OCWFED.com Presents Riot



Live From Syracuse, NY

Oncenter War Memorial Arena.



The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot.

We are here in New York ....STATE baby!


KAT vs Styx


The camera pans to the announce team.


People just show up in the ring?



Justin Raze's music hits following the commercial break. There is no darkening of the lights as he steps out on the stage, no traditional cloak draped across The Apprentice. He has a mic in his hand and raises it to his mouth to speak...but is met by several loud boos before he can speak.

Raze lowers the mic and allows the fans to express themselves, waiting for an opportunity to speak. Finally, after what seems to be the final boo, Raze finally raises the mic to speak.

Raze: It's good to see that I am so well appreciated here, but, I'm not here for appreciation. I'm here to talk and and your all going to shut your mouths and listen.

Boos start to rain down, but Raze continues to speak over it.

Raze: Now, you've probably noticed in the past couple of weeks me having a lack of...company.

Raze: I, of course, refer to Lucas Crowe and The Gentleman. One man and one...thing that helped me get to where I am now. Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything they've done, helping me control myself in the ring and control my thirst. However, that can't replace the fact that they've abandoned me.

Raze: They left me to my own bidding, leaving me when I needed a guide to the top, someone to lead me to the promised land, but no, they are not here.

Raze: Now, I've been wondering an endless road of disappointment and loss. Though I have won many battles, they have been pointless in an ever going war. This war rages on and I'm about to become a casualty of it all.

Raze: I need to find my path in this battlefield that leads me to the top. Jacob Trance, a man that I defeated at both Road 2 Glory and Wrestlution, is now the World Heavyweight Champion. Do you know why he's champion? Let me explain this as simple as possible so all of your tiny minds can process this without hurting yourselves.

The boos become overwhelming at this point, Raze not being heard anymore. So once again, he lowers the mic and waits to speak. Once he can be heard slightly, he starts to speak.

Raze: He's the champion because even though his path was filled with holes that he fell into and things that he tripped over, he still got out of those holes and pulled himself up after tripping and kept going on his path with those scrapes, cuts, and injuries that he sustained from tripping and falling. In the end, it was worth it for him because now he has the whole world in his hands.

At this, Raze's face turns into an angered and agitated look

Raze: Do you know what it's like to be under someone that you know that you know your're better then? Do you know what it's like to be constantly reminded day in and day out that this man, this...False Prophet has taken his message of lies and deceit and used them to get to the top?

Raze: It's terrible! Knowing that I battled this message to stop it...but ultimately failed. Now, enough about our 'World Heavyweight Champion' and more about my situation. I'm not here to save you from his message, his lies, and his views...but now I'm here to worry about me. That, 'Red, White, and Blue' kick my shoe is gone, not here for all of you anymore but replaced by a more focused and determined man, because frankly, I don't give a #$%@ about any of you anymore.

Boos and soda cups and bits of food start to rain down upon the ring. Raze just stands there, basking in the boos and the trash. As it continues, Raze is practically shouting now to be heard.

Raze: This is all of Lucas Crowe's and the Gentleman's fault! It's their fault that I'm not at the top! It's their fault that I'm not headlining PPVs! And it's their fault for the predicament I'm in! They've left me like a mother bear abandoning their cub to starve and die.

Raze lowers the mic and his head in a defeated manner, hiding his face and his expression from the audience. Then suddenly, he begins laughing and raises the mic to speak.

Raze: However, another mother bear has come along and taken me as their own, to help me grow, to develop, and to prosper into the bear that I am.

That person is...someone that you will be introduced to next week. You will meet the man that is going to take me to the top.

Raze: And when I get to the top as the fully developed bear that I will be...I'm going to rip out the throat of whoever is there waiting for me and watch over them as they bleed out and then...take what is mine.

At this time, Raze's music hits and he drops the mic and backstage as the show cuts to a commercial.