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The cameras start rolling backstage in the parking lot area where some of the superstars are showing and where OCW crew members are seen walking around. Mugen is seen walking away from his rented Nissan 370z with his headphones on and no emotion on his face. As he walks closer to the camera at the entrance to the arena, he stops for a moment and looks off camera to the right.

Mugen: Don't even say it. I don't wanna hear it.

The camera moves to the right to reveal that Mugen was talking to no other than his C4 teammate Bobby Minio who was checking his phone and getting some fresh air before going into the arena. 

Bobby Minio: I didn't say it. But you know damn well its what I want to say to you. Didn't I tell you, his thirst for the gold will get the better of him and break up you two.

Mugen keeps on walking into the arena with his headphones still on. Minio tags along and continues to speak ill about Matsuda.

Bobby Minio: C’mon… you know I warned your ass. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many gold suits you guys dance out in, you’re just not as shiny as a title belt. Me? I’ll always have your back. It ain’t a question. Matsuda is nothing if not questionable.

Mugen is still as stoic as ever trying to zone out Minio

Bobby Minio: You let the guy in. You gave him your trust, and what did he do? He dressed up like a mechanic between jobs and starting following around that toolshed Jacob TRANCE, OF ALL PEOPLE. He burned ya.

Minio is now speaking to entertain himself. He’s gesturing back and forth with each word, looking down as he walks and talks, no longer even looking to Mugen for a reply.

Bobby Minio: Yeah, he burned ya, and to be completely honest... I think I got the better end of the deal when he LITERALLY burned me with a FLAMING TABLE. He burned ya, and now C4 has to come in and put boots to asses. Like always.

Mugen finally gives up and takes his headphones off of his head and puts them around his neck

Mugen: Okay, you can seriously be quiet. I KNOW what happened. I know that I may have overlooked the possibility of him thirsting for my belt. But I...WE can't change what happened. WE have to step it up tonight and fight Trance and our former friend.

Bobby Minio: He was never my friend. In fact, I think he made a concerted effort to injure me further, and thanks to a confused nurse who accidentally left my name on the bed that had Mr. Full Traction Fashion in it, I narrowly avoided THAT setback in my recovery.

Mugen sighs for a moment and nods. 

Mugen: Just remember, I'm always ahead of the curve.

Mugen smiles as he holds out a fist for a fist bump.

Mugen: As for tonight, lets do this the C4 way.

Minio puts out his fist and bumps Mugen's fist.




The camera pans to the announce team.

Good day people, and welcome to episode 397 of Riot!!

Let's get this over with..I'm double parked and I have a hooker tied up in my trunk.





We are taken to the backstage hallways, where OCW's resident animal hunter and World Heavyweight Hunting Champion, Drago Cesar, is looking down the various halls with his "binoculars". Johnny Law is standing right beside him.

Johnny Law: Drago, I don't see anything.

Drago Cesar: Of course you don't Johnny when you don't have advance equipment like mine!

Johnny Law: Those "binoculars" are really nothing more than two paper towel tubes attached to each other with some bubble wrap around them to make them look cool.

Drago stops looking through the binoculars and gives Johnny a stern look.

Drago Cesar: That is what you think, but this have state of art zooming technology! 

Drago looks back through the binoculars and twists one of the ends of the paper towel tubes, zooming in to quite a large degree. Johnny shrugs as suddenly Drago taps him on the shoulder.

Drago Cesar: Johnny! Look! Oh my God!

Drago hands Johnny the binoculars. Johnny sees a stack of midgets standing on each other trying to work with a vending machine. After a brief moment, Johnny puts the binoculars down.

Johnny Law: Those are little people, Drago. Little people just trying to get some snacks.

Drago Cesar: Little people precisely! These "people" belong in only one place, and that is the toy store!

Johnny Law: .....The toy store?

Drago Cesar: Yes! Somehow some evil man controls their minds and using Chinese brainwashing technique, the toys bust out of the toy store and are now trying to kill all......of the humanity.

Johnny looks at Drago, stupefied.

Johnny Law: You're kidding me, right?

Drago Cesar: Johnny, this is what I see in my DREAM. They haunt me for very long time, and now it is time to give them the kick it to the ass! Onward we go to retrieving these toys back to the store!

Drago runs off as Johnny is still looking rather confused.

Johnny Law: .......WHAT?

The feed fades to black.




The Toy Store indeed.

Drago is right...and I hear they smell of cabbage.



The Family continues to grow and they are all present in the room. In the corner, Crowe sits, one leg bent at the the knee, the other is trailed out in front of him. Cobra can be seeing pulling the legs off of a Reckless Kid figure whilst Eli seems to have engaged in a staring contest with Matsuda, who, oddly, isn't even looking up.

Trance: What was it people were saying... C4 over everything?

Jacob chuckles.

Trance: It's funny how that worked out... Isn't it OCW? The group you turned to, the merry little band you put all your hopes on has self destructed and handed me a golden chess piece.

Matsuda looks up, a tell tale smile on his face.

Trance: The family is a collective, fair opportunities for all.

Eli: For all.

Crowe let's out a sigh.

Crowe: What happens tonight, Jacob?

Trance: I would like you, Cobra and Eli to prepare for the pay per view, whilst our chances of taking all of the gold has...

Jacob nods to Matsuda.

Trance: Increased dramatically, we must still be prepared... Don't think I haven't forgotten McGee and his briefcase... Although I might need your special talents to deal with Kelvin, I'm sure he won't be happy that I saved the boondocks.

Crowe wipes his nose and stands, nodding and exiting the room, followed by Eli.

Cobra finishes breaking the legs off of the RK action figure.

Cobra: Oh how I can't wait to do this to you Luke, I mean, c'mon... You tried to beat the patriarch and failed miserably, what makes you think you have a chance against me? 

Trance: Luke, you could have had everything, but you opted to walk the wilderness alone, for that I admire your resolve but I am afraid your choice is fraught with idiocy. I am afraid it will be the end of you, you opted to sing with the devils choir to try and quell your desire. 

Cobra: And that is why I am better than you Luke, I'm just more well rounded, well balanced and I owe it to Father Jacobs teachings, he brought out the best in me.

Matsuda looks up from the floor and motions to Jacob, who waves a hand.

Trance: Cobra, leave us... Hide seeks my council.

Cobra offers a bow to the pair before departing. The scene fades as Matsuda and Trance begin to converse.



This could be the strangest family I've ever seen.

How does RK have an action figure..he's been here like 2 minutes.




Bombshell Action!!





Djesus Djones is seen walking around backstage, Stacy Clark approached him with a mic

CLARK: Djesus, Djesus we haven't seen you since your loss to Drago at Summercide. Can I get your thoughts on that and what your plans are moving forward.

Djesus strokes his beard for a moment mulling over his answer and carefully begins

DJESUS: You see Stacy, Djesus' match and even loss to Drago was all part of Djesus' masterplan to give Drago to confidence in himself to succeed.

Stacy looks skeptical

DJESUS: You see, Djesus allowed Drago to win and by giving him a win over a bonofied superstar like Djesus, Djesus made that kid a star.

STACY: If thats how you wanna see it, how about your plans moving forward, looking to the future?

DJESUS: The skies the limit for Djesus, Djesus just renegotiated his contract so that he can compete rather than just advise talent on their images...

Before Djesus can finish his monologue KD walks by. Djesus sees KD and walks after him completely blowing Stacy off, the camera follows.

DJESUS: HEY! Big KD, its your boy Djesus Djones!

KD stops and looks Djesus up and down, no selling his greeting

DJESUS: KD, boy does Djesus have a proposition for you. Lets reform the greatest Team of all time, THE CONGREGATION between Djesus Djones and Big KD we can dominate all of...

KD raises a hand before Djesus can finish.

KD: What you don't understand Djones, is that I'm the Alpha. I don't need you, I don't need Smythe, I don't need any buster alive to dominate OCW.

KD: OCW is my Garden, and if you don't mind your mouth boy, you might find yourself buried in it.

KD walks off ominously leaving Djesus behind

DJESUS: Hey man, don't sweat it Big KD, Djesus'll talk to you later tonight.





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