Live From The Legacy Arena In Birmingham, Alabama



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The camera pans to the announce team.


Guess who's back?

That's right people, we're back baby!

We want to thank everyone here on Turmoil because if it wasn't for you guys voicing your opinions. We wouldn't be in a job right now.

We want to especially thank Big ED.

We need to buy that man a drink someday but what a night we have instore Randy.

Indeed, it's so good to be back!


The scene opens to a maroon Jeep wrangler with the top off, parking. Smoke begins to sway in the wind, out of the drivers seat of the Jeep. The cameraman walks closer, as you can see the glow of a cell phone move from the console to in front of the drivers face.

...: Ed?

Ed: Yeah V, what's up?

The camera now shows Versus looking exhausted, bags under his eyes, and slightly confused look, speaking to Ed on his phone.

Versus: Ok, so I didn't smoke any more than I usually do, but my memory's a bit foggy. Soooooo...where's Riot this week. I see OCW logos everywhere, but all these people...I don't know them.

Ed: Riot was 2 days ago. Where the hell did you go?

Versus: I think I saw that virgin guy and his smoke manager. I definitely saw a giant guy in fancy disco pants, and I'm pretty sure Alex Trebek is singing Biggie songs in my ear. I mean...it seems like an OCW crowd, but something screams "ain't right".

Ed: Wait...you're at Turmoil. But...

Versus: You can't say that word Alex Trebek, you're an old white man, it's not a good look. Wait...Turmoil? Like..."where FPR goes to die" Turmoil?

Ed: Exactly.

Versus: I wonder if I'll be allowed to do this, or if someone's gonna complain to the GM and not allow me to. Hmmm....do I have a match here?

Ed: No.

Versus: Sketch?

Ed: No.

Versus: Well what the hell am I doing here?

Ed: You're a mess and you shouldn't be driving, so get inside, out of the drivers seat, and just do what you do everywhere you go, make friends. Definitely eat...you need food and water. I mean you're a legend they should welcome you with open arms...or death threats.

Versus: Well...at least that's similar to Riot. Just stay on the phone with me for a few in case I need you to get me and Alex credentials or something.

Versus slaps on his backpack and starts walking towards the terminal 5 entrance. The security guard doesn't even look up.

Security: Name?

Versus: Versus...(singing along with hallucination Alex Trebek) relax and take notes, while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke...

The security guard stops, looks up and drops his pen.

Security: Wow...I have to say it's awesome meeting you. My friends and I are HUGE fans.

Versus: Cool man, thanks!

Security: Can I have an autograph?

Versus: Yeah sure.

The security guard stumbles around for a paper and pen, but can't find anything worth autographing. Versus notices this and reaches in his backpack.

Versus: Here man, hold on.

Versus takes out a V-Vaporizer (copyright Versus 2016), grabs a sharpie from the table, signs "Stay high! Versus and Alex Trebiggie" and hands it to the security guard.

Versus: Use this in good health my man.

Security: Holy ****!!

Versus: I can go in, right?

Security: Yeah, of course. Here's a pass that'll get you anywhere you want...not that you'll need it.

Versus: Anywhere? Like...no GM, or security, or wrestler or booker can stop me?

Security: Only if the police are called and you're arrested.

Versus talks into his phone.

Versus: Ed, I'm good man, I'll call you in a bit.

Ed: You're definitely not good, but cheers bud.

Versus walks into the building, and you can hear the security guard calling his friends and start to tell them what had just happened, but you hear him say "Alex Trebiggie?!" as the scene fades to black.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Such a classy man.

What would we do without him?



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Malu: Tonight is the night Turmoil. Tonight is the night that I do what Jackson couldn’t do. I put an end to this little run that the TV Champion has been on. He may run around with his little blonde mouthpiece claiming to be Turmoil’s King, but like I said last week the only king around these parts holds the gold strap I have in my hands right now.

Malu: To hear anyone say otherwise is disrespectful and an insult to me and everything I’ve come to stand for. I mean it says a lot that Dennis has been Television champion for so long, you might even say he’s the face of Turmoil right now. Not only is he the longest reigning champion on Turmoil but he’s been the steady hand while my belt has been taken through the mud. The man has even gone to Riot and showed those guys a thing or two. But he hasn’t gone through me.

The crowd boos the champion.

Malu: A waist your breath I couldn’t care less. The fact is on this show I’m the new gatekeeper. Anyone wants anything they go through me. Anything I want I take. If you have a problem with that I’m a fair man. I’ll give you three choices. You can Tap, Snap, or take a nap. Dennis has those three choices tonight and who ever I step in the ring with from here on out does as well.

Malu: Dennis I know you’re in the back getting ready and the blonde is filling your head with false hope. So I hope you are listening to this if you haven’t heard anything else I’ve said out here. I am your king! I am your king from today until my last day as champion! You want to change that Dennis, then you step up tonight, or sit your ass back down with the little boys in the back.

Malu drops his mic as his music begins to play in the arena. As he walks up the ramp championship on his shoulder the camera catches Malu snatch a hand full of popcorn from an unsuspecting fan before the cutting to the announce team.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Malu is a beast. I knew in our absence he would become the champion of Turmoil.

Well we were live at King of OCW Randy and we saw the carnage that is Malu.



Ginger the intern walked into the locker room with purpose, he looked around and spotted Sebastian Abbott doing some stretches in the corner.

Ginger: Why did you hit me last week?

Abbott stopped his stretches and looked at Ginger with disdain.

Seb: I wasn't in the mood to talk about my loss at king of OCW, it was too fresh a wound to go back and relive. Me hitting you was strike two and three, I tell you to bog off and what do you do? You continue to push.

Ginger: Still you didn't have to hit me.. Anyway you've been knocked down to the bottom of the pile now, you have to face a new kid called Jordan Jax tonight. That has to be a blow to that ego of yours, seeing as you went from TV title contender to low card talent.

The intern smirked as his last comment stung Seb hard, the look on the Brit's face would bring joy to Ginger for weeks to come.

Seb: Low card talent? I should knock your block off, again. However I didn't enjoy that last time so I'll ignore that quip. As for Jordan Jax, I have no idea who he is but lets just say I have an ace up my sleeve for this match.

Ginger shied away as Seb looked at him with a hint of malice, the intern quickly got his courage back and asked another question.

Ginger: Last week after you hit me, Joey the cameraman told me you went off with a guy named Barry. Care to share what that was all about?

Seb: Well Barney is apparently some sort of attorney or crappy head doctor guy, thinks I'd benefit from having friends.

Ginger: Soo you're now friends with a homeless man and this Barry fellow? That's pretty sad if you ask me.

Seb: Hey now I told Barney that I'd get back to him. As for the tramp, he kind of met his end when they found his body hanging from a men's public bathroom.

Ginger: Really?

Seb: Yea he enjoyed Madison's under garments a bit too much, police said he looked like Michael Hutchinson when they found him.

Ginger: That's disgusting... Well I'm put off my lunch. Good luck against Jax, you'll need it.

Before Seb could get a hold of the smart arsed intern, Ginger was out the locker room door and home free.

Seb: Little gob shite, I have a surprise for him later tonight.

Abbott went back to stretching a smirk crossed his face as he thought about his upcoming match...



I wonder what kind of surprise Seb is talking about?

I have a feeling not the good kind of surprise Randy.



“Fate” by Blaze Bayley begins to play through the speakers, a theme foreign to Turmoil. Out walks a new sight to the OCW fans, an individual whom they’ve yet to see. News broke three weeks ago regarding the signing of third generation star Alex Fischer, and the fans in attendance can’t help but wonder if he is in fact the very man walking down the ramp. Chants and cheers are absent from the scene as the fans aren’t quite sure how to react to this stranger. They’ll know soon enough, however, as an unnamed staff member at ringside hands him a microphone.

???: “’Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch existence.’ Vince Lombardi."

The man pauses for a moment, letting the quote linger in the air before continuing.

???: “I come from a wrestling bloodline. My father was a wrestler, my grandfather was a wrestler, and y’know what those two had in common? They were the cream of the crop. They were champions, and they called themselves perfect every single time they opened their mouths. And for a long time I looked up to them. As a kid I’d see my father and just think he really was what he said while he was on television. I looked past the ego, I looked past the cheating, but now when I look back on my father’s career I feel shame."

???: "Hard not to whenever the man I’m supposed to look up to is resorting to low blows and leverage pins to win every match. Before I could even comprehend what life was I wanted to be a wrestler, to be a sort of reincarnation of my father. That changed whenever I realized what he was. See one day…one day my father didn’t come home."

???: "It wasn’t until two days after he was gone that he phoned home and informed my mother he was getting a divorce. Frustrated as I was, I looked into everything about him to figure out why. It was around then that it sank in that my hero was nothing more than a selfish fiend who leeched off anyone and everyone to get by in life."

???: "An example no doubt inspired by my grandfather, who immigrated from Germany and spent his entire career preaching the superiority of the fatherland. Realizing all this destroyed the narrative of a history I could respect…and it also inspired me."

???: “Funny, I know, but it inspired me to continue training and aiming to become a wrestler. Low and behold I did just that, not just ‘cause I wanted to, but because I had to. My family’s image has tarnished by two buffoons who only thought and cared about themselves."

???: "When people hear my surname, they cling to their valuables and give me a look of pure disgust. I’m going to change that. I’m going to drag my name out of the mud, polish it off, and make it a name to proud of. I’m going to redeem my family for generations to come. Furthermore I’m going to condemn my predecessors’ cheating ways and show that you don’t have to be a corporate shill to get to the top."

???: "My name is Alex Fischer. I’m not going to stand here and demand respect; I am going to earn it. I’ve spent the last year trying to find my place in the industry, trying to be somebody, and now I have my opportunity here in OCW. An opportunity I refuse to take for granted. Starting now Alex Fischer is going to give it everything he has. Starting now Alex Fischer is a Turmoil superstar. And starting right now, I swear to you, I am going to begin a journey straight for that Turmoil Championship!“

There are some cheers from the crowd.

Alex Fischer: “I’m not going to dance around the fact that climbing the ladder is the most difficult task around, especially with my morals. There’s a locker room full of talent back there, and I’m certain a lot of those men would be more than happy to come shut me up. But even if I get knocked down, I’ll get back up. I can lose a million times and I’d still drag my body up and throw it back into the ring. It’s not about getting a paycheck for me."

Alex Fischer: "It’s about pride. It’s about honor. It’s about showing the world that I’m good enough to not only be more successful than my father, but I can be more of a man than he ever was. Honesty is infused with every word I speak, and honestly, I can’t say for sure if I will end up being successful. It’d be foolish to just assume I can waltz on in here and just get a title no questions asked. Life isn’t like that. Though no matter how long it takes or however much pain I’ll go through, I will make my dream come true."

Alex Fischer: "I will make the Fischer name the name synonymous with wrestling, and I will march to the gates of Hell if need be. I am on a mission, a mission that I’m going to see to the end. Whether it concludes with confetti falling from the ceiling or with a life in poverty is anyone’s guess, but as long as there’s still air in these lungs, I’m going to keep chasing that title and one day, when the stars align and destiny has its way, I will have the honor of calling myself a champion.”

As Alex Fischer continues to talk, a somewhat familiar face appears on the x-tron, looking slightly confused as he looks around, presumably, the confines of the x-tron itself.

Stevens: Woah... I'm in a giant box...

The fans chuckle as the man realises what's happening.

Stevens: Oh, right, short and sweet they said... So... I don't actually have an opponent for tonight, Jack Quinn is suffering from explosive diarrhea and I haven't been on television in a long, long time... I guess I should welcome you to Turmoil, but the main thing here is...

TJ trails off, scratching his head as if trying to remember.

Stevens: Oh, that's right... I need an opponent tonight, and you seem to have a free night and are keen enough... So, if you want to fill in then I've been given permission to find someone to wrestle. I mean...

TJ sighs.

Stevens: I'll still get paid even if I don't wrestle, or so I'm promised but, that's no fun. So what do you say?

Alex replies almost immediately, excitement clearly audible in his voice.

Alex Fischer: “You’re on, pal. I’ll make you work for that pay!”

And with that the deal was made. Tonight was to be Alex’s first night in the ring…but how would he fair against TJ Stevens?



The camera pans to the announce team.


Bold words from the new guy on the block Alex Fischer.

Why are they heading backstage? I am being told that match is next.

Oh well, it's a good job them boys were already dressed to compete.

This should be a good match.


It's a Match!

TJ Stevens


Alex Fischer

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The camera pans to the announce team.


The future is looking bright.

I wonder where they will go from here?



Jordan Jax and Stacy Clarke stand backstage. Jordan wears his signature shining white faux-fur overcoat. He wears shutter shades in a bright purple colour and stands twisting his long beard. He stares down at the floor and avoids eye contact with the host until they begin to speak.

Stacy Clarke: I stand here with Jordan Jax, the newest rookie to the OCW. Jordan, you are on the cusp of your first official match facing Chico Blanco. How do you feel?

Jordan Jax: How do I feel? This is crunch time baby, game six Michael!

Jordan Jax: Jordan, Tyson, Jackson, whoever! Phil Collins In The Air Tonight moment. Steph Curry, SWISH!

The crowd cheers as Jax lists off notable popular celebrities.

Jordan Jax: In all seriousness, I'm coming well prepared.

Jordan Jax: I've done my dirt on Sebastion Abbot. Or should I say, the dirt is on him from the time he got dumped off on that trash boat. Bro, you're trash!

Jordan draws his phone and displays a picture of Sebastion Abbot, with his mustache photoshopped to be even longer, and to give him a face full of make-up.

Jordan Jax: Shout out to Seb though, making a career off of looking like a transgender burlesque dancer covered in pee!

Stacy Clarke: Don't you think these comments could spur him on to give you a-

Jordan Jax interrupts, grabbing a bottle off screen and bringing it on in hand.

Jordan Jax: Seb Abbot has nothing to prove against the Double J-agermeister.

Jordan Jax: He's been there, done that, entered King of OCW, got beat at King of OCW.

Jordan Jax: Thrown hands with some of the best of them, got thrown into a pile of trash by some of the best of them.

Jordan Jax takes a quick swig at the unknown bottle.

Jordan Jax: All I know is this, I'm gonna knock back some of these "Double J-ager Bombs"-

Jordan flashes his artificially whitened teeth and shows the bottle of Jagermeister, endorsed with a Jordan Jax' photo.

Jordan Jax: Walk on down to that ring, and stick my size eleven boot right up that double J-broni's ass!

Stacy Clarke: Thank you for your time Jordan. Now back over to the arena where I believe Seb Abbot is about to make his entrance.

The camera shoots back over to a shot of the main stage.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Look at the mouth on these newbies Tom?

It's okay as long as they can back it up once it's time to fight.