OCWFED.com Presents Riot









The camera pans to the announce team.

Good evenin peeps...and here we are again.

Yes, again, and again, and again...aren't you sick of this place by now? You must be, atleast a little bit?

{whispers} Set us free.......






Class was in session as Strong Style Daigaku, also known as All Gold Everything, walk around the ring soaking in the capacity crowd's chants of "GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD". The duo retrieve gold microphones from their gold lined gold jackets to a roar from the crowd. The forever reigning Eternal EX Division Hardcore Light Heavyweight Champion Matsuda steps up first as the new North American Champion Mugen leans in the corner with a huge grin on his face.

Matsuda: Allow ourselves to introduce… ourselves!

The crowd breaks out into a S.S.D. chant!

Matsuda: My name is Hide Matsuda. And I am five feet seven inches of head caving championship winning low down dirty son of a gun. And you can't teach that.

Matsuda: And this is Big Mugen. He's the worlds largest asian. And he doesn't know how to do anything but decapitate people with his biceps and win championships. And you can't teach that.

Mugen is seen flexing behind his Daigaku classmate.

Matsuda: And as we stand here in this ring in front of two hundred pound pile of gold, I can't help but say one thing-- we told you so! 

Matsuda: After Summercide, we are one step closer to completing the perfect heist, having ALL THE GOLD IN the OCW!

Mugen nods in approval as Matsuda soaks in some more cheers. Mugen takes the microphone.


Crowd: NANI?


Crowd: NANI?


Crowd: NANI?

Mugen: And of course… GOLD BELTS.

The crowd is going gold rush crazy.

Matsuda: You might be asking yourself, "Self, why does the Strong Style Daigaku look so ravishing? Why all the gold? Why is Mugen's skin painted in more gold? This is all to make a statement!

Mugen takes the mic.

Mugen: A statement that WE are the best champions in OCW and that we will own ALL THE GOLD. Say it with me, ALL THE GOLD, ALL THE GOLD.

Mugen and Matsuda hype the crowd to chant "ALL THE GOLD" with them

Matsuda: Which is why we we're completely and utterly shocked to hear the mouth garbage spewing from the Blacklist on Sunday.

Mugen: We appreciate what you guys are doing. We really do, nobody appreciates a tag team that shows strong solidarity in OCW like you two.

Matsuda: But you made a mistake.

Mugen: A HUGE ONE. 

Matsuda: Declaring yourself the Forever Tag Team Champions is a big no no in our eyes.

Mugen starts wagging his finger a la Dikemebe Mutombo.

Mugen: Hey Suda, aren't we a tag team?

Matsuda: Yup.

Mugen: Aren't we both champions?

Matsuda: Mhmmm!

Mugen: So if anyone is tag team champions, it would be the UNDEFEATED…

Crowd: S.S.D.! S.S.D.! S.S.D.!

Mugen: Let me ask you a question partner, how many titles do you own? One?

Matsuda: Nope!

Mugen: Two?

Matsuda: Nein!

Mugen: Three?


Matsuda starts holding up five fingers on both of his hands as the crowd begins to chant FIVE! FIVE! FIVE! Our Villain grows increasingly belligerent, ripping off his expensive golden jacket, tossing it to the ground and elbow dropping it.

Mugen: What my partner means to say is that you are next Blacklist. And after that? 

Mugen forms a gun out of his fingers and points it at the camera.

Mugen: Jacob Trance. All Gold Everything. 

Matsuda: Bow to your senpais.

S.S.D.'s music hits and the scene fades to the sound of a white hot crowd.



I swear, the more the weeks go on, the more I think Matsuda belongs in a secure facility.

Yes, lock him up with the rest of Arkham, somebody pass me the Batphone.



The camera wobbles and shakes, creating large blurs, making the image almost impossible to decipher properly.

Trance: Child... Be still... You have nothing to fear...

The camera begins to steady, revealing why looks like Trance holding the world title in front of his face.

Trance: I have decided to appear in a form most pleasing to the OCW roster, the grandest prize in the company talking to them. Offering them what they need to do... In return for what they want...

Jacob lowers the belt slowly.

Trance: It corrupts. Even Tobin couldn't resist its golden lies, he was caught in its web and he too forced my hand and had to have his living nightmare ended before it could begin... You all may be wondering who that shining knight of mine was, you may have been thinking the family was disintegrating... But you were wrong. For every soul that becomes lost there are five to take their place. We are Family, we are love and we are legion.

Trance grins.

Trance: Don't think we have forgotten about you Luke, how does the phrase go? C'mon!

The crowd boo as Jacob coins Fuente's catchphrase.

Trance: You can boo all you want but this little light of mine is going to shine and the fire of the Family will burn bright and roar all over this company, destroying all shadows.

Trance stands and claps his hands together.

Trance: And now I do battle with Matsuda, I have to carry the weight of the Holy Ghost in my heart, this isn't the end though, it is merely the beginning... And speaking of beginnings...

Jacob goes into his pocket and holds up a Polaroid. Below the picture the words 'join us' are seen and above is a picture of the machine gun preacher, KD.

Trance: Step out of the darkness, Kelvin. Trust in me and I will trust in you... There is always space for you in the Family but I must stress that no mater your decision you will come to no harm...

Jacob lowers the picture and picks up his championship belt.

Trance: I have other worlds to attend to...



Invitation extended?





Bombshell Action!!





*Camera fading into the parking lot as Marvelous Austin Lee is stepping out of his car. Austin makes his way around the car pulling his bags out as he slides his headphones on. Throwing one bag over his shoulder and pulling the other behind him as he makes his way towards the arena.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Singing* I’m the new Sinatra, and since I made it here I can make it anywhere...

*Slowly making his way to the arena as he keeps singing his theme song. Turning the corner stopping dead in his tracks.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: Now this is just too perfect….

*Camera panning over Austin Shoulder as he walks over to an ATV parked outside the arena. Austin slides his headphones off around his neck as he begins to walk around the ATV, inspecting it as he looks down on the license plate reading Drago. Shrugging as he jumps onto the ATV and starts it up.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Smiling as he looks down at the key* This is just too perfect how could I pass up a chance to ride one of these.

*Starting the ATV up and revving the engine.*

Marvelous Austin Lee:* Looking over his shoulder talking to himself* Now Austin you are suppose to be a good guy now. You cannot steal this ATV. 

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Looking over his other shoulder* Yes but it is just so perfect how could I pass up just borrowing this?

Marvelous Austin Lee: Yes that is a good point.

Marvelous Austin Lee: *looking back at his other shoulder* #Good guy Austin Lee would not steal this.

Marvelous Austin Lee: Exactly good guy Austin lee would not steal an ATV he would just borrow it for the night and return it with no gas. # Heel turn #Bad Guy Austin Lee.

*camera fades to black as Marvelous Austin Lee speeds off on the ATV into the arena*







Believe in the rack!!