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Arnaud and Matsumoto get out of the limo when a courier runs up to Arnaud with a letter

Arnaud : Listen up Bruce Lee I'm going to lift you career to higher heights . You are gonna face my opponent tonight . It's one of those family guys so it shouldn't be too tough on you .Let me see what this letter says .

Rips the letter open. After reading it balls up and throws it to the ground .

Arnaud : This is some total garbage .I am under contract to do this damn match .No substitute unless medically unable to compete . Not to worry we got this .

Matsumoto : Mugen !

Arnaud : Soon honorable Matsumoto soon .





The camera pans to the announce team.

Good evenin peeps...and welcome to the aftermath of Damnation!!

A new champion was crowned...a future Hall of famer returned...

Let's see what rises from the ashes tonight...

Mrs Trance's baby boy did it!





We open the show with Illuminati’s entrance music playing. The camera zooms in on Illuminati strutting to the ring in an abhorrently fluorescent orange suit. Several fans can be seen shielding their eyes mockingly. When he reaches the camera pans out revealing an elaborate set up.

We see that the mat is covered in a red carpet, there is a large picture set up on a stand covered in a black clothe flanked by two massive bouquets. The camera zooms back in onto Illuminati as he is being handed a microphone. He adjusts the collar of his offensive suit, blinding several of the ring hands and struts up the steel steps and into the ring.

As Illuminati’s music fades out he lifts the mic to his mouth and clears his throat.

ILLUMINATI: Oh, I didn’t notice you all there.

The crowd begins chanting OOMPA LOOMPA at Illuminati’s suit

ILLUMINATI: Oh, why thank you! I picked this suit especially for tonight.

ILLUMINATI: All pleasantries aside, I’m out here tonight because I’ve been asked to, once again, SAVE OCW. OUR HERO wanted me back as GM full time, but I told them if that was the case I’d have to leave the active roster preventing me from dishing out beatings like I did at Damnation, to Bobby Minio 

Illuminati pauses for the crowd to chant MINI-O

ILLUMINATI: Buffness himself

Illuminati pauses again for the crowd to chant SEAN MCGEE

ILLUMINATI: and Tobin Frost...Illuminati pauses for one last time, the crowd chants TOBIN’S GONNA KILL YOU

ILLUMINATI: ... so I told OUR HERO I would solve all of OCW’s problems in ONE NIGHT ONLY.

This time the crowd remains silent, curious to see what Illuminati has in store for them.

 So my first action tonight as the Host of Riot is to institute (a drum roll plays) THE LEONHART MEMORIAL TALENT INITIATIVE 

Illuminati pulls away the black clothe to reveal a gilded framed picture of Leon, the crowd's boos are deafening. Illuminati looks concerned as he attempts to continue, when the crowd finally gets tired of booing.

ILLUMINATI: Wait, wait, wait, you don’t even know what it is! Let me explain!

ILLUMINATI: You see I’ve reallocated some of the funds that were freed up from the termination of Leon’s contract to put Talent Scouts wherever I could, the American Indies, Canadia, GRORIOUS NIPPON, Mexico-land, Antarctica, the Moon, Angle-land, and U-rop. The result will be an influx in new talent who will have tryout matches every week on Riot.

The crowd pops, apparently pleased at the thought of fresh new talent

 While not everyone will make the cut, this Initiative will hopefully allow us to find some diamonds in the rough, and who knows, maybe we’ll even find our next World Champion.

The crowd pops at the concept of someone usurping current OCW Champion Jacob Trance.

ILLUMINATI: That, is my first major announcement, and don’t worry there are many more to come tonight so in the mean time enjoy your opening match, ladies and gentleman welcome to Ri…

Illuminati pauses before finishing and traces the toothy smile on his mask





Hmmm indeed.



Although it's customary to open RIOT with the new heavyweight champion of the world, tonight is a little different. We find ourselves watching a pre-recorded segment shot at some point on the Monday past.

A cheering crowd can be heard presumedly in the distance, the cameras change focus, the roar of the crowd becomes more apparent, a sea of men, women and children cheering and raising flags. The streets are decorated with ticket tape and a large, metal gate has been swung open, the town name on prominent display "Jacobs Falls."

The din of the crowd masks the approaching engine noise of an open top bus. Eventually the individual manning the gate spots something and hollers down to the crowd who only get louder, chanting Jacobs name in unison.

The bus draws into eye level and on top with the OCW belt around his waist, arms outstretched stands Father Trance. At his back are the four other members of his family. The bus pulls into Jacobs falls and slows to a crawl, the masses reaching upwards, futilely trying to touch their and OCW's savior. It carries on and comes to rest poignantly at the church that was razed to the ground by the BlackList.

 My family!

The crowd hushes, waiting with baited breath for their messiahs words. He unhooks the belt from his waist and slowly raises it for all to see before handing it carefully over to AC Cobra for safe keeping. Once done, he spreads his arms again.

 I, nay, we did it. We did it my children, we bested the devils chosen one.

The crowd roar and begin to chant and sing various words. Jacob gives them all the most worrying smile a man could give, like a wolf amongst sheep.

 But it is not over, no. Others shall come, others shall threaten our peace, our harmony... OUR FAMILY!

The crowd boo.

 Which is why brother Harrison shall watch over you all from now on, he shall be my right hand here in Jacobs Falls.

Sid looks a little taken aback and goes to speak, however he thinks better of it and hushes.

 I trust you will treat him with the utmost respect, as if you were dealing with me myself. 

The crowd answer; "yes Father!"

Jacob smiles.

 Let the party commence!

At that, he steps from the top of the bus, turning to fall backwards only to be caught by the crowd as the scene fades.







The camera pans backstage and Stacy Clark is standing in the interview room with her face lit up. Her ear to ear smile is because she is about to welcome the returning Smythe D. Wonder to RIOT. Stacy knows Smythe is perhaps the worst person to interview but she's sure that the crowd reaction will be amazing. 

Stacy: It is my honor to welcome an OCW hall of famer back to OCW. I give you all Smythe D. Wonder. 

Smythe walks into the camera shot to a massive amount of boos. He's still in prime shape. He has a few extra wrinkles but his wicked smirk and his glasses are still exactly the same. It's like he hasn't missed a beat. 

Smythe: You know old age is serving you well Stacy. You're still hot. I would still like to take you out for dinner after the show tonight. The more things change the more they stay the same don't they?

Stacy: Yes, your still a pig and you're still married. But tell me what it's like to return to OCW after so much time off? Why did you come back? what are your goals? Also I'm 5 years younger than you. I'm far from old.

Smythe slowly takes the microphone from Stacy's hands as she keep on talking about how her figure and her face is still in prime condition.

Smythe: We both know that I get better with age. Like wine. You're just a woman. you look much better half my age. 

Smythe laughs at his own joke. Almost histaracally as Stacy fades out of the shot. 

Smythe: I'll be 100 percent honest with all of you in the OCW universe. All you losers at home and all the OCW atmosphere. I came back because OCW is almost there. It's almost back at it's prime. I want to be a part of that. I actually want to be the best part of that. 

With all due respect to the current OCW roster my just showing up tonight makes me what... the number one contender for the OCW championship? or maybe one win away. Either way... I don't want to walk in here and hold anyone back... go look at the hall of fame... I'm there, I have nothing to prove. But I want to RIOT, the show that I made famous, to prosper. 

I've made a proposal to the Bossman himself. He promised me next week that he will address it with me personally in that very ring. So next week Our Hero will walk down to that ring... Then I will walk down to that ring... I will tell the OCW Atmosphere what I requested of Our Hero.... He will give his answer... and depending on what comes out of him mouth he will either receive a handshake and contracts will be signed and OCW will return to the best state it has ever been in.

OR... He will receive an SDW... and maybe another SDW... and I will reign darkness on each and every member of the OCW Atmosphere... I will punch kittens in the face... I will kick crutches from people's feet... I will take candy from babies and I will enjoy each and every moment of it until Nate Ortiz himself comes down to the ring to sacrifice his body to stop my reign of terror... Then I will kick him in the head so hard he will be a cripple... and Tiffany will cry... and I will console her... Then and maybe then I will be happy enough to just be OCW champion for a year or so while every up and comer in OCW is met with a unpenatrable glass ceiling... 

That is all!!!

Smythe drops the microphone and walks out of the interview area. Stacy is still standing there. She shrugs her shoulders and walks out of the scene while the promo with SMythe's previous entrance themes plays in preperation of his new theme that he will debut on next weeks RIOT






Westerfield vs Raze




The cameras fade back to the ring from commercial break. Awaits Vincent Valmont inside the ring. He is dressed in his street attire. A black tanktop, and blue jeans. Also having a mic in his hand. He paces the ring as the lights grow slightly dim. The spotlight hits the ring, and is shown on Valmont. As the crowd slowly quiets down....

Vincent Valmont: "It's strange of me to have thought that I would've been nervous standing inside a OCW ring for the first time in quite a while, but also to once again know that I'm apart of the OCW roster, and that my voice will be heard once again. I could talk about anything from the Damnation ppv... this new crop of OCW wrestlers... certain outcomes from that said ppv... or just in general what I want because I finally can once again. 

It's been publicly known ever since I was announced as a mystery return entry against Drago Cesar for the OCWUnderground tourney that I'm back in OCW. Let me just clear the air now, and say I did lose that match. Drago is a very tough competitor that I hope to see inside a OCW ring next time. For those that wonder the match was aired, and those that didn't order the event when it happened can have the opportunity to view it very soon on OCW's website. The link will be available soon. It was a great match, and I promise I will be better than I showed then. No doubt about that! 

So now I won't bore you with some history lesson on who I am, and what I have done. I know there's quite a few that don't remember me, and that's ok I probably don't remember you neither. Although I'm very sure there's even more that remember me for who, and what I am. Whether they want to or not, but they do remember me. I'm sure they're angry, and upset that I'm once again back in OCW, and with a contract. I know they don't want me here, but my newly signed OCW contract says otherwise. I guess they will just have to tolerate me because I'm sticking around for the long haul!"

The cameras zoom in from ringside at Valmont who takes off his shades, and places them in his pocket. He finally sits down in steel chair that was sitting in the ring that Valmont had been pacing around. He sits for a moment as he soaks in the mixed reactions from the crowd. 

Vincent Valmont: "I'm sitting here, and hating to think such shameful thoughts, but I really do think that more than half of that roster back there*Valmont points towards backstage* think I'll be gone within a month. Maybe two months? Or how about 3 months? I don't blame them for thinking that since my infamous track record I have with this business.

Let's just say none of that matters because I can tell you with this smile on my face that I'm not going anywhere. My legacy.. my career will come full circle as I show this new generation of OCW just what they been missing in Vincent Valmont. My actions will speak louder than my words... you will see the same motivation, determination, strong willed, the hunger, and most importantly the very best of Vincent Valmont anyone has seen in a long.. long time!"

Valmont continues to sit in the chair. It takes a moment for the crowd to quiet back down as he just continues to smirk at the camera then taps back onto the mic.

Vincent Valmont
: "For those foolish to think I don't seem serious enough right now then time will only tell the truth because the truth is standing in front of you right now. I'm not some one hit wonder.. a flash in the pan.. some gimmick or trend... I'm certainly not a poster boy for OCW...ooh noo noo no.

Instead I do what I want, how I want, and I do it for myself. I do all of this for myself so I can take care of my family back at home... my son, and wife. I'm not here to make history again... I'm not here to boast about the past. I'm here to pay my bills, put food on my table, and a roof over mine, and my family's heads." 

Some cheers can be heard while the boos remain strong. The crowd tries to takeover getting louder creating a rift in between the audience, but Valmont just laughs, and continues talking.

Vincent Valmont: "I have no secret agenda. No personal vendetta against anyone. So from this point forward we turn back the hands of time... we take away all the hype, all the talk, everything from the past, and we throw it out the window. 

The present time dictates the future, and I'm creating my own future. I didn't come out here tonight doing some fancy entrance, or to a theme song. Nope... instead I walked on that stage with no music, down that ramp, inside this ring I entered. To prove that I'm indeed serious about everything I've said tonight, and will say again. That I didn't come here to start anything, but instead to get things off my chest. This night isn't about me, but every other night after tonight will be in one way or another. Don't ever deny these words spoken to you all...

Take this as a fair warning... you can have my respect or tarnish it, and you may respect me or don't, but never ever assume I'm backing down. This dog is still the biggest in the pound... this is still my yard....I have the biggest bark... the biggest appetite... and I'm not resting until everyone realizes that I'm back 100 percent, and better than ever. Remember I'm just the good guy this go around. I'm here to do what's right, and if that means destroying anyone in my path to do what's right for me? So be it..."

Vincent drops the mic, and stands up. He paces the ring a bit more as the crowd still gives off strong mixed reactions. Valmont smirks as he waves goodbye to the crowd, and rolls out of the ring as cameras fade away.


First Smythe, now valmont?

It's like someone is having a 2 for 1 OCW 2008 special.