OCWFED.com Presents Riot




Live from Newark, New Jersey
Prudential Center



The camera pans to the announce team.

Good evenin peeps...and welcome to Riot.

Summercide is almost upon us...

So let the build up continue!

Hot chicks in bikinis!! Yay.




We open on a camera running backstage, the camera shaking wildly as it follows the sound of raised, arguing voices. It arrives at it’s destination, where a bruised and bandaged Bobby Minio, the recently victimized One Man Revolution, stands in the face of the OCW medical staff and a number of road agents that many long time OCW fans will recognize as retired wrestlers.

Minio throws his duffel bag down in frustration as he runs his hands through his hair with a furious grunt.

OCW Doctor: I’m sorry Bobby but after the incident last week, we cannot in good conscious clear you for contact yet.

Bobby Minio: I don’t even have a match!

OCW Road Agent: You didn’t have a match last week either but… just look at yourself, man. You’re hurt, be the bigger ma-

Bobby Minio: I passed all your damn concussion tests!

OCW Doctor: Given your medical history, your current state right now, I’m sorry we just can’t clear you for anything tonight.

Bobby Minio: So I can’t even go out and address the fans? This is S**T! I’ve been doing this crap for too f*****g long.

With an exaggerated exhale, Minio steps back, grabbing his bag and walking back toward the parking lot. The road agent steps forward, placing a hand on Minio’s shoulder in an attempt to calm him down and reason with the man. Unfortunately, Minio shrugs the hand off and with venom in his tone, he states:

Bobby Minio: Hold my calls sweetheart. I’m going home!

As Minio storms out of frame, the road agent and the doctor trade exasperated looks before the camera fades to the next segment.



Well, it looks like there is a way to stop Bobby talking....

Beat the piss out of him!! Yay.

Are you going to sythat after everything?





The camera pans backstage to a shot of Stacey Clark and Marley, and Marley doesn't look like himself as he pulls a brown cigarette out of his pocket and sparks it. Stacey fixes her hair as Marley continues to smoke and stare at the ground.

 *cough* *cough* Can you wait until we finish this to do that?

Marley doesn't answer. 

Stacey: Don't you hear me talking to you *cough* ass-hole?

Marley continues to ignore her. He outs the brown cigarette on the wall. Stacey looks up and notices the camera is on.

Stacey: Holy crap, are we on? I'm standing here with the Number One Contender for the OCW EX Championship, Marley. How do you feel that tonight Matsuda has to defend his title against the same guy that you recently defeated at Damnation? 

Marley: HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL? I FEEL..I FEEL hhhhhhiiiiggghhheeerrr than the Jetsons.

Marley starts to chuckle as "GUY" chants can be heard all the way backstage.

Marley: It doesn't bother me that he got a shot tonight. That only means that if he wins tonight, I'll just have to zip him up and bodybag him again at Summercide. If Matsuda holds onto the belt tonight, then he'll get the same bodybag treatment. 

Stacey: There are complaints that you don't deserve a match at Summerci-

Marley snatches the mic out of Staceys hand.

Marley: Yeah I see the hate on ocwfed.com from certain wrestlers and their followers. To be honest, I don't give a damn bout no haters as long as my fans love me. 

Marley hands the mic back to Stacey and walks out of the shot. 

Stacey: Wow I wasn't finished, but ok!

Stacey looks at the camera with a confused look on her face. Marley returns back in the shot and snatches the mic one more time.

Marley: Trance I seen your segment on last weeks Riot. You refereed to me as a "part time Rastafarian" right? You seen what I did to your fellow family member right? Don't get bodybagged too you waste of sperm.

Marley hands the mic to Stacey and walks off.




Did the eternal no.1 Ex contender just call the OCW World Champion a 'waste of sperm'?




The camera fades to what appears to be a prerecorded segment.

A black 74 Eldorado convertible passes the camera, which zooms in on a Michigan license plate which simply reads 'ASS'

Djesus Djones struts out of the passenger seat arms outstretched and exclaims


Drago awkwardly steps out of the car with Johnny Law in tow. Djesus turns and points to Drago

This is where Djesus is gunna teach Dratini how to be a real OG Busta, you know what Djesus is sayin'

Drago shrugs and meekly responds

 Yes? I am understanding what you say.



The Leonheart Memorial Talent Initiative Bombshell Match