OCWFED.com Presents Riot



New Mexico!


The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to a Special Sunday Action Packed, Compact Edition of Riot!

Clever wordplay there!

Times are tough, but that's no excuse not to provide some hard hitting action!

You're really trying to hard!

We turn to the backstage area, where Johnny Law is on his laptop typing away, while Drago stares at a nearby poster. Johnny calls Drago over.

Johnny Law: Check this out, I got the scoop on your opponent tonight. The dude who's been all the champions here? He used to be a boy scout.

Drago looks confused as Johnny continues.

Johnny Law: His full name is Matthew Sudaski, born in Poland, raised in New York, New York. Kid was in the Boy Scouts for years, some say he still wears the uniform at nights by himself, apparently it gives him that warm feeling inside, you know?

Drago Cesar: Johnny.....

Johnny Law: .....The guy also went on a rampage across town too on copious amounts of booze and cocaine, destroying public property and the like.......

Drago Cesar: Johnny.

Johnny Law: And then this guy has the AUDACITY to j-

Drago Cesar: JOHNNY.

Johnny stops talking and looks at Drago.

Drago Cesar: This is not the Suda Sun Bear I'm ask you to look at. This is some.....guy. The Suda Sun Bear is completely different, is the rarest breed of bear in world, found in the Southeast Asia. Is almost endangered species too, which is important because I'm need to capture him and send him back to the home so that his "family" does not destroy him! THIS......I don't know where you get this from.

Johnny Law: Well I looked up "Matt Suda" on Google and that's what I found!

Drago Cesar: You still have much to learn Johnny. But soon the Suda Sun Bear will be taken to the safety! After all, Johnny...

Drago raises his arms in some sort of a pre-victory pose.


Johnny shrugs as the segment fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Drago Ceaser vs. Matsuda, thats going to be a barn burner and it's going to be tonight!

I don't think Drago understands the gravity of the sitation!



After the commercial break!

Voice on Radio: He’s spent his entire career surrounding himself with weaponized minorities! Luke Fuentes? Mugen? Give me a break!

The camera opens, sitting in the backseat of a car. It’s facing the car radio, which Bobby Minio, who sits in the driver’s seat of the parked car, is intently listening to. The voice is familiar, too familiar lately. It’s none other than the man who has been hounding Minio in the media for the last month, Stephen Hailowe, and he is one again running Minio down, this time over local radio.

Stephen Hailowe: I’m just sick of it, you know? I’m sick of people like HIM being in the spotlight. We celebrate the most misogynistic, ignorant, racist bigots and we turn them into heroes!

With his eyes narrowing down to an angry squint, Minio mouths the words “racist? bigot?” incredulously. He is in disbelief, he’s never really heard these claims before. People have called him all kinds of names, they have purported a number of things about him as a person and a character but this stuff, this was new.

Stephen Hailowe: It’s the same old crap. Macho fella beats up anyone who speaks out about him. Oh we’re all so scared! Just another scumbag ‘wrassler’ who thinks he’s relevant!

Radio Host: Some would say your campaign against him is making him relevant?

Stephen Hailowe: How. Dare. You. HOW DARE YOU!!!!

Radio Host: I just-

Stephen Hailowe: ENOUGH. I get it. I know where I am. Where are the red pills, huh ‘bro’? Where do we lift weights and plot out our campaign to oppress women?!

Radio Host: I don’t even know how to res-

Stephen Hailowe: Yeah, defending your own ugly beliefs is reaaal hard isn’t it you MONSTER?

As the argument heats up on the radio, Minio looks more confused than he was when Hailowe was targeting him. Minio shakes his head, he still has no idea how to deal with this situation.

As he stares at the radio waiting for some idea to come to mind, a hand palms the driver side window, causing a startled Minio to hop in his seat. He turns to see the man attached to the hand. It’s none other than his partner in grime, Mugen.

Minio kills the battery on the car, removing his keys and stepping out to bump fists with a grim faced Mugen.

Bobby Minio: You alright brother?

Mugen: Got a lot on my mind. Got a lot to do tonight. When we’re through tonight, I’ll feel a lot better.

Bobby Minio: Don’t get overwhelmed man, we stick to the gameplan and we’ll all be feeling a lot better.

Mugen: Got the goods?

With a grin, Minio reaches into the car and brings out an “OCW Shop Zone” bag, which appears to be half filled with some merchandise.

Bobby Minio: I picked out some good stuff too!

Mugen: Is there a signal?

Bobby Minio: Not really, but I don’t think there will be any question when this all hops off. We even the score up tonight, and this isn’t just for us, but for everyone who has deal with this crap.

Mugen: I can’t wait.

The two men begin walking away toward the arena, before Minio pats Mugen on the shoulder.

Bobby Minio: Here’s where we part ways. Good luck in your match tonight, don’t understand my boy Luke, and I’ll see you later on. C4?

Mugen reaches out for a fist bump which Minio promptly returns.

Mugen: Over everything.

Bobby Minio: Over everything. Watch your back tonight.

Mugen: Always.

They both walk toward separate entrances. Minio begins to reach into the bag and sort through the items as the camera fades out into the next segment.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Just what the hell is this Hailowe's guys problem!

He's standing up for the voice less!