OCWFED.com Presents Riot



Bridgestone Arena



The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Nashville, TN

And Welcome to A Special Monday Night Riot


Father Trance stands in the the ring surrounded by his cult of misguided souls, the Family, who stand by his side like pillars in a storm of crowd disapproval, the OCW Universe in attendance seem not to pleased that the Unholy Father had graced them with his presence.

Alice Malice flees the ring to retrieve a microphone for Trance, so that he could finally make his demands known after a week away from Friday Night Riot.

Taking the microphone in his hands, Jacob takes a deep breath, patting Alice on her head much to her own glee, and finally speaks.

Trance: Brothers and sisters we are here before the storm standing at the precipice of the End of Days. The time has come for you to repent! Follow me and be set free!

The booing crowd clearly is not drinking the Family's brand of poison laced Kool-Aid.

Trance: Two weeks ago I was victorious in my crusade against that wretched should Matsuda--and per the agreement I had with the insolent owner of this company, who clearly put too much faith in the wrong vessel, I have won my family ALL of the title shots at OCW's anniversary show in just a few short weeks.

Trance: All the while like a vulture I will watch the fall of man from the safety of my perch with this--the most prized trinket in the entirety of OCW.

Jacob raises his World Heavyweight Championship to the dismay of those in attendance.

Trance: So to give those in the back ample time to prepare for the apocalypse, I will make my intentions known:

Trance: Brother Cobra will face the failure Hideto Matsuda for his "Eternal" Ex Division Championship.

Trance: Brother Crowe will face the failure's betrayer, Mugen, for his North American Championship.

Trance: And I will watch this all unfold as MY world comes into effect--FOR THERE ARE OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE, AND THIS ONE IS--

"The World is Yours" by Nas hits and the crowd goes wild as the CEO Mr.Sensation walks out to the ramp.

The crowd is as hyped as ever as Our Hero has been in seclusion for the most part.

Still sporting an eye patch brown coat and corn rolls Our Hero surveys the arena.
The crowd is on there feet. As Our Hero points to the ring.

Our Hero:
Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.....

The Crowd Cheers!

Our Hero:
You may travel across the planes, but this is my world!

Our Hero and the Crowd: And You're JUST PAYING RENT!

Our Hero: One would think that by allowing you to for-fill your prophecy and finally become OCW Champion that you would be content with that notion. But sadly you have decided that you would be best served snorting the Kool-Aid your serving as opposed to drinking it.

Our Hero: And thus I am left with only one statement.

Our Hero: No!

Our Hero: Week in, and Week Out, you make mention to me. As I have said in the past, keep my name out your dental!

Our Hero: You don't make the rules, no matter how unkempt you beard is, now matter how stupid Eli looks, now matter how creepy Cobra is, I make the rules and you play the game.

Our Hero: So you best be advised to speak to the Celestial Dawn Maker, on the Moon Raker, because your ass will be defending that very championship, which you hold in your regrettable hands.

Our Hero: And if you don't, there will be no world where you can hide, that I won't find you.

Our Hero looks on at the champion who is very displeased!

The camera fades


The camera pans to the announce team.


What a way to kick off the show!




Queen Ann vs Lady Tiger


The camera pans to the announce team.


You won't find action like this anywhere else.

That was down to the wire!


* Matsumoto walks out and kneels at the top of the stage.He then pops up and screams *

Matsumoto : I hardcore champion anyone come fight me!

Well then.




Justin Raze vs Matsumoto


Talk about a fight!