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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot!



We cut back from commercial to see Bedlam and Igor enter a room where Cut-Throat and his newly aquired beast, The Kraken , are drinking and playing cards.

Cut-Throat : DEMON!! DEMON!!!

Cut-Throat jumps up from his chair , pointing and screaming in the direction of Igor.

Cut-Throat : Release the Kraken!! Release the Kraken!!!

On command, the mighty Kraken drops her cards, and stands up from her seat, and glares in the direction of Igor.

Bedlam : Whoa , whoa, relax there old chap , put your beast back in her cage, this lil' fellow is Igor...I assure you he is no demon.

Cut-Throat holds his hand up towards the Kraken, and motions for her to hold off the attack.

Cut-Throat : If he not be a demon, then why is his body covered in fur?

Bedlam, realising that Cut-Throat is either A) very drunk , or B) possibly as crazy as Bedlam himself , decides to have some fun.

Bedlam : he is no demon my old lemon, he is a sea monkey, a real life sea monkey!

Igor looks at Bedlam with a look of 'WTF?' on his face, Bedlam winks at him in return.

Cut-Throat : A sea monkey says ye? In all my days on the seven seas, never have I set eyes on a sea monkey in the flesh , only read about them in books, and yet ye claim te have one of your very own?

Cut-Throat : Tell me, sir, if that be a real sea monkey, and not a demon, then why does he have no knees?

They all turn their focus to his legs

Bedlam : That is absurd, he does have [Bedlam looks at Igor]

Bedlam : You do have ? [Igor nods]

Bedlam turns back to Cut-Throat.

Bedlam : He does have knees.

Igor bends at the knee, to cast aside Cut-Throat's absurd theory.

Cut-Throat : Hmmmm....Alright, but I still don't trust ye, that could be witch craft, ye do have the devil's code on ye short after all.

Bedlam : The devil's code?

Cut-Throat : A round banana? Devil's work to be sure!!

Bedlam : This is getting no-where, the sea monkey and I just popped over to see if you, our friendly neighbours could lend us some brown sugar.

Cut-Throat : What???? Ye interrupted me game of dress poker for brown sugar? I should gut ye where ye stand!!

Bedlam looks at Igor.

Bedlam : I'm afraid to ask...[he looks back at Cut-Throat]

Bedlam : 'Dress Poker'?

Cut-Throat : Aye, dress poker...ye have seen me beast...it'd be crazy to try and get clothes off her, when I win, she be putting more clothes on.

Cut-Throat : No good can come of seeing a Kraken , ahem , 'as nature intended'.

Bedlam : Where are we on the sugar my old bean?

Cut-Throat : Who the hell are ye?

Bedlam : Apologies my old spiff, did I not introduce myself? I'm known as 'Bedlam'.

Cut-Throat : 'Bedlam' ye say?

Bedlam : Yes, or, if you like, some of my fans call me the 'people's treasure'.

Cut-Throat eyes suddenly light up.

Cut-Throat : Treasure ye say?

Bedlam : Yes, the people's treasure.

Cut-Throat quickly steps round the side of the table, infront of Bedlam, and spits on his neck.

Cut-Throat : CLAIMED!!!

Bedlam recoils and takes a step back, and begins to wipe the saliva off his neck with a disgusted look on his face.

Bedlam : Excuse me? And why did you just spit on me? That's terribly poor form old bean.

Cut-Throat : I didn't spit on ye, I claimed ye.

He jumps up on the table, sending the cards and drinks crashing everywhere.


Bedlam : Did you just claim me? You can't claim me.

Cut-Throat : Actually, I can.

He removes a small notebook from his pocket, a scribbled 'Pirate's Code' can be seen written in crayon on the front cover.

He flips it open and shows a page to Bedlam

Cut-Throat : Rule 7 of the pirates code : 'When one full blooded pirate of sound mind and spirit . [he points at himself ]

Cut-Throat : That 'd be me.

Cut-Throat : Discovers something of great value or significant worth, i.e treasure

Cut-Throat : In this case, that'd be ye. [ he points at Bedlam]

Cut-Throat : 'Then as long as said discoverer is in spitting distance of said discovery, said discovery may be claimed by discovering party via salivating on said discovery and shouting 'CLAIMED' at the top of their voice.'

Bedlam reads over the page and shrugs his shoulders.

Bedlam : I'll be a square cucumber.

The bizarre discussion continues The Kraken rises from her seat, as we head to commercial.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh for petes sake!

Pete ain't got no claim here son!



The Kraken vs Bertha Stigglitz


The camera pans to the announce team.


Good god almighty!

As Bob as my witless she's been broken in halves.

The camera pans around in the hallway in the backstage area of the OCW arena. A figure quickly walks by the camera and out of the picture. The camera pans around to follow the figure, revealing Raze to be heading down the hallway, heading to Austin Lee's locker room.

I must be stupid, I really must be. I am trusting this guy. The guy that set me up two weeks ago. The guy that says it was a 'coincidence' that I went to the ring and Hollywood got the drop on me.

Raze: Coincidence my a#$

Raze: Anyway...lets see what this genius is doing...

*Raze knocks on the door to Marvelous Austin Lee locker room and heads inside as the camera follows him.*

*sighing* Do I even want to ask what you are doing?

*the camera panning around to reveal Marvelous Austin Lee adjusting his protective padding around his ribs.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: See this is why I said I have a bigger brain than you thirst. *Austin reaches into his bag pulling out a Eli Manning NY Giants jersey as he slides it on to hide the extra padding around his ribs.* See you can't even tell!

Raze: There is no way this is going to work. Please, explain to me how the ref isn't going to happen to notice that you bulked up in less than a week? You're not Sean McGee that can drink a can of Buff Blaster get away with it.

Raze: They still never tested that drink for steroids...

Marvelous Austin Lee: Hey it helps protect every quaterback in the league, no reason it shouldn't help me from the black rack.

Raze: See it is when you come up with s#$% like this that makes you hard to trust. It seems like you always have something up your sleeve.

Marvelous Austin Lee: Hey despite what some people say about me, Specialy some little announcer who wants to slander the good name of #Good Guy Austin Lee. I can assure you that I can be trusted, plus as you can tell I am not even wearing sleeves. But I so have a peace offer #slash celebratory gift for you after I solved the Hollywood problem.

*Marvelous Austin Lee reaches into his bag pulling out two gatorades and throws one to Raze.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: #Thirst Quincher

Raze: Wait, how did you solve the Hollywood problem?

Marvelous Austin Lee: Simple, I played the long game and just held back for 2 weeks and waited for him to do what he does best and disappear.

Raze: That's not how I operate. If anyone makes Hollywood disappear it is going to be me. So this is the plan....

Marvelous Austin Lee: *cutting Raze off* The plan is for you to watch my back and I will watch yours as we rid this company of another man who just needs to disapear into the minor leagues. #Golden Era Chump S bomber.

*Marvelous Austin Lee opening the top to his Gatorade and extends his hand out to cheers Raze.*

Raze hasn't opened his Gatorade or extended it to toast with Austin Lee, but looks uncertain when eyeing Austin Lee

Raze: See, let me be very clear here Aust-

Marvelous Austin Lee: #Good G-

Raze: If you interrupt me again or hash tag again I will break your hand off so you can never hash tag again.

Raze: Now...against my better judgement, I'm going to trust you. If you do anything, and I mean anything, your career here is done.

Now, where were we?

Raze extends his bottle of Gatorade, toasting with Austin Lee, a slight look of concern of Lee's face as the scene fades.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Trouble in town?

No way!