OCWFED.com Presents Riot



Charlotte, NC
Time Warner Cable Arena


The camera pans to the announce team.



Good evening bitches and welcome to my show!!

I knew it was a bad idea letting you introduce us!

I'm 'Big' Al Poling, and I am joined by Charles Scaggs...a man who isn't cool or notorious enough to have a nickname.

Your nickname is nothing to brag about, fatty.

My nickname isn't 'Big' because I'm fat, it's 'Big' because..well..ask your wife.




Drago's sitting down in his dojo, contemplating the situation that's presented ahead of him. Johnny walks up to him and looks concerned.

Johnny Law: Drago, what's wrong man?

Drago Cesar: Johnny, I'm have VERY bad feeling about tonight.

Johnny Law: What do you mean?

Drago Cesar: My match I'm have scheduled tonight, it's very.....strange.

Johnny Law: If I remember correctly, it's you against KD against Mugen. What's wrong with that?

Drago Cesar: EVERYTHING is wrong with that, Johnny.

Johnny Law: I don't understand, Drago. You're sure that you're not paranoid or something?

Drago Cesar: No, no, no! Listen to me, Johnny, when I'm tell you that this will NOT go well.

Johnny Law: Drago, you're not making any damn sense!

Drago Cesar: THEY are going to tear me limb from limb, like chicken! Do you not understand? I'm beat Cody, broke his undefeat streak, now they want my blood because I'm have target on my back!

Johnny Law: That's nonsense, man.

Drago scoffs and then tries to talk to Johnny again, but he doesn't seem to be able to find the motivation. He walks off as Johnny looks confused.

Johnny Law: Drago! I-uh, damn it.

Johnny walks off as the segment ends.



Cody had an undefeated streak? News to me.

How does Drago get from his dojo, to the arena in-time for his match EVERY week, no matter what city we are in? The man has super powers!!

Or a jet..yes, a drago jet! Like the T.O.P jet.

We pay these people way too much.




The X-tron comes to life and the camera focuses on what looks like a janitors closet, inside we see a home made hammock hanging from the ceiling, and what appears to be a high spirited, or drunk, Cut-Throat, swaying away in the hammock, with a bottle of rum in hand, and his mysterious sack on the ground beneath him. 

Between swigs from the rum bottle, he looks down and seems to be in a full, heated conversation with the sack.

Cut-Throat : Me neither...it's like it's vanished!

The sack of course, does not respond

Cut-Throat : I be havin' no idea where she be, I be searching high and low.

He pauses again, seemingly listening to the sacks respone

Cut-Throat : What do ye mean I be looking in the wrong places??

Cut-Throat [shouting] : I've been to every sushi restaraunt in the city...every shop that sells samurai swords.

He takes a swig of the rum

Cut-Throat : Of course I went to the Hello Kitty convention, where else would ye find a Japanese man on a saturday after 3pm!!??!!

Cut-Throat : But again..nothing...

Cut-Throat : I thought I caught a glimpse of her magnificent sales at the old manga store on 82nd, but alas..twas not her.

He takes a few more swigs from the bottle

Cut-Throat : Give up?? GIVE UP??? What do ye mean give up?

Cut-Throat : I am undefeated here in OCW..I have sunk some of the finest vessels in all the land..and I be so close..SO close...but Matsuda be a crafty bounty.

He reaches down and lifts the sack up and places it in the hammock next to him

Cut-Throat : Let me tell ye a story...

Cut-Throat : I remember when I was young, me father used to tell me tales about the greatest pirate that ever lived, my grandfather , the mighty 'Crossbones'.

Crossbones sailed all the seas, killed 104 men, had riches that would bring a tear to a grown man's eye, rumour had it he even rode on the Kraken once, and me father always told me 'son, ye will never be a good a pirate as your grandfather.

It made me so mad, so I decided to do something about it. I started doing pushups, drinking milk, lifting dumbells, and doing jumping jacks everyday for six months. I studied all of Crossbones moves, tales of his adventures and even tried to replicate his devastating fighting move, the 'drunken pirate'. I made me own pirate costume too, I was going to be the greatest pirate the world had ever seen, even if it meant taking down me own grandfather!!

The time had finally come. It was a rainy Saturday evening, and my Grandpa was over for rum and domino's with my father. I went to the basement and yelled to my Grandpa that I had to show him something. As I heard him creeping down the steps I yelled


I lunged at the dreaded Crossbones' head with me home made cutlass, he ducked, and countered with a crushing stamp to me right foot, and then spat in my eye, I began hopping on the spot whilst rubbing my eye, and then fell backwards, awkwardly crashing to the ground.

My Grandpa yelled 'DRUNKEN PIRATE!!' turned, and walked back up the stair out of the basement.

That was the last time I ever saw the man they call Crossbones

He takes a few more swigs from the bottle of rum, and realises it's empty

Cut-Throat : What does that have to do with me hunting Matsuda ye ask?

Cut-Throat : Absoloutley nothing....but who wants to live forever.

Cut-Throat falls backwards out of the hammock and crashes to the floor, passed out in a drunken slumber as the empty bottle smashes on the ground around him



I'm so confused.

So his father is to blame for turning him crazy?


The scene opens to darkness, no light whatsoever. Though there is darkness, a rustling can be heard. A light shines through the darkness, illuminating the room and showing a lone figure.

The lone hooded figure is seen looking through a bookcase, sorting through old wrapped scrolls, searching ever so eagerly. As he finds the one he is searching for he takes it and picks up the candle he has lit and walks over to a nearby table in the undisclosed room.

As he sets down, the candle light reveals the face of the The Apprentice, Justin Raze. Raze unrolls the scroll and begins to read:

Raze: "True power can come only to those who embrace the transformation. There can be no compromise. Mercy, compassion, loyalty: all these things will prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours. 

Raze: Those who follow the Thirst must cast aside these conceits. Those who do not—those who try to walk the path of moderation—will fail, dragged down by their own weakness. 

Raze: Those who accept the power of the Thirst must also accept the challenge of holding on to it. By its very nature the Thirst invites rivalry and strife. This is the greatest strength of controlling the Thirst: it culls the weak from OCW. Yet this rivalry can also be our greatest weakness. The strong must be careful lest they be overwhelmed by the ambitions of those working beneath them in concert."

Raze looks over the scroll written by a Thirst Master from many moons ago, soaking in the information, more than reading the words, but ultimately using them to shape his power by.

Raze looks up at the camera that is zoomed in on him and smiles.

Raze: The will of the Thirst shall be done. No mercy, no compassion, and no loyalty. The will...of the Thirst...shall be done..

Raze leans forward and blows the candle out, leaving the room in darkness, and thus ending the scene.


He's learning.

God help us all.






Legion vs ???





The scene opens with A.C. Cobra inside the doctors office. Doctor Smith as we now know is moving A.C. knee back and forth.

Dr.Smith- How does that feel? Experiencing any pain?

A.C. rolls his eyes and talks in an sarcastic voice.

A.C. Cobra- Ahhh yes the pain and suffering quick Vega come save me.

A.C. moves the doctor hands away from his knee and steps down from the doctor bed.

A.C.- I haven't put an single drink,a piece of filthy meat or that God sent medical plant in my body. I'm fine I don't know why I zoned out but it's not my physical stature at all.

The doctor begins to rub his chin.Thinking in and deep thought he proceeds to ask A.C. an question.

Dr.Smith- What did you eat? Who was the last person you faced?

A.C. clearly begins to get irritated and start mocking the doctor 

.- What did you eat? Who was the last person you faced? How many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop? A.C. what does A.C. stand for? 

A.C. begins to get more frustrated and begins to throw a Kanye West like rant.

A.C.- Cobra why don't you eat meat? A.C. here take this drink it'll cool you off. All these annoying ass question day to day. There's nothing wrong with me at all! I was just hungry that's why I zoned out alright?!?

The doctor nods his head and A.C. storms out and slams the door. The camera pans to Dr.Smith who has an evil grin on his face and the scene fades.