OCWFED.com Presents Riot




Richmond, VA
Richmond Coliseum



Uncharacteristically we find Jacob Trance sitting alone in a dull locker room, a solemn look on his face, his head slowly cocks to one side upon realising the cameras are rolling.

 Here I am... All alone, against the enemy whilst my family has to repair their violated home... Raped by hoodlums and vandals sent by a false idol, consumed by his own greed.

Jacob shakes his head.

 It's almost as if you wanted a war, it's almost as if a mere battle would not suffice... You come into MY home and you lay waste to MY PEOPLE. You take their safe place, their shelter and you instil TERROR. I knew you were a monster Cody, but sometimes there are bigger more powerful monsters caged within the minds of great men.

Jacob shivers, giving a little high pitched chuckle.

 I realised long ago that monsters and demons were real, that an infinite number of worlds dwelt within the minds of mankind... Each of these worlds would grow, changed and shaped by the control someone had over the ghosts in their head... Sometimes they can be kept in chains allowing greatness to be achieved, others struggle and crack under the pressure giving birth to great evils...

Jacob looks up fully at the camera.

 These monsters I have, they're not under the bed, these demons of mine, are easy to find...

He continues I recite what appears to be a poem.

 I see them on every street, every corner, hiding within... Wearing your friends skin...

Jacob chuckles again.

 But me, I help these people, I give them the strength they need, I give them their own little light, it glows in the darkness and I help it shine, help it shine, help it SHINE.

Jacob rises to his feet.

 Tonight there is no Eli, tonight there is no Sid... These demons in my head will be my partners, my strength, my shield, my sword... The enemy of my enemy is my friend... The gears of the Blacklist shall grind to a halt, and the wheels will split and fall... And as you take your family to the brink and lead them into the darkness of damnation I do not want you to fret child...

Suddenly the lights are shut off as if on cue, Jacobs voice dropping to a whisper.

 For there are other worlds than these...





The camera pans to the announce team.

Always nice to start the show with a little crazy.

Good evening worms, and welcome to Riot 382!!!

We have some excellent matches for you tonight!!

So let's not waste time talking to this schmuck, and get on with the show!!



The scene is set in Drago's dimly lit basement/dojo, where workout equipment, training dummies, and obstacle courses are strewn about the place. Johnny Law, once again behind the camera, starts to yawn.

Johnny Law: Drago, it's 2 in the morning, why the hell did you have to drag me out of my sleep?

Drago turns to face Johnny and looks very serious.

Drago Cesar: Well, Mr. Law, I bring you here because it's going to be special match very soon.

Johnny Law: What are we looking at?

Drago Cesar: Main event of Riot.

Johnny Law: The main event?!?!? My God, against who?

Drago Cesar: Cody, The Cougar, Storm.

Johnny Law: I-I.......Oh man. Drago, do you know what this means?

Drago Cesar: Yes, Mr. Law, I'm understand.

Drago looks up at the ceiling, about to share some introspective thoughts.

Drago Cesar: I'm be here, what? Few months? Last time I was here, I'm leave for few weeks. Make little impact, I leave, nobody care. But now I'm back, and Johnny, this is biggest opportunity I'm have in my entire career.....Last week it was the KD who was my biggest challenge, but we have huge change for this one. Think about it, Johnny. If I'm beat Cody The Cougar Storm.....Everybody will remember my name. How many people try to beat him one on one but they completely fail, or they come close to taking it home, but they make one stupid mistake and it's over?

Johnny Law: A lot of people, from rooks to vets. This guy's as good as they get, Drago, and he's also one delusional SOB.

Drago Cesar: Is true, but I'm have plans for him. I'm watch his matches against other people, and I see that he have some weaknesses......

Johnny Law: So, exploit those weaknesses, and hit his weak spot for maximum damage?

Drago Cesar: Exactly! I will have to change up my style a little bit, and take the fight to him. He get frustrate very easy, almost too easy.....

Johnny Law: So what are we in here for?

Drago Cesar: The only thing we can be here for......Training montage!

Drago sees a boombox nearby, puts a CD in it and presses play.....




Vince DiCola's "Training Montage" from Rocky IV starts playing as Drago starts preparing for the biggest match of his career. The camera cuts to Drago performing various pushups in succession, going from two-handed to one handed, and for the piece de resistance, doing pushups on one finger whilst an overweight man is sitting on his back. Then, the scene cuts to a wrestling ring, where Drago instructs a local wrestler to get him up in position for the Crucifix, Cody Storm's signature maneuver. The local gets Drago up on his shoulders, and while Drago struggles, he slams Drago down to the mat. The process is repeated over and over, with Drago failing to counter the move, being repeatedly drilled to the mat and at one point, thrown out of the ring. Finally, after many attempts, Drago slips out of the Crucifix and lands behind the local. As soon as he turns around, he's met with the vicious clothesline finisher by Drago, also known as The Net. The camera cuts again to Drago waking up in the morning, walking over to his kitchen and stopping at the blender. With several ingredients in front of him, such as spoiled eggs, broccoli, lion urine, goat testicles, and many other strange things, Drago puts them all into a blender. After about a minute of blending, he starts to drink.....Until he rushes over to the sink and pukes all over it. Then, we are taken back to Drago's dojo as he clotheslines various training dummies so hard, their heads fly off. Finally, Drago walks over to a nearby mirror, where he sees a reflection of himself as well as a photo of Cody Storm in the bottom right corner. He reaches for the photo and crumples it up.........

Later, Drago is seen sitting down in an undisclosed location, facing the camera.

Johnny Law: Drago, you're getting ready for what has to be the biggest match of your professional career. Any thoughts on your opponent?

Drago Cesar: Well, you see, The Cougar is not a prey to be taken light. He be very dangerous, and very mean to other people, even his own mother! Johnny, you know I'm like every animal out in world, right?

Johnny Law: Absolutely, you love every kind of animal out there, from dogs to cats to Big Luke Bears to everything!

Drago Cesar: Well, if I'm be honest Mr. Law, I don't love every kind of animal. I don't like Cody The Cougar Storm. It is a species no hunter or animal lover would like to be around, and it holding that World....Heavyweight....Championship. Don't get me wrong, it is a great fighter, but like any good animal hunter, I know its moves. I know its moves VERY well. I have a big feeling, Johnny.

Johnny Law: Feeling about what?

Drago Cesar: Feeling that Drago Cesar is going to walk away beating The Cougar, against all odd.......

Suddenly, Drago's phone rings and he answers it.

Drago Cesar: Hello? Yes. Uh huh. Ok. I'm understand.

Drago hangs up and faces the camera.

Drago Cesar: Mr. Cody The Cougar Storm, I have one message to relay to you. I have just received a call from the collection agency. Mr. Cougar. Your ass is six months overdue, and it is MINE. Tonight you should be ready.....Ready for the best hunt this place has ever seen!

Drago suddenly takes out a dart of some kind from his vest and tosses at the nearest wall without even looking at it. The camera turns to reveal a picture of Cody Storm's head on the wall, the dart firmly planted between Cody's eyes.

The camera pans to the announce team.



Drago is hunting big game tonight!!

The Cougar!




 Riot returns to what appears to be the catering area of the Richmond Coliseum when a loud crash is heard. The double doors at the front of the cafeteria burst open as Your World Heavyweight Champion and the Blacklist walk in. The cafeteria is surprisingly devoid of any OCW superstars, but the workers are behind the counter plating pre-prepped meals for whoever comes to get them. Wheeler and Jonny D walk down to the far ends of the counter to corral the workers. 

Wheeler: “Honey we’re home! What’s on the menu?”

Jonny D: “Everything. We own this place now.”

Cafeteria Worker Wanda: “You don’t have the authority to do this!”

Your World Heavyweight Champion who was rolling something out on one of the round tables walks over to stand across the counter from Wanda, he’s invading her personal space by waving the OCW World Heavyweight Championship in front of her face. His words seem to stall in the air hitting Wanda’s ears in a hoarse growl of a yell.

Cody Storm:

Feeling intimidated Wanda and the rest of the catering crew rush for the exit leaving The Blacklist and Storm to do what they will with the area. 

As the caterers flee the area Wheeler and Jonny D examine the food.


Picking up a tray of food seemingly to serve Wheeler, Jonny D drops it casually as the potato salad plummets to a cruel, cruel end.

Jonny D:

A disappointed Wheeler solemnly stares down at the ruined potato salad.

 “You really need to stop doing that.”

Jonny D starts heading towards the catering whiteboard sign erasing the once advertised potato salad special for tonight.

Jonny D:
 “Look at how easy it is. Something that everyone comes to see is vanquished without a care in the world. Tonight its about all of us man.”

Jonny D starts to write on the whiteboard with a marker.

 “No doubt. We came in and told the world that we were about to take over, and check out the card tonight: all of us sitting where we belong, right at the top. Take a good look! None of you people gave us a chance. None of you wanted to accept us. Well now, you don’t have much of a choice!”

Jonny D: “This cafeteria forces you to accept the same meals each and every single day. The same old potato salad for so long. This audience for so long has been fed the same meals each and every week. In the short time we’ve been here we have changed that menu. This is a brand new generation.”

Jonny D moves out of the way to reveal the new sign. Rewritten to advertise something completely different.

Jonny D:
 “Tonight’s new special: The Blacklist and your World Heavyweight Champion, Cody Storm!”

While this is going on, Cody reaches into the backpack he had set on the table. When he pulls his hands back out he is holding a familiar pair of chains. He walks towards the cafeteria entrance and wraps them around the double doors effectively sealing them shut.

The Son of God walks back to the center table calling the two vandals back to matters at hand. The group huddles around the blueprints so that the details can’t be seen and all the audience can gather is what they hear directly from the trio.

Cody Storm:
 “So you all are saying that ‘A’ is a weak point?”

Wheeler: “Yeah, us all are definitely saying that boss.”

Storm shoots Wheeler a nasty glare before moving on.

Cody Storm:
 “And the target is somewhere near the center? You saw it for yourselves?”

Wheeler: “For the hundredth time, yes! Maybe next time you’d like to actually go with us? We nearly got killed for this thing you know!”

Cody Storm: “Trust me, it will have been worth it. It will all be worth it……”


clean -up in isle 3 please!!

Mmmm..potatoe salad...mmmmm



Pine vs Legion



Pretty sure these women hit harder than some of the men!!

Ain't no-one gonna argue with you there pal.