to the announce team.


The camera pans to the announce team.


I wish I understood what she was saying.

You and me both.


A white ‘94 Ford F-150 sputters into the parking garage at the arena. After circling for a bit, a suitable parking spot is chosen, and the truck pulls in and the engine is killed. Out of the truck steps Adam Adams, one of OCW’s newest potential recruits. He slings his red duffel bag over his shoulder and makes his way to the security officer manning the entrance door.

Security Officer: Name?

Adams gives his name to the officer and the guard begins to scan his list for the name.

Security Officer: This would be much easier if they would at least give me a list in alphabetical order. Oh, here it is. Adam Adams. You’re listed on here as a guest. You’re not a wrestler?

Adam Adams: Well, I hope to wrestle here some day. Some talent scouts saw me at a show and invited me here to see how things run around OCW. I’m just here to watch tonight.

Security Officer: Be careful who you associate with. We have some really interesting characters around this place.

Adam Adams: I’ll keep that in mind.

Adams makes his way past the officer and into the corridors of the arena. He finds the locker room and heads in. Finding what appears to be an open locker, he tosses his duffel bag inside and sits on the bench and begins speaking to no one in particular.

Adam Adams: It might actually be happening. I just might get the chance to wrestle for OCW if I play my cards right tonight.

At that point, Adams is caught off guard by two voices just outside of the locker room door.

Voice 1: That’s two weeks in a row now. Last week with Jack Quinn having his bowel issues and now I hear that Caleb Reeves dropped his phone into the toilet after Jack used it. Now he can’t use his GPS to find the arena. We really need to find some more reliable people.

Voice 2: Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’ll make this right.

Voice 1: Better hurry up then. I’m scheduled to go on next.

The door to the locker room bursts open and in walks a booking agent, presumably one of the voices from the other side of the door. He looks at Adams.

Booking Agent: Who are you? Oh, nevermind who you are? Are you a wrestler?
Adam Adams: Well, kind of. I’m just here to ---

Booking Agent: Do you have gear with you?

Adam Adams: Yeah, it’s here in ---

Booking Agent: Entrance music?

Adam Adams: I can use something from ----

Booking Agent: Great. Hurry up and lace up your boots. You’re going on next.

Before Adam Adams can ask any questions, the booking agent is out the door. Adam looks around dumbfounded as to what just happened. After sitting there for a few minutes, he puts on his gear and makes his way towards the entrance. As he nears the stage, he notices the door leading to the entrance technician's room. Knocking on the door, Adams heads in.

Adams: Hi, my name is Adam Adams, I guess I’m filling in on the show this week. I stopped in to give you my music.

Entrance Tech: Surprise, surprise. Of course I can just cater to the will of the wrestlers at their beck and call. Francis, could you play my music when I run out to interrupt that match? Francis, we had another wrestler no show, could you redo all of the pyro on the fly? Francis do this. Francis do that. And how much credit do I get when the show goes off without a hitch? None. None! Give me your damn music and I’ll cue up something on the x-tron for when you walk out. Now go!

Adams hands him his phone and has his entrance song ready to go and makes his way to the stage to get ready to head to the ring.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Big night for that young man Randy.

Indeed Tom, the new kid on the block is in action next against TJ Stevens.

It's a Match!

TJ Stevens


Adam Adams

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The camera pans to the announce team.


Big win for that man.

Statement has been made.


Stacy Clarke is seen wandering backstage until she reaches a dressing room labelled "Double J'agermeister". She looks at it slightly bewildered and knocks cautiously.

Jordan Jax, sporting black out shades, peeps his head out as he opens the door. His face lights up upon noticing Stacy and he opens the door fully. He wears a dull orange t-shirt with "Jordan Jax Jagerbomb" written on it in green text.

Stacy: Jordan, last week you were scheduled to fight Sebastion Abbot but he failed to appear for the match. Do you have any words for him?

Jordan: Hey Stacy, look, all I'll say is sorry to the THOUSANDS..........

Jordan: And thousands of fans who paid hard earned money to watch the double Jagermeister take on /that/ double J-broni...

Jordan: Hey, reality check, bro. I'm here to stay. I don't really care who it is I fight, anybody, any time, any place. I'm READY, bro.

Stacy: So is that an open challenge to Sebastion?

Jordan: Nah, he had his shot. I gave his boy a Worldstar beatdown already. He obviously don't want none of this.

Jordan: I'm the hottest new guy on this roster and he's sinking quicker than the freaking Titanic. I'm guessing he won't give a crap but hey, that's why he's a sinking target.

Jordan: I gave my phone number out to the fans LIVE on Turmoil two weeks ago and my phone stopped working cos of the number of freakin calls I got. Some of you ladies will get called back for sure though, how you doin?

Stacy: So where do you see yourself heading?

Jordan: It's my job to perform for you guys-

Jordan points towards the camera motioning at the fans.

Jordan: and entertain you guys. I'll just keep plugging away and fighting, and fighting and fighting, over and over and over.

Jordan: Until I get my shot, whatever that is, where-ever, whenever and whoever. Fuhgeddaboudit! I'll take that shot. I'm clutch in the moment baby. The Double J'agermeister's dirty drawers got winning streaks all in em'. Capiche?

Stacy: Capiche?

Jordan: Fuhgeddaboudit!

Stacy is seen rolling her eyes and turns away from the camera as the scene fades out.

The camera pans to the announce team.


The hell is a fuhgeddaboudit?

Be careful what you wish for Jordan.


Sebastian Abbott was walking through the arena corridors when he ran into a returning Jimmy Henry.

Seb: So you're finally back.

Jimmy looked up and turned away.

Seb: Just trying to be friendly, plus I am a fellow "Eurotrash piss ant" or whatever that Jack guy said last week.

Jimmy opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Ginger the intern.

Ginger: Oh Jimmy Henry wow, big fan. Glad to see you're back. Before I ask you some questions, If I may. You should stay away from Mr Abbott here, he's been pretty sour since losing at the pay per view.

Seb's lip twitched as he started towards the intern, however Jimmy stepped in the way.

Jimmy: Easy Seb, he's just a kid trying to do his job. I saw that match at King of OCW, and I must say I was impressed. You've come a long way in the last six months, I actually thought you were going to win. But young Denzel is quick.

Ginger: Impressed? He's nothing but a ...

Jimmy cut Ginger off this time, to calm the tension that was visibly rising.

Jimmy: Now, now, Stephen. I've also been impressed watching your matches, not bad for a sports journalism student. Interesting choice of costume, mind.

Ginger: He made it.

Jerking a thumb towards Seb, Ginger was blushing a little. As the intern opened his mouth Abbott cut in.

Seb: Jimmy this is rather boring listening to Ginger here, Good luck with the Gentlemen's club tonight.

Abbott extended his hand towards Jimmy who just stared it.

Seb: No funny business, I genuinely wish you luck tonight.

Ginger: Don't do it Jimmy, he suckered me two weeks ago. I'm sure he'll get you too.

After a moment of awkward silence passed, Jimmy grabbed Seb's hand and shook it.

Seb: Catch you around Jimbob. Stay sharp Ginger, I left a present in your kit bag. Hahaha.

Jimmy and Ginger stood there as Seb walked off.

Ginger: Oh god please don't be a turd...

Jimmy shrugged and made his way towards the locker rooms leaving Ginger standing alone, a nervous look stained his face as the camera cut to the next segment...


The camera pans to the announce team.


These guys have a history Tom.

Friend of Foe?