OCWFED.com Presents Riot



Charleston, SC
North Charleston Coliseum


The camera pans to the announce team.

Good day ladies and germs..and welcome to a holiday edition of Riot.

' Murrica!!

Is that all you're going to say Al?




OCW's flagship show, RIOT!, opens up panning around the ringside area. Tonight's show is in Charleston, South Carolina’s North Charleston Coliseum and features a couple of football players from the University of South Carolina in the audience. 

WHAT I WANT IS THE QUESTION! Right on cue Your World Heavyweight Champion, Cody Storm, and his Black List comrades make their way down the ramp. As they make their way to the ring something seems off with Jonny D. He seems perplexed. 

Cody Storm:

Wheeler: "Are you O.K. buddy?"

Jonny D: "I just don't get it......"

Wheeler: "Don't get what?" 

Jonny D: "They're not all 100000000 pounds..... Isn't this one of those parts of the deep south that eats fried butter and lard? Shouldn't we only be able to fit like two people maximum in the audience tonight?" 

The camera pans around once again, showing that there are many more than two people in this sold out Riot! crowd. 

Cody Storm:
 "If you take a mile trip in any direction of here you'd be correct D, but this, this is Charleston. And Charleston's filled with new age preppies and hipsters. They don't eat, and if they do...."

Cody sticks his index finger down his throat mimmicking bulimia. 

Jonny D:
 "It all makes sense now."

Wheeler: "You know what else makes sense?"

Wheeler turns to The Son of God.

 "I heard your opponent's not going to show up this week...."

Cody Storm: "How?! How can a pirate get away with no-showing this week? Have you looked outside, half the damn roads are flooded right now. HE COULD SAIL INTO THE DAMN ARENA!"

Cody Storm: "I haven't had a match in almost a month now....." 

Jonny D: "It's true. You could probably use some practice before your next title defense."

Cody takes a few steps back with an expression of shock on his face.

Cody Storm:
 "Why Jonny D I'm insulted! Practice? You want to talk about practice? I don't need practice!" 

Crowd: "You lost....You lost....you lost!"

Cody takes this sign of aggression from the crowd as an invitation to get up close and personal. He takes a walk over to the corner of the barricade where the USC players are sitting front and center. 

Cody Storm:
 "I may have lost, but at least unlike you all I actually have a championship!"

The players stand up to confront Storm. He laughs at them raising his hand up to their faces where he raises a solitary finger up to them........ his ring finger where his Clemson alumni ring is resting. He takes off his #SlamSlam T-shirt (available on OCWfed.com) and throws it in their faces revealing a Clemson Tigers jersey underneath. It's all security can do to prevent the football players from climbing over the barricade.

Suddenly an awfully familiar theme song starts playing in the North Charleston Coliseum. The cameras pan quickly to the entrance ramp where the North American Champion Mugen starts walking out slowly with a grin on his face and a microphone in his hand. He is seen in his new Ribera Steakhouse jacket and starts patting the North American Championship belt on his shoulder. 

 Cody, Cody, Cody. You got a few things wrong there. None of these fine people here in Charleston, South Carolina are remotely fat. If anything, it seems like you and your buddies next to you have been trading in gym time for some quality eating time. 

Cody Storm and the Blacklist members are looking at each other asking each other if they look any bit fat. Cody eventually gets them to all agree that they are fine.

 Second of all.....

Cody Storm: Second of all, what the hell are you even doing out here?!

Mugen: Well, if you would let me finish. My second point was going to lead to that okay? Thank you. Jeez. Second of all, you need to know something that only a select few know about me. 

Mugen reaches for the zipper on his jacket and dramatically unzips it to reveal a South Carolina Gamecocks jersey. The crowd goes wild for the unexpected support of their hometown team. Cody is livid at the sight of the jersey.


Mugen: What most of you don't know is that I actually received an honorary degree from the University of South Carolina last year and I am proud to be a part of this amazing school. 

Cody Storm: You are such a liar! You never received anything from this garbage excuse of a University.

The crowd starts booing heavily at Cody as they start chanting "You lost....You lost...You lost" again.

 True story. Buddy, you know what's also a true story. You lost. You lost. 

Mugen puts the mic down and grins at the crowd who continues to chant "You lost..you lost...you lost".

 Which leads to my third and final point of the night. You said you don't need practice before your next match, but CLEARLY you do. So how about it, you have no opponent tonight, I have no opponent tonight. Let's DANCE.

Cody looks over to The Blacklist as if asking if Mugen could possibly be serious. They just shrug their shoulders at him.

Cody Storm:
 You are on Mugen! You and me in this ring tonight! It's not about champion versus champion... It's about USuCk vs Clemson!

Mugen has a big smile on his face as he starts nodding in agreement. He points at Cody who is still fuming at what just happened.







* K.Dangelo walks out to the stage . The crowd is at the edge of their seats. *

K.Dangelo : Saints and sinners ,Welcome to the Boondox ! It's time to put some life back in this show . I can think of only one person who can do that . Only one person who has that much excitement, that much charisma. Only one person that amazing !

* The crowd starts buzzing with excitement *

K.Dangelo : That's right party people the one person like Leon who will not die ! Mr. Amazing Dorian Arnaud !

* Arnaud walks out with a mixture of boos and cheers *

Arnaud : Now I know you are wondering why I'm back . Its simple there isn't one amazing person here in OcW . Puke left , Parker is in rehab and where the heck is Dane ?
You jobbers know my resume I've gotten wins over everyone Tubby, Dims and the great Dale Earnsmore .* starts laughing*
I'm here to give OcW what's its missing Mr.Amazing !



Arnaud is still alive??? And he's back???

I guess creative was running out of ideas for KD, or people for him to talk to.

Parker's in re-hab? When did he become an addict?

' Murrica!



The room is dark, shadows cast by a small fire on the floor, the location is not known but the sounds of footsteps can be heard. Slowly a figure walks into the light, his face illuminated by the flames.

Trance: Life is a funny thing, it's all about teaching you a lesson and learning from your mistakes... Now Cody, I will admit, child, that you have beaten me many times before but it's never been a comfortable ride... You've always had to get out and push the car out of the mud. It's always been an uphill battle. I've learned from my mistakes.

Trance claps his hands together, clasping them together.

Trance: Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come... And mark my words Storm, my kingdom will come, I will slay the monster and I will turn his dragons to ash. In a battle of monsters we will realise just who, son, is truly prepared to cast off all shackles of their humanity and morality.

Trance laughs.

Trance: You don't even trust your friends, you can't count on their help because like I said your house is built on a foundation of lies. The house of Storm is nothing more than a means for you to strangle anyone and anything that dares to climb up the tree...

Jacob releases his fingers, pointing one towards the camera.

Trance: Child, my family and I... We are an axe, we are not climbing the tree, instead we are going to hack and slash it down to our level... And when you fall, and you will FALL... All the kings horses and all the kings men, won't be able to put Cody together again...

Slowly, Jacob is joined by four more figures, the front two are Sid and Eli but the other pair remain hidden in the shadows.

Trance: And as you lay there, crippled and broken with the monsters, ghosts and demons all of your own making screaming in your mind I want you to remember and rejoice knowing that...

Jacob turns and looks towards his following before they speak as one.

The Family: There are other worlds than these.



We are taken outside to a backyard area, where OCW's resident animal hunter, Drago Cesar, is sitting next to a table playing chess......with a silverback. Wearing glasses.

The Silverback: You know, Mr. Cesar, I do admire your efforts lately. Granted, your last week was a little rough, but it did take quite an army to finally bring you down. I still think lots of eyes are on you. 

Drago Cesar: Yeah, well, I'm always have pressure, you know? Some people look at me, they think I'm be future of company. Is be too much pressure, but Drago Cesar always find a way to handle it. Check.

Drago's phone rings. He stands up and pays no attention to The Silverback messing around with his side of the board.

Drago Cesar: What's up Johnny?

Johnny Law: We've got a hell of a situation up here, Drago. We've got a wild animal on the loose.

Drago Cesar: What are we looking at?

Johnny Law: We've got a huge rottweiler that's terrorizing the neighborhood. Big guy's been running around here, scaring the crap out of folks for a while. We need your help, and fast.

Drago Cesar: I'll see what I can do, Johnny!

Drago hangs up the phone and turns around to face the chess board. He notices that his pieces have been moved around, and not by his hand.

Drago Cesar: Hey, what the hell is this???

The Silverback: Check. Mate.

Drago then flips over the table, causing The Silverback to stand up in surprise.

Drago Cesar: Next time, my friend, I will not let you cheat like this!

We're taken back to Drago's dojo, where he seems to be constructing something using a blowtorch and several pieces of metal. After a transition, he is seen holding up his masterpiece: A rifle that appears to be an M-16, but with Drago's own spin on it;it shoots nets, with an attachment that shoots a much larger, explosive net. Drago takes his phone out and calls Johnny.

Drago Cesar: Johnny? Change of plan. You lure the dog here. I have my little friend here.....Ha, ha.....

Johnny Law: Me? Lure that big ass dog here? I hope you know what you're doing!

Drago hangs up as he hugs his newfound "friend". The segment fades to black.



Drago on the prowl again it seems.


Next up Arnaud returns to action against something called SCW.

Didn't Smythe retire?

He was SDW.

You say potatoe, I say potatoe.




SCW vs Arnaud




The scene opens with A.C. Cobra looking up at an match card. He seems puzzled with the white loose leaf paper in his hands.

A.C.- A fatal 4 way was planned tonight. Let's see Drago would love to attack me. One of Cody side bitches in the ring and Trance hypnotized lap dogs all in one match?!?! 

A.C. grabs his face pondering of the idea of going threw the match. 

A.C.- Nope!!! Commander would want me to stay out of harm way as much as possible. A little corrections here.....And there...AHAHA!!! I got it!

A.C. places the new match sheet back on top of the bulletin board. The camera zooms in and it now reads "AC Cobra vs Sid Harrison". He now seems more impressed with new match card and walks off humming.

The Scene Fades.