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Mugen pulls a microphone from a pocket inside his extremely ridiculous Willy Wonka inspired jacket. Mugen is twirling the baseball bat in his hand like he would with an Asian beat stick as he soaks in the crowd's reaction. The camera phones are out in full force in the Manhattan Center taking pictures of the Overlord of OCW as he begins to speak.

Mugen: Welcome to Riot known tonight as.......The Magnificent Massacre of Mugen's Mind!

The crowd cheers for the ridiculous name given to Riot for the night.

Mugen: I know you guys love this custom made jacket. Doesn't it look like I'm the one pulling the strings here?

Mugen starts cackling at his joke as he tugs on the tassels on his sleeve.

Mugen: See, not only am I an excellent wrestler, an amazing restaurateur, and award winning author but I am also an artist. I paint vivid pictures.....vivid pictures of destruction and violence which I will present to you tonight. You ask how? Easy!

Mugen motions towards the entrance ramp. We see OCW backstage staff bringing out a variety of containers that seem to contain chairs, baseball bats and more kendo sticks.

Following the initial wave of staff members, the remaining staff start bringing out ladders and tables. The mess of weapons surround the ring that Mugen is standing in. One last staff member slides in a duffel bag towards Mugen.

Mugen: For I, The Lord of the Lariat, The Leader of the Free World, The Overlord of OCW has made every match tonight....... EXTREME RULES.

The crowd roars at the announcement of guaranteed violence tonight.

Mugen: I am a hardcore legend and I thought to myself, what do these bloodthirsty fans want to see. The answer was clear so....as a sign of good faith to my loyal fans, I have provided every wrestler with a smörgåsbord of weapons to use tonight.

Mugen walks towards the ringside cameraman and looks directly into the camera.

Mugen: Yes Paul, you can use a weapon tonight when you face off against K'Dangelo. But..............I wouldn't want to anger a man of his size, especially one that has been taking Buffblaster. I wish you good luck my friend! I really really really do hope that you are able to make it to our title match at 100%. Now to other pressing matters.....

Mugen turns around reaches down towards the duffel bag that was slid into the ring before. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a barbwire wrapped kendo stick. Mugen throws the bat that he was holding earlier out of the ring and nearly hits a fan in the front row.

Mugen: You might be asking what this is for? Well that's easy. This is a first class ticket to Painville for The Inner Circle.....and there is no senior citizen discount here. You think that you still have some clout in OCW? Wake up, Sensation isn't around any more so you can't Inner Circle Jerk each other off. The Purge is in power.

The crowd boo at the disrespect that Mugen is giving to the Inner Circle.

Mugen: Now hold on hold on, I'm not usually the one to disrespect my elders but.... Majin, Versus and Stv you have tested my patience for the past few weeks.

Mugen drops the fortified Asian beatstick into the bag.

Mugen: But in this new era, I'm fair and I care. So, I'll make a deal with you. I won't use this vicious weapon on you and I will also give you the opportunity of a lifetime. If you can beat us tonight, I'll seriously think about telling you where Sensation is.

Mugen jumps onto the second rope and stares at the hard camera.

Mugen: Who's going to be my partner? Eh it won't matter because all I know is that somebodys going to be hanging onto dear life in the ring tonight. Inner Circle................good luck out there.

Mugen flashes a smile as he starts laughing maniacally again. The scene cuts out.

The camera pans to the ramp!

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Tyler Rose looks around as Donovan Mercer's music plays for a good minute with nobody coming out from the back.

I thought this would happen. You!

He points at a surprised member of the front row audience, a young Italian looking man who doesn't look like he's wrestled a day in his life. Tyler takes a disgusting looking mask out of his boots and tosses it at the man.

You're a luchador now. Let's have some fun.

It's a Match!
Tyler Rose vs Frank From Joisey

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Scene opens outside the Riot Arena, a midnight blue Lotus Evora Sport 410 pulls up the back entrance but there is a security checkpoint. The car pulls up and the window rolls down, Kassidy pops his head out and tries to wave the security team out of the way but they don't move. Kassidy steps out of the car and walks up,

Is there a reason you asshats won't let me into the building?

A man in the security line up talks through his walkie;

He is here.

From the back right side of the parking lot Mugen can be seen walking down.

You aren't suppose to be here dummy, didn't you get the Memo?

Kassidy: I have business to attend to inside that building, I need

Mugen: And I had business you messed up, you know how many refunds were requested when you no showed one of MY shows? When you threw a hissy fit after Losing at lution and didn't feel the need to show up at Unleashed. Now you're Suspended from Riot dummy, get lost.

Kassidy tries to step forward closer to Mugen but the line of security pick up and place their nightsticks into Kassidy's chest. Kassidy backs off with a pure look of aggravation and disdain, Kassidy gets his car and drives away.